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Our IRATA certified technicians have

an unrivalled safe working record

year after year.

Try rope access for your maintenace

works and save up to 70% in

access costs.

We believe all buildings are accessible.

Industrial rope access is over 25 years old. Its success is based on thorough training and strict work guidelines that deliver an unrivalled safe working record year after year. The environmental, efficiency and economic benefits have resulted in growing international support for industrial rope access ahead of alternative means of access.

What is Rope Access?

Rope Access is also known as commercial abseiling, industrial rope access or abseil cleaning. It is in many cases, one of the safest ways to complete a task that requires an operative to be working at height. Using a static working rope and a backup rope, operatives can position themselves virtually anywhere through the use of harness equipment and a suitably positioned anchor/anchors. It is a cost-effective way of accessing difficult to reach areas, and in most cases is a very fast way of carrying out maintenance as well as. Industrial rope access is a common choice for many high-rise cleaning and maintenance projects.

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Our Latest Social Posts on Abseiling Services

Spectrum is at Fulham, London

For this week's most searched question, we are going to share what a major works contract involves! 🔍

Major works contract are a specific type of commercial and residence property maintenance contract that involves major decoration refurbishments. These JCT contracts are designed by surveyors for highly standardized property maintenance work that requires detailed knowledge on the standards and specifications of these contracts by any contractors selected to complete the project.

Through our Major Building Works service we are able to give your property a full facelift by transforming every element of its exterior to the highest specifications, including any timber or metal features!💪

Learn more about the services we offer on our website: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/

Spectrum is at Bayswater, London

Major building works projects not only require that contractors are well versed in the various standards and specifications of the project's contract, but that they will be able to offer the best possible value.💸

Our team of IRATA trained abseilers allow us to stand out from any other major building works project as they are able to cost-effectively deliver a range of services with minimal disturbance to residents or employees of the building. This is vital as many major works projects have a longer time-span!😄

Learn more about the services our team of abseilers provide on our website: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/services/

Spectrum is at Clapham, London

Say goodbye to expensive gutter cleaning access costs!👋

At Spectrum, we work hard to always find the most time and cost effective access cost for our gutters, which often means utilising our patented gutter cleaning vacuum with heavy machinery like a MEWP.😄

To learn more about our gutter cleaning service, visit our website: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/gutter-cleaning-london-south-east/

Spectrum is at Pimlico, London

Cleaning gutters is also not as simple as you would imagine. It requires removing debris at height along lengths of guttering, which often involves specialist safety and cleaning equipment.

This is why our team specialises in a full range of access methods, including abseiling, operating a MEWP machine and a cherry picker!😄

No matter how heigh your gutters are, you can trust that our team has the expertise to deliver results.👍

Visit our website to learn more about our Gutter Cleaning service: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/gutter-cleaning-london-south-east/

Spectrum is at Liverpool Street, London

Due to the nature of our work, our operatives spend extensive periods of time working at height.

Which is why eyebolt testing is one of the most crucial safety checks!

Having the eyebolts on your property routinely tested will ensure the site meets British standards and help to keep all people working on the building safe!

Read more about eyebolt testing in our blog post here: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/blog/eyebolt-and-safety-testing-what-is-it-and-why-does-it-need-to-be-done-annually/

Spectrum is at London

Unlike most exterior cleaners, we embrace working at extreme heights!

As specialists in rope access cleaning, it is easier than ever to restore the facade of your high-rise property to its best possible aesthetic.

Discover the services our operatives are able to offer via rope access:

Spectrum is at Stratford, London

Through our innovative gutter cleaning solutions, including our 3D printed gutter cleaning vacuum, we saved this client up to £20K in access costs!

Read more about how our Gutter Cleaning service cost-effectively restored this client's gutters on our website:

Spectrum is at Holborn, London

Our specialist team of abseilers do a lot more than just cleaning windows!

Combining the access to difficult to reach areas made available through abseiling with our in-house designed render cleaning poles, they are also able to completely clean render properties!

To learn more about how our abseiling services on our website here:

Spectrum is at Spectrum HQ

Did you know there are three different types of modern render?

During our CPD series on "How to Maintain Modern Render" we explore all three types of modern render.

We look at the characteristics and the common challenges we find with maintenance.

If this one is acrylic can you tell us what the other two are?

Spectrum is at St. Paul's Road, London

Is abseiling just for cleaning high-rise windows?

Not at all! We apply our expertise in abseiling tall buildings for a variety of services, including cleaning render and Doff steam cleaning, to allow us the best access for every project!

Learn more about our abseiling service here:

Spectrum is at Queens Gate, London

When it comes to complete exterior access methods, there is not a "one size fits all" approach.❌

By specialising in a full range of access methods, from abseiling to using cherry pickers and MEWP machines, you can trust that we will find the right method for YOUR property!

Learn more about our services and access methods here:

Spectrum is at Castelnau, Barnes, London

Did you know we can abseil almost any building, even if there are no eyebolts or man safe systems in place?

Using Portable A-Frame Deadweight Anchor Systems we abseil any building in line with IRATA standards. 

Re-think your access options & save money.

Reach more about our Portable Anchor Systems on our blog:

Why Use Us For Abseiling?


We offer our clients complete flexibility with our access solutions; should it not be possible to use fixed anchors or if the building owners do not want anchors installed we have our own portable weight anchors of various designs and sizes to best meet each site's requirements. As it's something, we own our clients have the added benefit of not needing to pay hire charges.


The flexibility and amount of options available with rope access are endless. This is why we spend extra time preparing and planning our projects for our clients, thinking outside the box, and using innovative solutions to try and reduce the time required to complete a task so that we can ultimately try and save our clients money.


We have been providing rope access services for many years with hundreds of successful projects. We pride ourselves in offering unrivalled communication with our clients throughout the project.

What can Rope Access be used for?

Rope Access can be used for a vast amount of building maintenance applications that require operatives to be working at height. This can range from our abseilers carrying out leak detection, waterproofing, glazing, banner installation, bird proofing, specialist cleaning, window cleaning, high-level window cleaning, render cleaning, facade inspections and so much more.

Rope Access can also be used for haulage, and is usually the strategy required in many RAMS that require operatives to be working at height.

Browse our dedicated service pages to find out more specifics, and check out some of our recent projects from this year so far.

Why would you choose Rope Access for your next maintenance project?

Industrial Rope Access methods have a proven track record as an eminently safe, cost-effective and flexible alternative to powered access systems or scaffolding.

Rope Access has many additional benefits, too, including being less invasive. This also results in minimal disruption to the operation of the building, the buildings occupants and the general public. As statistically the safest method of access, rope access achieves fewer reported incidents or accidents than any other form of construction activity.

At Spectrum we maintain our commitment to safety by ensuring:

All our operatives are fully trained to IRATA standards every 3 years and hold IPAF and CSCS cards, High or Medium Risk Confined Space certification and UKAS/UKATA Asbestos qualifications.

All our site supervisors hold IRATA Level 3, First Aid and SSSTS certification, as a minimum requirement.

All our projects are meticulously planned and managed in full accordance with IRATA ICOP'14, BS 7985:2013, BS ISO 22846 1&2, WAHR '05, HSWA '74, and all other relevant guidance, regulation and statute.

With each project we submit an extensive risk and method statement (RAMS/Risk Assessment)

Spectrum Specialist Support is from a rope access background and we are very proud of the projects we have completed. Our rope access technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge. It is an industry we are proud of being experts in and are passionate about the work we do. This is visible throughout all of our projects, from planning to completion. We regularly keep our clients updated with photos to show progress of our workmanship no matter how small or big the rope access project is. We are grateful and proud to have repeated rope access business from our clients, and hope to do so for many years to come.

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What Can Abseiling Cleaning Be Used For?


Rope Access leak inspection, leak detection and repair is one of the most frequent project in our abseiling building maintenance practice. It requires professional multi skilled and really experienced abseilers who have extensive experience about the actual building structure and able to identify the source of the leaking issue.

High Level
Glazing and Repairs

Spectrum provides professional and experienced Rope Access glazier team for any high level glazing projects. When the damaged glass unit is on an inaccessible part of the building, our high level glazing services provide the best solution to carry out these projects safely.

Gutter Cleaning

Repair Abseiling carries out any guttering, down-pipe and soil-pipe repair, installation or reinforcement and high-level gutter cleaning projects via Rope Access in a safe, efficient and cost-effective way.

Rope Access
Cladding Cleaning

One of the most time efficient and cost-effective ways of maintaining your cladding is with a Rope Access team. No expensive access equipment required.

Abseiling Roof
Repairs And Cleaning

Repair Abseiling, Rope Access roofing & repair services provide the most reasonable short-cut in all types of roofing, roof repair and roof maintenance projects.


Rope access, abseiling window cleaning and general cleaning is a fundamental part of our rope access building maintenance services. A lot of residential and commercial buildings require special access for high-level window cleaning.

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Block Management

As a Block Manager I look for reliability, integrity and professionalism, Spectrum have not only gone above and beyond, they keep surprising us each time! Lucian is always willing to help, he has an incredible charisma and I can't thank him enough for the support he has provided us at HAUS! I look forward to continuing working with Spectrum, and wish them continuous success!


Property Manager

Spectrum have high levels of customer service. Speed in dealing with urgent jobs. Skill in carrying out works thoroughly to high standards including finding safe ways to access difficult areas.


Facilities Manager

Spectrum are unique because of the range of services they provide. Their knowledge, how fast they respond to questions posed from residents and their can do attitude.


Facilities Manager

Spectrum used a ladder-less gutter cleaning system which was able to reach our gutters approximately 12m above the ground. The ladder-less gutter cleaning method meant we didn’t have to hire a cherry-picker or scaffolding, which would have been expensive and time-consuming to install and use. Spectrum staff were able to show us video recordings of the inside of the gutters during and after the clean, and also emailed the footage to us once the work was complete. Spectrum have been professional, polite and thorough in their work and I would highly recommend Spectrum for their gutter cleaning service.

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Recent Completed Abseiling Services Projects

External Façade Cleaning with our IRATA Trained Abseil Team

+plus pointOur abseilers are IRATA trained, ensuring they work safely and efficiently at high elevations.

Will Rope Access save you money?

It is common knowledge that one of the most expensive parts of building maintenance and cleaning is accessing the building. The flexibility and options available with rope access are endless and can often prove to save our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds in access costs alone!

Why would you choose Spectrum for your Abseil Cleaning and maintenance projects?

At Spectrum, we spend extra time preparing and planning our projects for our clients, thinking outside the box, and using innovative solutions. For example a piece of bespoke 3D printed equipment for a particular building or our pioneering patented steam cleaning equipment. We always try to reduce the time required to complete a task so that we can ultimately save our clients money.

Additionally, being able to supply and install anchors and safety systems makes managing a building for our clients much easier. As commercial abseilers, we are constantly using anchors and safety systems. In addition to providing abseilers for cleaning and maintenance, our teams can carry our testing, maintenance and repairs on-site at the same time. Which ultimately saves our clients time and money.

We offer our clients complete flexibility with our access solutions. Should it not be possible to use fixed anchors or if the building owners do not want anchors installed, we have our own portable weight anchors of various designs and sizes to best meet each site's requirements. As it's something we own our clients have the added benefit of not needing to pay hire charges.

We keep our Rope Access rates transparent for our clients, providing our calculations and day rates from the start. We work hard to make sure you can trust us to meet your rope access requirements every time.

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What is Eyebolt and Safety Testing?

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