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25 Building Maintenance Services Done Via Rope Access - Abseilers

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Discover the endless possibilities of rope access building maintenance in helping restore, clean and construct a property or premises.

Despite owning the impressive title of “Rope Access Technician”, rope access is not a profession in itself but more of a specialist way of doing things.

Read on to learn about the essential role of rope access (and abseiling) and the many services a trained technician can perform using this skill in building maintenance.

What Building Maintenance Services Can Be Done Via Rope Access?

Building maintenance and property restoration are a challenge if you can’t reach the highest points or every crevice of an exterior. The good news is that there are several access methods available, which are utilised by building and property maintenance contractors like us. Two of the best examples are rope access and abseiling.

Both of these methods give contractors an unrivalled level of freedom when a property’s issues are spread over a larger surface area or require specific positioning.

The Ultimate Guide to Building Maintenance Via Rope Access

Let’s begin our guide by looking into the various essential building maintenance services rope access can provide, starting with stone works:

1.     Stone Works Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Stone is a porous material susceptible to damage, so any stone building requires maintenance at some stage to safeguard its appearance and structural integrity.

Carbon pollution, incorrect remedial restoration and algae growth can all cause defects in the stone, especially when we consider most stone buildings are centuries old.

So, when conducting certain types of stone works such as “freestone” or “dimension stone” for construction, maintenance or decorative purposes, rope access can relieve accessibility in limited or restricted areas. 

Abseiling for stone works is another effective form of building maintenance as you are less likely to cause damage by having maximum proximity with minimum contact with the stone structure. This feature of rope access is particularly beneficial when dealing with historic and grade-listed stone buildings.  

2.     Stone Cleaning Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Due to the material properties, stonework requires specialist cleaning and needs more than just a lick of paint like other surfaces.

There are three types of stone cleaning and masonry methods generally applied to stone cleaning building maintenance:

·        Physical
·        Chemical
·        Special (Ultrasonic, heat lances, surfactants).

We recommend using the ideal equipment for cleaning stonework depending on what type suits your building requirements. For example, jet washers are effective for physical stone cleaning, ensuring the removal of dirt, grime and moss. The finish is also attractive and helps restore the integrity of the structure.

With the speed and accessibility of abseiling, stone cleaning for building maintenance via rope access is an ideal way to ensure your stone property remains appealing to the eye and does not incur damage through water ingress or plants and animals. 

Specific stone buildings are connected by lime mortar, such as:

·        Sandstone
·        Limestone
·        Granite
·        Brick
·        Terracotta

These types of stone require particular attention when cleaning, as too much can cause damage. Some experienced building maintenance operatives can be trained via rope access to accurately evaluate the stone from close distances and clean it to the necessary degree.

3.     Stone Repairs Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Whether repairing or renovating, stone repairs provide an essential building maintenance service by restoring stone properties to their original beauty.

Stone repairs can include multiple aspects of building maintenance, including steps, kerbstones, cornerstones, copings, pillar caps and windowsills. As part of stonemasonry, the art of stone repairs is an ancient craft that can include various restoration elements, including skimming and stone-patching to stone block replacement. 

Rope access becomes imperative in a stone repair situation if the area of stone provides limited access. While the skill of the stone mason remains critical, so is the ability to reach the stone and make the necessary repairs.

4.     Stone Colour Matching Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Stone colour matching applies to the aesthetic purposes of building maintenance compared to structural issues. Whenever replacing the stone to maintain the building’s aesthetic beauty and historical reputation, stone masons are required to find an identical source of stone material.

Effective stone colour matching can require laboratory analysis with experience stone professionals. However, via abseiling techniques, rope access technicians can help colour-match by applying specialist paints to ensure colours can blend perfectly.

5.     Doff Cleaning Via Rope Access / Abseiling

DOFF cleaning provides a versatile, effective, and efficient cleaning process for property restoration and renovation. With a wide range of applications, DOFF cleaning can remove paint, graffiti, algae and general stain removal.

We recommend DOFF cleaning for building maintenance as it can tackle carbon monoxide build-up that can affect the surface of the substrate, causing defects in the stone and altering the physical appearance/structure of the building.

6.     Render Cleaning Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Render cleaning can be a complicated process involving multiple types of render and varying soiling stages. The overall condition of the render will dictate the render cleaning process and products. And be wary, applying the wrong chemicals or jet washing too powerfully can cause irrevocable damage.

For effective render cleaning, it’s crucial to have multi-method access, such as rope access for limited areas inaccessible with cherry pickers or scaffolding.

7.     Render Repairs Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Render repairs can prove vital for building maintenance due to the potential of a building’s render falling into disrepair. Render is known to crack and flake, causing the outer seal to break and allow water to penetrate.

From repairing cracks to patching and crumbling repairs across multiple materials, rope access allows unrivalled speed and mobility to tackle any render repair services safely and to the highest standards. 

8.     Gutter Cleaning Via Rope Access / Abseiling

By purpose and design, gutters are a vital aspect of building maintenance. Without regular maintenance, your gutters won’t be able to keep your property safe, clean, and free from water ingress.

When water is allowed to accumulate within clogged gutters, it can seep into cracks and fissures in tiling to cause expensive damage to your building.

Rope access provides an ideal method for gutter cleaning due to the mobility and speed of descending a building with a perfect view to analyse and unclog.

9.     Major Building Works Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Major building works incorporate various complex services for building maintenance, refurbishment, and repair. It’s vital to conduct major building works when damage is present to avoid further costly issues.

For overall maintenance purposes, our major building works include the following areas via rope access:
·        External redecoration
·        Timber works
·        Metal works
·        Stone works

Rope access allows an ideal method for major building works due to the ability to analyse difficult-to-reach areas. Taking a proactive approach with major building works will enable you to preserve your property and reduce overall maintenance costs in the future.

10. Brick Works Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Brick remains a crucial construction material that requires cleaning, restoration, and repair services. Brick works enable effective conservation for building maintenance in the preservation of structure and appearance across all brick facade types. 

As a comprehensive service package, brick works include various services, including:

·        DOFF cleaning
·        Torc cleaning
·        Brick tinting
·        Brick repointing

As a combination of services, brick works via rope access can help treat specific types of damage and staining from limited access areas on a building. This method is particularly useful for building maintenance jobs in constricted city streets with multiple brick buildings.

11. Brick Cleaning Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Brick cleaning via rope access is an ideal method to assess and resolve hard-to-reach areas in your building. We suggest applying brick cleaning services for any of the following issues:

·        Removing paint
·        Waterproofing 
·        Removing graffiti

Sometimes we can't reach all areas of a brick building on ground level. Therefore, rope access provides the perfect method to clean higher and harder-to-reach places on your property without the expense or inconvenience of hiring an elevated work platform or scaffolding.

12. Brick Repointing Via Rope Access / Abseiling

If your brick building has become damaged, then a brick repointing service can help restore the integrity of your property’s structure and overall appearance.

As a complex process to remove and match the existing mortar to the original style of the building design, brick repointing is an essential building maintenance, protection, and conservation technique.

With an average of 15% of the overall surface area as mortar, repointing brick is vital when mortar begins to degrade both structurally and aesthetically.

13. Brick Tinting Via Rope Access / Abseiling

To replace damaged brick and maintain the appearance of your property, you will also want to introduce specialist brick tinting services. 

Just because new bricks have joined a building of old and existing bricks doesn’t mean you must settle for contrasting tones on your property’s external walls. Brick tinting services can replicate the exact tone and colour across all areas of your building. 

Rope access allows operatives to perform brick tinting services in limited access areas of your property safely and to impeccable standards.

14. Graffiti Removal Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Rope access enables specialist cleaners to remove graffiti from limited access areas to restore the surface to its original condition.

Assuming that the cleaner utilises the correct chemicals for their cleaning services, you can remove graffiti from any of the following surfaces:

·        Brick
·        Stone
·        Wooden cladding
·        Metal 

15. Cladding Cleaning Via Rope Access / Abseiling

By design, cladding attempts to add style and finesse to commercial and residential buildings. However, for this reason, it can be more challenging to clean without rope access capabilities.

Cladding cleaning services aim to restore the aesthetics of cladding surfaces by removing any staining, organic matter, or discolouration. This includes any of the following materials:

·        Metal (Stainless steel, Aluminium)
·        Wood
·        UPVC
·        Granite
·        Marble

Cleaning cladding is achievable through rope access and abseiling techniques, as it helps a trained technician reach all those tricky spots safely and effectively.

16. High-Rise Window Cleaning Via Rope Access / Abseiling

With high-rise window cleaning services, you can improve the appearance of a building inside and out while contributing positively towards your general building maintenance.

Of all the services rope access can attribute, high-rise window cleaning might be the most effective. Frankly, without abseiling, your high-rise window would be impossible to clean from a certain height.

Rope access provides mobility to high-rise window cleaning and optimal speed in that accessibility is not restricted and is naturally versatile.

17. External Redecoration / Painting Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Whether cleaning or painting, repairs or renovations, external redecorations are an excellent way to add additional value to your property.

From atmospheric pollution, acid rain, and traffic pollution alongside the general degradation of materials, external redecoration is a vital aspect of optimal building maintenance.

Rope access offers an excellent addition to redecoration services through the speed of assessment and application while saving on costs and convenience otherwise spent on scaffolding. 

18. Softwashing Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Softwashing is a fast and effective method to remove dirt, grime, algae, and other forms of discolouration from an external surface. 

Instead of relying on the power of a jet washer, soft washing is ideal for modern render or cladding by gently yet effectively removing the necessary grime and residue.

Softwashing also provides an environmentally friendlier way of cleaning by not using as much water or chemicals as jet washing or other forms of specialist cleaning.

If soft washing on roofs, windows or balconies, rope access provides the ideal solution to attend those limited access areas.

19. Torc Cleaning Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Via a swirling vortex, TORC cleaning combines compressed air, fine abrasion and water to delicately yet effectively remove brittle soiling and coating.

Ideal for stone, masonry, and brick, TORC cleaning systems can leave multiple surfaces in pristine condition without causing any damage and degradation.

TORC systems can be utilised for rope access solutions, ensuring limited areas are reachable with maximum safety and quality standards.

20. Roofing Services Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Roofing services, including various waterproofing techniques, offer an essential protective process to your overall building maintenance. 

Water can become a critical issue, especially on a roof, with any little nook or crevice providing an opportunity for water to seep inside and cause costly structural damage. Regular roof repairs for building maintenance suit rope access for optimal mobility and analysis.

21. Roof Cleaning Via Rope Access / Abseiling

As one of the most important aspects of a structure, regular roof cleaning is an essential requirement.

Roofs are naturally exposed to external elements and play an essential role in protecting the structural integrity of the building.

Whether removing moss, algae, fungus and other organic matter, roofers can accurately assess the overall condition to spot any other maintenance issues that could become significant and costly if left untreated.

Various roof cleaning and maintenance services include:

·        Metal roof cleaning
·        Roof tile cleaning
·        Shingle roof cleaning
·        Solar panel cleaning

Not all roofs are simple to ascend. Some may require temporary anchorage systems to access certain areas. When delivering essential roofing services, rope access technicians are required to install safety systems of work to ensure no accidents occur.

22. Bird Proofing Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Birds will naturally use buildings for nesting, while large flocks can carry disease and create health issues. Unpleasant excrement stains and marks can spoil your property’s aesthetic too.

Bird-proofing solutions help keep birds away from window ledges, balconies, gutters, and other surface areas.

With the help of rope access and abseiling methods, a building maintenance specialist can apply:
·        Bird netting
·        Bird spikes
·        Bird wire
·        Bird-repellent gel

To counter bird issues, it helps to have the same mobility as a bird concerning building access, which is where rope access comes in. With abseiling abilities, rope access technicians can reach all the areas of the building where a bird may nest or rest.

23. Eyebolt and Safety Testing Via Rope Access / Abseiling

When working from height with rope access and abseiling services, safety remains the number one priority.

Before hiring the services of rope access technicians, the building owner is responsible for eyebolt safety for abseiling as stated in the Health and Safety Executive Regulations from 2005

Ensure you invest in compulsory eyebolt and safety testing for your building maintenance requirements.

24. Leak Detection Via Rope Access / Abseiling

Leak detection services are an ideal solution when a leak is prevalent, but the source is unknown. Fixing any leak requires identifying and resolving its source and location. 

Rope access can help detect and eradicate any leaks in limited access areas and places of height.

Leak detection is available across various innovative solutions, including:
·        Thermal imaging camera
·        Moisture testing
·        Borescope inspection
·        Water testing
·        Drain CCTV inspection
·        Dye testing

We recommend you undertake a leak detection service at least once every two years to guarantee the maintenance of your building doesn’t incur any costly issues.

25. Disinfecting Cleaning Via Rope Access / Abseiling

For infection control cleaning services, rope access methods supply specialist cleaners with the ability to reach restricted areas potentially containing viruses or diseases. 

We utilise a three-stage deep cleaning process which we initiated during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Firstly, we plan the cleaning strategy with a pre-site assessment before the application and final steam finish. 

Find a Specialist in Rope Access Building Maintenance Services 

At Spectrum, we offer multi-method access across all our building maintenance services to ensure our clients get the convenience of one contractor for all their property requirement needs. 

So, if you require any of the following services via rope access or otherwise, please get in touch for a free quote.

Alternatively, to learn more about the possibilities of rope access and abseiling, read the next blog in our series. 

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