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Do You Have a Pigeon Problem? - Bird Proofing

Have you noticed some unwanted visitors on your property? Pigeons and other pests tend to create their homes in the nooks and crannies of your building due to it being safer and out of sight to predators.

However, if you don’t take care of your bird problem, then potential risks to your health, business and property can arise.

What happens if I don’t Bird Proof my Property?

When you think of the general property maintenance of your building, bird proofing may not be your top priority. However, here are a few facts that might make you re-think your priority list.

Health Risks

Did you know that pigeons carry more than 110 pathogens that can easily be transmitted to humans? The list of potential diseases that birds can spread is worrying, from Salmonella spp to Listeria monocytogenes which is a supposedly life-threatening infection (around 260 people die from this each year.)

Damage to Your Property

Bird droppings are acidic and can erode the surface of your stone or brick building. This unfortunate damage will lead to expensive repairs further down the line when they could’ve been completely avoided in the first place.

Different Types of Solutions

There are a variety of different solutions when it comes to protecting your property from unwanted guests. 

Our expert team can provide you with a diverse range of options best suitable for you and your situation:

Bird Deterrent Spikes - These spikes can be installed along the ledges of your property, preventing birds from landing and creating a home in this area. Bird spikes are very effective, but can be unsightly and could take some of the beauty away from your building, so they’re not to everyone’s taste.

Bird Netting - Bird netting is the most common bird proofing solution. These nets can be designed and altered to fit any size and in any colour.

Post and Wire - This is where metal posts are drilled into place in the areas where pest control is needed. A wire is passed through, preventing pigeons from landing in these regions.

Bird Proofing Gel - This is a new solution. This gel is placed along leading ledges, deterring birds from landing here due to the gel's potent smell and visual effects.

Get in Touch

If you find yourself in a troubling situation, where you see signs of a bird's nest then do not hesitate to reach out before this situation becomes drastically worse.

Keep your property and the people in it safe.

Get in touch with our expert bird proofing team today.

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