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Our Team's Abseiling Training - Rope Access

We’re proud to say that recently two members of our team at Spectrum have passed their Level 3 IRATA abseiling test. Level 3 is the highest IRATA grade and usually takes 3-9 years to achieve. At Spectrum, we truly believe that investing in our team’s development is what allows us to work to such a high standard. 

For example, we employ highly skilled masonry workers such as stonemasons and support them in their rope access training. This means we work with specialised experts who can reach all surfaces of your building! 

What does it mean to be IRATA Certified?

IRATA  is an official training and certification scheme that was formed in the late ’80s and stands for Industrial Rope Access Trade Association. The aim of IRATA is to provide a safe working environment and to prevent accidents on site - thanks to their training, rope access boasts an unrivalled safety record. 

IRATA certification has 3 grades that need to be completed for a person to become fully certified as a rope access supervisor. 

1st Level 

The first level means that the qualified technician is capable of checking their own equipment for safety, they’re able to descend by themselves in case of accidents, and they understand hauling systems. They have to work under a fully IRATA-trained supervisor. 

2nd Level

The second level means that the technician is capable of doing all the tasks level 1 can, as well as undertaking rescues and complex rigging. They have to work under supervision of a fully IRATA-trained technician.

3rd Level

This is the final level of IRATA training which means that the qualified technician can act as a supervisor onsite. They will be fully trained in all aspects of rope access, have comprehensive knowledge of abseiling & rescue techniques, as well as first aid. 

Spectrum’s Abseiling Services

Industrial abseiling is a method used in property maintenance to access surfaces of buildings that cannot be reached from the ground. This approach is often cost-saving, time efficient, and offers minimal disruption to the tenants, as opposed to other access methods such as scaffolding. At Spectrum, we have previously saved up to £20,000 in access costs for one of our Clients by using our specialist abseiling service.

Besides industrial abseiling’s time and cost-saving benefits, this approach is also one of the safest methods of access. Spectrum ensures that all their rope access technicians are IRATA trained, which creates safe working conditions, even on the tallest high-rises. 

Utilising abseiling in facade restoration or cleaning means that our experts are able to reach even the most awkward of surfaces that would otherwise be missed. You can be assured that Spectrum’s rope access technicians will restore your property safely, quickly and efficiently. 

Abseiling can be used for: 

Although most modern buildings have eye bolts and man safe systems, you can still use our abseiling services if your property doesn’t have those. At Spectrum we love creating innovative solutions to our Client’s issues, which is why we use an A-Frame Deadweight Anchor System for properties that lack man safe systems. 

Rope Access Benefits: 

Get in Touch

If you are interested in Spectrum’s abseiling services, get in touch with one of our team members. Our knowledgeable team will be able to discuss any concerns you may have, as well as book you in for a consultation. You can trust that with Spectrum, your building’s facade will be restored efficiently, safely and with minimal disruption. 

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