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 7 Reasons to Invest in Rope Access - Abseiling Painting Services

What Is Abseiling Painting?

The Different Types of Rope Access Painting Jobs

High-Rise Buildings

Low-Rise Buildings

Historic Buildings

Industrial Structures

Benefits of Using Abseiling Painting Services

Examples of our work



Industrial abseiling offers specialist painting services, but do they suit your building requirements? Discover the benefits of abseiling painting and why you should invest in specialist rope access services.

There are many ways to paint a building, from elevated work platforms (cherry pickers) to scaffolding and scissor lifts. But what about abseiling?

Read on to discover seven benefits of abseiling painting and the types of rope access painting jobs any leading facade restoration and cleaning expert in London will offer.

What Is Abseiling Painting?

Abseiling painting is a commercial or residential painting service performed by trained rope access technicians.

Using quality-assured industrial abseiling techniques, specialist painters can scale a building to provide expert painting services across the necessary external features with optimal accessibility, proximity, and safety.

The Different Types of Rope Access Painting Jobs

Abseiling painting can provide the most suitable access method across multiple types of residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Here are some typical types of rope access painting jobs you can expect to find:

High-Rise Buildings

From office spaces to apartment blocks and public spaces, numerous commercial and residential properties occupy high-rise buildings throughout working cities and busy urban areas.

Naturally, for convenience and cost purposes, industrial abseiling services offer the ideal painting solution for high-rise buildings whereby rope access technicians quickly scale the external structure to paint the necessary surface areas safely and to industry standards.

Low-Rise Buildings

Not all low-rise buildings have simple and easy access. Despite being smaller than high-rise buildings, low-rise residential and commercial properties can offer challenging access points for painters to reach the necessary areas to conduct and complete their services.

Rope access also allows for minimal disturbance to the surrounding areas without restricting access to public pavements or imposing on other properties.

Historic Buildings (Churches, Castles and Monuments)

Rope access provides an excellent access solution when painting historical buildings. By establishing portable anchorage with A-frames or deadweight anchors, a qualified rope access technician can preserve the structure while ensuring the substrate retains its condition with minimal risk of damage. 

Due to the porous and delicate texture of substrates such as stone, most historic buildings or monuments require specialist cleaning before any painting can take place. 

Industrial Structures

Abseiling painting is not just an ideal solution for decorative purposes. It also provides a means to apply protective coatings onto structures to protect from weathering, such as steel from corrosion, or to help fireproof buildings.

When applying protective coatings, rope access technicians will begin by blasting the surface to prepare for primer before applying an intermediate coat for protection and a final topcoat for appearance purposes.

7 Benefits of Using Abseiling Painting Services

Now we understand the specific types of rope access painting jobs expected, let’s learn about the benefits of this method compared to more traditional techniques, such as scaffolding and cherry pickers.

1.     Safety

Although dangling in the air from great heights appears precarious by nature, rope access and industrial abseiling boast an exceptional safety record, with remarkably few accidents ever reported.

Thankfully, this goes down to the strict and mandatory health and safety processes and procedures of IRATA International (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). 

These authoritative safety guidelines ensure external painters are trained and qualified as rope access technicians to ensure all painting work is safely prepared and completed when abseiling. 

2.     Speed

Essentially, other external painting access methods are no match for the speed of painting via abseiling. Industrial abseiling painters can scale a building in optimal time with safe rope access established in minutes, compared to the hours required to transport and erect a scaffold structure.

With both mobility and establishing access, abseiling painting is unrivalled in speed.

3.     Cost

Thanks to the necessary procedures to develop a safe system of work at height, abseiling is a safe, cost-effective method compared to the time, equipment and expense involved to construct scaffolding or hiring machinery.

4.     Convenience

Unlike other painting and blasting solutions for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, rope access requires no machinery or heavy equipment. Simply establish your point of anchorage and protective rigging, equip your painting methods, and away you go.

While supporting the painter's convenience on the job, it also offers extra convenience to the client as a form of access. All equipment is removed after the working day, and minimal contact is made with the building to minimise potential damage or accidents.

5.     Quality

Abseiling painting is a quality-assured method of painting alongside its superior safety and speed. Painters have proximity to the building and ease of mobility and equipment to ensure the quality of painting service meets industry standards.  

6.     Flexible

Rope access provides complete accessibility for painters to cover every inch of the surface quickly and conveniently. Regardless of the size or complications on the structure, rope access technicians have excellent mobility through abseiling capabilities unmatched by any other access methods.

7.     Inspection  

Beyond the application of paint, abseiling down a building gives the contractor unrivalled access to excellent observation and inspection capabilities. Whether defining the structural integrity or assessing the substrate condition, you can hire a rope access paint inspector to investigate the surface quality to help decide what specific type of paint your building needs.

Before hiring a specialist rope access technician to paint the external features of your property, we recommend you conduct an inspection to identify any unrecognised issues that can cause delays or further costs.

Hire Experienced Rope Access Technicians for Abseiling Painting Services

At Spectrum, we provide specialist industrial abseiling painting services. 

Over the years, our qualified rope access technicians have satisfied numerous clients across London and the surrounding areas, where we always aim to complete our work efficiently and to the highest quality standards. 

Check out some of our latest abseiling painting work in London:

Roof Repairs and Facade Painting in High Street Kensington

External Redecoration In East London

External Redecoration: Major Works

Get in touch today for a free quote on any of our abseiling painting services or to learn more about our rope access technicians. 

FAQs About Abseiling Painting:

What is a Rope Access Painter?

A rope access painter is an individual both trained and experienced in painting alongside having IRATA accredited rope access technician certification.

What Equipment is Needed for Abseiling?

Ropes, a harness, belay devices, helmets, and carabiners are all essential pieces of equipment for abseiling. For industrial abseiling services, you must establish a safe system of work, either with eyebolts, permanent anchorage, or a portable anchorage system.

Is Rope Access Abseiling?

Rope access is a method for working from a height that enables technicians to abseil and perform certain services such as painting. Abseiling is not rope access unless the person is a trained technician hired to perform specific tasks. Otherwise, it is just simply abseiling.

Is Rope Access Painting Expensive?

Multiple features contribute to the estimation of a rough price for rope access painting. While you can almost guarantee that accessibility will be more cost-effective than machine hire or scaffolding, the price depends on the size and condition of the building before the type of paint and equipment required to complete the job.

How to Become a Rope Access Painter?

To become a rope access painter, you need to demonstrate your experience and ability as a painter before being certified with IRATA training as a rope access technician. Painting must be your speciality as a service, while rope access is your method to complete your services via abseiling.

Rope Access Painting vs Abseiling Painting: What’s the Difference?

There should be no difference between rope access painting and abseiling painting unless abseiling painting was completed by someone untrained as a rope access technician. In which case, this would be dangerous and highly unrecommended. 

Why is Rope Access Painting Important?

Abseiling painting proves crucial for buildings that offer limited or restricted access. Plus, it’s a much more convenient solution for high-rise buildings due to scaffolding or machine hire costs and inconvenience. 

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