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Roof Repairs with No Scaffolding Required


Roofing Repairs

We saved this client £13K on scaffolding by completing these works with a hybrid solution of rope access.

The Project

In this project, our repair team were operating in a (potentially) difficult location - above a Starbucks coffee shop. 

The scope of work for this project included tendering and repairing the building facade along with relaying the roof. This involved removing all the solar reflective stones, applying two generous coats of the specified liquid to the roofing system and then reinstating the stone after the curing had taken place (after two days.) 

This was a highly complex project that required specialist knowledge, an eye for detail and comprehensive thinking due to the location of the site being on a busy high street.



The Site 

The site, as mentioned earlier, was on and above a Starbucks coffee shop. This was managed by our team using physical barriers to exclude an exclusion zone and working times were also agreed with the commercial unit below.

We are renowned for our creative access solutions, and this project was no exception. We take pride in ensuring that all of our specialist operatives are put through regular IRATA training - making sure that they are all up to and aware of the latest standards. 

This meant that there was no need to erect costly scaffolding which would’ve caused great disruption to the coffee shop below. Instead, our abseilers could work and repair the property via rope and operate with baskets beneath them to catch any fallen material also.

This enabled Starbucks to stay open (so that you could have your coffee in the morning) and provided this client with cost-effective service.


The Highlights

Our creative access solutions and forward-thinking attitude allowed this repair to be a seamless success and we also completed it well before the deadline, and are very proud of how our team overcame the challenges without any hurdles in the way. In the end, we ended up saving around £13k through the use of our abseilers and not scaffolding.


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