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Is Abseiling/Rope Access Safe? - Rope Access Solutions

We firmly believe that all buildings are accessible and can be restored and cleaned properly and safely. No matter the height or location of a property, rope access allows our team to transform any property!

What Is Abseiling?

Abseiling or rope access is a technique used by property restoration contractors to clean and restore the exteriors for buildings. 

When working via rope access, our contractors use abseiling techniques, industrial ropes, safety systems, and an anchor to scale the exterior of a building. In the beginning, this technique was only used on bridges, but it quickly gained popularity as people discovered the cost-savings, efficiency, and lack of disruption it provides. By using this technique our contractors can work on buildings that are not accessible via heavy machinery or scaffolding, including buildings on narrow streets or property‚Äôs shaped awkwardly.

Benefits of Rope Access

Rope access is the safest way to carry out building maintenance. Our operatives are extensively trained to clean or restore your building to the highest standards using innovative solutions.

Rope access is our recommended solution for difficult-to-access areas. It can be used on buildings that cannot be reached with a cherry picker or scaffolding. Whether the exterior of your property features abseiling systems like eyebolts or not, our team can design an abseiling system for most buildings. Either using a portable deadweight system or a drone to help anchor a system - our team is highly trained at coming up with safe and creative solutions.


At first sight, abseiling may look dangerous, but in reality, it is statistically the safest access method! This is due to the rigorous training required to be able to perform industrial abseiling. Additionally, rope access equipment and anchors must be routinely inspected.

All of our workers that abseil are IRATA-certified. IRATA (International Rope Access Trade Association) has three levels of training. The team follows new training regularly to ensure they are qualified and have all the skills needed.

We make sure all our workers know how to work safely and follow all of the procedures. Further, they are trained to support each other when incidents or injuries occur. Statistically, there is no safer way to carry out cleaning or restoration works on high-rise buildings than via rope access. 

Save money and time

By using rope access you clean or restore your building back into its original aesthetic in an economical way. We need fewer people to accomplish the same tasks faster. You save time and money. 

We do not need or use scaffolding. This saves you a lot of time as it takes a while to erect the scaffolding and to remove it again. Further, you need an entire team to work with scaffolding, which can only be installed by hand. By omitting the scaffolding we also can deny the rental fee and the engineering plan for it.

With rope access, the set-up and removing time, in the end, are quicker than any other means of access. It just takes up to a few hours instead of days. Moreover, you do not need to block the street, which is expensive and disruptive. The mobility and agility of the ropes, allow the technicians to move around a building quickly and efficiently.

Spectrum, Your Abseiling Service

At Spectrum our customers are central to our work. Fulfilling your needs in an economical way is our goal. We value customer service and look together with you what the best solutions are for your high-rise. 

By providing abseiling services we can help you in the fastest and most economical way possible. We save you money and time while cleaning or restoring your building. 

Throughout the entire process, we communicate clearly with you. When we come across unexpected issues we inform you and we provide efficient solutions. Our team of abseilers would love to help you in delivering a beautiful project.

Contact us today and arrange a meeting!

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