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We are on a mission to revolutionise the

way our industry looks at Building Care.

We believe all buildings should be cared

for regardless of their heritage, age or use.

We are making this possible by providing

creative and innovative cleaning solutions...

that are accessible to every building across

the globe, no matter what the budget.

London's Leading Facade Restoration & Cleaning Experts

The exterior of your building influences a visitor’s opinion, even before they set foot inside. Façade cleaning and restoration were once a privilege reserved for national landmarks, such as St Pauls or Westminster, due to expensive methods of cleaning and access. We believe in every single building regardless of its heritage, material or use. We focus on creating new-to-market, innovative cleaning solutions that make facade restoration inclusive for everyone regardless of their budget. We clean and restore scaffold-free. Our solutions yield impressive results with minimal disruption, every time.

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Recent Completed Specialist Building Cleaning and Restoration Projects

Torc cleaning

+plus pointThe powerful yet gentle effects of the DOFF and TORC machines allowed us to remove signs of wear without leaving cracks.

Roof Leak Detection

+plus pointThrough our removable anchor points, we are able to eliminate the need for scaffolding, offering up to £30,000 in savings to our clients!

Major Building Contract

+plus pointOur team of operatives are trained and experienced in meeting the specific standards of work outlined in any major works contract.

Render Facade Restoration

+plus pointAbseiling is a cost-effective method when it comes to façade cleaning

How We Cleaned 15 Rendered Blocks In Kent In Under 5 Weeks

+plus pointOur self contained vans carried 1000 litres of purified water to site each day.

In-Depth Stone and Brick Inspection

+plus pointWe're proud to provide our clients with the best stone inspection and conservation service possible.

Transforming the Face of Buildings Across the Globe.

Our pioneering cleaning systems enable us to tackle some of the most complex building cleaning projects.

We have cleaned and restored hundreds of the UK's building facades using out patent-protected cleaning system. Our pioneering cleaning equipment is the first of it's kind specifically designed to clean building facades up to 8 floors from the safety of the ground and without the need for scaffolding.

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What Our Google Reviews Say


Carly Woodason4 days ago

Spectrum relocated some eyebolts on a project of mine. Their communication and customer service was great! Would use again.

Lemon and Lime Two of a kind9 months ago

We have used Spectrum at the company I work for, for a number of projects and find the team to be responsive, helpful, professional and works completed to a good standard.

JMM 94132 years ago

Brilliant service and extremely friendly staff.

Robert Dixon2 years ago

Spectrum have a good response time and an enthusiastic team, in my experience of using them so far. The costs are reasonable given the complex access issues on some buildings but far more cost effective than erecting scaffold. Their abseil service is reliable and allows urgent repairs to be completed in a much quicker time frame....

Anna Novak1 year ago

If you're looking for a reliable and trusted window-cleaner company, look no further! Their work is always impeccable, the support team is incredibly kind, it's a flexible company and they respond immediately.

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Gutter Cleaning in Bromley

This client had been told by another contractor that the building’s guttering and other areas of the roof were inaccessible.

As a result, the site had not had its gutters cleaned for several years. We were asked to put together a strategy for clearing the gutters, and we had them cleared in no time.

Thanks to our team of IRATA-qualified abseilers. 💪

Think your property needs some roof and guttering services?

📞 Give us a call on 020 3551 6206
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High-Rise Window Cleaning in Camden

Are your windows in need of a refresh?

Our team will carry out our in-depth window cleaning procedure to ensure your property continues to look beautiful.

By utilising our years of experience, unique equipment and the most effective cleaning treatments, we produce fantastic results. 

📲 Learn more about our high-rise window cleaning services here:

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Cladding Cleaning and Restoration in Southwark

A fantastic before and after!

It was a pleasure to be able to restore this property's cladding. Doing so has made a huge difference to its appearance.

Over time the cladding on this property had become damaged. It was no longer lining up smoothly, leading to water ingress and an unattractive appearance.

With cladding being the first layer of your property, it is exposed to everything the world throws at it and can become warped or rusted.

Our team at Spectrum are experienced in restoring cladding to its original condition, going the extra mile to ensure the panels look spick and span!
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Brick Cleaning and Restoration in Redhill

A throwback to this stone & brick restoration project!

This is what happens when you pair expert knowledge, a dedicated team and specialist equipment.

Transformative results.

Need a trusted contractor? 🤝

Get in touch today:
020 3551 6206
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Abseiling Services in Brent

Why choose rope access?

Rope Access requires very little set-up or investment from you, which will save a considerable amount in your budget.

Having maintenance completed via abseil also spares you and your residents from the eyesore of scaffolding. Rope Access enables our team to work closely with your property and, therefore, to a higher standard.

Want to know what services we can offer?

Find out here > https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/services/

#RopeAccess #Brent #Spectrum
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External Redecorations in Bexley

Offering a range of access solutions means the work gets done quicker and to a better standard.

By operating by rope, we can work swiftly and efficiently, simultaneously reaching several difficult-to-reach areas of a property.

By working from the ground (or this case balcony), we achieve close attention to detail.

This means we can reach, restore, and repair every asset of the property, ensuring no area is left untouched.

At Spectrum, we take pride in providing comprehensive solutions for projects of all scales.

Sound like something you need?

Give us a call: 020 3551 6206
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High-Rise Window Cleaning in London

When it comes to window cleaning, trust the professionals who have seen it all. With years of valuable experience in the industry, we have encountered almost every type of window you can imagine.

No matter the complexity or style of your windows, we offer cleaning services to a wide range of properties.

We handle everything from high-rise properties with glass facades to historical properties with stained glass, stone settings, and wood timber frames.

Our speciality is preserving the integrity of historic properties, and we understand the delicate nature of these features. Our detailed approach and attention to detail ensure that your windows receive the care they deserve while maintaining their charm.

Our years of experience and commitment to delivering outstanding results make us the ideal choice for your window cleaning needs.

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More Specialist Cleaning in Wood Green

When clients work with Spectrum, it is important that they are always left with more than they were expecting.

We love to provide little extras here and there as a thank-you for choosing our services.

Once we had completed our scheduled gutter and window cleaning at this property, we also jet-washed their paving stones to provide a full refresh.

Always a satisfying job!

So, do you need a maintenance team that goes the extra mile?

020 3551 6206
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Abseiling Services in Southwark

Did you know that predictive maintenance can save you serious money on your budget?

Predictive maintenance can reduce expenses by 8%-12% compared to preventative maintenance and a whopping 40% compared to reactive maintenance! 😮

By scheduling regular servicing, you can greatly reduce the chances of faults, leaks and ultimately avoid any costly reactive repairs.

Don't let unattended maintenance issues drain your budget.

Plan ahead, prioritise maintenance, and keep your properties running smoothly!

#PredictiveMaintenance #Spectrum
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Leak Detection in Wandsworth

Signs like this are evidence of a serious leak in your property.

- Mould and mildew on the inside of the property or algae growing on the exterior walls

-  Unusually high water bills

- Peeling wallpaper or damp walls

- Reduced water pressure

🚨 Each of these are serious signs of a leak somewhere in the property that needs to be addressed immediately 🚨

Don't wait for significant damage!

Our leak detection team offer thorough leak investigations to find the cause and repair the fault. 

📲 Reach out to our experts today: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/leak-detection-contractors/

#LeakDetection #Leak #Wandsworth #Spectrum
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Render Cleaning in Hillingdon

Want your rendered property to look as good as new?

Our Spectrum team specialise in restoring, repairing, and returning your properties to their former glory by removing stains and discolouration.

Our stress-free service guarantees the removal of algae and lichen, bringing back the pristine appearance of your rendered facade.

📲 Learn more about our render cleaning services here: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/render-cleaning-contractors/

✉️ Or get in touch with our friendly team today for a stress-free service: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/

You're just an email away from a 'good as new' property!

#Render #RenderCleaning #Hillingdon #Spectrum
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More Specialist Cleaning in Dartford

Recently, some of our team had the opportunity to participate in an IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) training course with Orion.

Courses vary in range, but our team received training on mobile elevating work platforms like scissors lifts, booms, and spiders.

Our team members learned valuable skills regarding the operation and maintenance of these platforms to ensure we can work efficiently and safely.

They complete e-learning units online first, then are issued with profiles and can attend practical training to achieve a Powered Access Licence or PAL card. 

Although there are no legal requirements for employees working at height to obtain such certification, the Work at Height Regulations of 2015 state that employers must ensure employees are competently trained or must be supervised by a skilled and experienced person.

This level of training is the standard for Spectrum and others in our industry and is something that hire companies and clients recognise.

This training will allow us to provide our extensive maintenance services to even more clients with challenging access requirements.

Perfect weather for a training day too!

#Spectrum #TrainingDay
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High-Rise Window Cleaning in A Location

Why choose rope access over other methods for work at height?

Working at height can seem challenging and risky, but rope access is a safe and efficient technique.


➡️ Cheaper as there is no need to hire vehicles, scaffolding or members of staff to construct and maintain the scaffolding

➡️ Faster set-up and dismantling times

➡️ No need for a cradle or cherry picker, which also means no requirement for pavement licences, etc.

➡️ Less disruption to the surrounding area (fewer vehicles required; no need to drill scaffolding into the building!

At Spectrum, we understand the importance of efficient and cost-effective access methods.

We proudly offer rope access as a primary access solution for all our services. 
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High-Rise Window Cleaning in Brentford

📣 Safety Alert!

Your well-being is our top priority!

At Spectrum, we go above and beyond to ensure that working at heights is as safe as can be. Here's how we guarantee your safety while our abseilers work their magic:

🚧 Setting up a clear and secure workspace below our abseilers is crucial for public safety. Without proper measures, passers-by could unknowingly find themselves directly underneath!

✅ That's why we take proactive steps to protect you:

Signage - Clear and visible signs help guide you away from danger zones.

Barriers and tape - We divert footfall to provide a safe distance from the working area.

Tethering equipment - All tools and equipment are securely attached to our skilled operatives.

Round buckets - To minimise any water spillage during window cleaning.

Safety always comes first! Learn more about our commitment to working at height safety by visiting: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/abseiling-services-contractors/safe-system-work-at-height/

Your well-being matters to us, and we strive to provide the highest level of safety and professionalism. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!
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Gutter Cleaning in Hillingdon

Why gutter maintenance is essential 🍂

- Reduces the chance of pests nesting on your roof

- Improves the efficiency of drainage and guttering

- Reduces standing water

- Reduces the chance of plants growing in the leaf litter as it decays

Over time, this client's gulleys and the guttering system had become clogged with fallen leaves, sticks and other biological matter, making it difficult for water to pass through the system.

This was causing standing water in the system, posing a serious leak risk.

This guttering system is now draining smoothly from gulleys to downpipes.

With all our work, we supply clients with photos and videos in our final report to keep you completely in the loop.

Do you need your guttering checked?

Give us a call 📞 020 3551 6206
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High-Rise Window Cleaning in Barking

Think your property is too difficult to access?

Think again.

Our team can service your property in so many ways:

1. Our patented pole equipment reaches up to 18 meters, allowing us to perform various services from the ground

2. We are always happy to complete BMU training if your property has one and have plenty of experience working from BMUs and cradles

3. A full team of IRATA-certified abseilers on hand for any project
Our main passion is rope access.

Requiring extensive training and skill, our window cleaners have the flexibility to access every single window on large residential or commercial properties, no matter the shape.

Read more about our rope services here:

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External Redecorations in Waterloo

This beautiful waterfront property needed some restoration to reflect the beauty of its surroundings.

Here's a glimpse into our process:

🔍 Structural inspections, substrate testing, and crosshatch testing were all conducted. Why? To guarantee a long-lasting bond between the surface and the new paint.

⚒️ Here's the secret - Before painting anything, we prioritised repairing, restoring, and preserving the wood beneath. This vital step ensures a flawless finish that stands the test of time.

⌛ We never rush quality! Our team invested extra time in repairing any damage or rust on the balcony, ensuring a durable and silky-smooth outcome.

Remember, a quick fix may seem appealing, but a temporary solution will cost you more in the long run.

Opting for a quality repair now saves you from future headaches and expenses.
Don't fall into the trap of "buy cheap, buy twice."
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Graffiti Removal in Lambeth

When removing graffiti, two things are key.

👉 Act fast.

👉 Use the correct treatment.

Using the correct chemicals and processes provides better cleaning results and long-lasting protection for the building.

When paint or ink has soaked into the surface of a building, a solvent is often needed to remove it.

Knowing which chemicals are suited to remove different paints helps our operatives achieve outstanding results and protects the substrate from accidental damage.

This expertise allows Spectrum to remove all types of graffiti from commercial and residential buildings.

#TORCCleaning #TORC #Lambeth #Spectrum
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High-Rise Window Cleaning in Whitechapel

The perfect result for our clients is always our priority.

Anything we can do to satisfy our client's expectations, we will work hard to achieve.

All our staff are CRB checked for working in schools alongside older or vulnerable adults.

Our window cleaners also have CSCS cards to ensure we can clean windows on construction sites.

Our highly trained and qualified operatives can use any approach necessary to complete the job.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch today to see how we can help YOU:

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External Redecorations in Bermondsey

When we say complete external redecoration...

We mean it!

This property has been the focus of several transformative services, including stone and brick facade cleaning, timber and metal balcony repairs, and painting.

We have hand-painted almost every metal accent on this property to ensure a completely refreshed appearance.

Down to the chains between the bollards!

When you work with Spectrum, you can trust that your redecoration contractors are meeting the project specifications to the highest standard!

#Spectrum #ExternalRedecoration
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What Is Unique About Us?


We've created and patented cleaning systems that enable us to carry out cleaning and restoration from the safety of the ground using suction and steam. This saves the need to erect scaffolding and ends up saving our clients thousands of pounds in access. Innovation and creativity are at the heart of all we do.


We cover a full spectrum of access ranging from rope access, BMU and cherry picker, to our own in house patented modular pole systems. We can access the most difficult buildings in smart and cost-effective ways.

Experts In
Our Field

As architects are continually pushing the boundaries of design, we respond by consistently improving and innovating maintenance options. We research and develop intricate aspects of our industry and then help to shape the framework for future planned maintenance specifications through free CPD training.