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How is Rope Access Used for Window Cleaning? - Abseiling Services


When it comes to keeping your property looking its best, rope access window cleaning is a great way to keep your windows spotless. This unique method of cleaning your windows is one of the most effective ways of keeping large glass areas and tall buildings free from dirt and smudges. 


However, abseiling window cleaning requires specialist equipment and training, so it is important to understand exactly what it is before being able to establish if it is the right solution for your property. 


How is Rope Access Used for Window Cleaning?


Although it requires a range of specialist skills and equipment, rope access window cleaning can be a very simple solution to carry out for professionals. Due to the nature of abseiling window cleaning jobs, it requires a very high level of safety and training to undertake. 


Your cleaning technicians will securely attach themselves to the top of the building before slowly abseiling down the side, thoroughly cleaning each window as they pass it. The harness and ropes used in abseil window cleaning allow complete freedom to move up and down, as well as across the building as required. 


What are the benefits of rope access window cleaning?


Thanks to the versatility that comes with abseil window cleaning, the process is able to provide property owners with a wide range of benefits. Some of the most significant include:

1. Complete coverage 

One of the biggest benefits of rope access window cleaning is that it can cover almost every area of the building. The flexibility and manoeuvrability ensure there are very few spots that the cleaner will not be able to reach, meaning they are able to access far more than traditional ladders or suspended platforms can. 


2. Cost-effective 


Not only does window cleaning abseiling give you better cleaning, but it is also a more cost-effective solution. Although it is highly skilled work, it requires less equipment and personnel, which ensures it is a more affordable solution compared to other cleaning methods. 


3. Complex buildings


Rope access window cleaning is also one of the most effective solutions when it comes to cleaning the windows on more complex-shaped buildings. The cleaning technician will be able to position themselves in the required areas to ensure they can clean every window. 


4. Minimal disruption 


Another major benefit of rope access window cleaning is that it helps you to minimise the disruption that typically comes with these essential maintenance tasks. Unlike alternative options, there is no disruption at ground level, ensuring the pavement and walkways remain free. Setting up the equipment is also a very quick process, and your cleaning technician will be able to swiftly set up and pack away. 


How Can Spectrum Help You?


Here at Spectrum Specialist Support, we know how beneficial rope access window cleaning can be. For over 25 years, our highly experienced team has been working with residential and commercial properties with expert abseil window cleaning. 


We are experts at working at height, and alongside our window cleaning options, we can also help with an array of additional services. This includes glazing, banner installation, specialist cleaning, bird proofing, façade inspections and much more. Our unique rope access window cleaning has been designed to help you save money on your maintenance and cleaning services. 


Our IRATA certified technicians are capable of helping you to reduce up to 70% of the cost of traditional solutions thanks to the bespoke way we can access your building. Of course, not only is rope access window cleaning able to provide a greater cleaning area, but it is also one of the safest methods of working at height. 


We use a static working rope alongside a backup rope and strategically positioned anchors. This allows our operators to manoeuvre themselves anywhere on the outside of your property, ensuring they can safely clean every window on your property. All of our operatives are fully IRATA trained and certified to level three and also carry First Aid and SSSTS certification.  


So if you are looking to clean your property’s windows, get in touch with our team today and find out how we can help. 


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