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Are Pigeons Attracted to Your Property? 
- Bird Proofing

For as majestic and striking as they often are, birds can also be a major nuisance. As such, setting up bird proofing should be a top priority for any property owner or manager located in a densely populated area. With a wealth of bird-proofing technologies and techniques out there, though, it can be confusing to know where to start on a mission to keep your property mess, noise, and pest-free. At Spectrum, we’ve worked to make bird-free zones out of a range of property types, from office buildings to residential complexes, to retail stores, and more. Our expertise is unmatched, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about planning and setting up bird proofing.

What Is Bird Proofing?

Bird proofing can refer to an array of different techniques and tools depending on the style of building in question, the location of birds presence, or your personal preferences. At Spectrum, we specialise in providing four distinct bird proofing techniques:

Bird Netting - A simple yet effective piece of bird proofing equipment. Bird netting involves the application of a stainless steel mesh net that physically blocks birds from accessing your property’s roof.

Bird Spikes - Just like netting, bird spikes act as a physical barrier that prevents, for instance, pigeons from perching above common walk-through areas of your property. They are most useful on the front-facing side of a building where pedestrians are most likely to run afoul of a defecating avian.

Bird Wire - Typically seen on window ledges or the edges of roofs, bird wire is an affordable and very common method of preventing birds from populating a building. The discrete quality of this technique (it’s difficult to spot from the ground) makes it a popular choice for image-conscious property owners.

Bird Proofing Gel - It may seem unorthodox in comparison to the other methods used by Spectrum, but non-toxic bird proofing gel can be extraordinarily useful in the right circumstances. When applied on narrow portions of buildings, ledges or parapets, for example, it creates a surface that birds will refuse to land on. The same can be said for other bird proofing methods; however, this gel is completely invisible to the average bystander, unlike the aforementioned physical barriers.

While these all function in different ways, and come with different strengths, they all achieve roughly the same goal: keeping birds away from your property. A successful bird proofing job can help you reclaim your business’s reputation; it can give your customers and guests peace of mind. When you compare the costs to the potential gains, there’s no denying the value of a thorough bird proofing service.

Why Is Bird Proofing Important?

The main reason for bird-proofing any property has very little to do with their actual presence; it’s the mess they leave behind which causes problems. Bird excrement is unpleasant at the best of times, but it can spell disaster for your property if left to build up.

For one, a buildup of bird droppings is an eyesore of the highest order, turning away clients, scaring off tenants and leaving a terrible impression on any passerby. Those are just the obvious consequences of a bird problem. After all, bird excrement is rife with bacteria, which, if left untreated, will grow into full colonies, slowly causing external damage to your property itself. That’s right, a ‘simple’ bird problem could end up jeopardising the very structure of your building. 

Additionally, if you’re particularly unlucky, excrement can also contaminate water supplies, block gutters and spread disease (even airborne diseases). All of these add up to a major health and safety concern, something that could lead to safety-related sanctions from inspectors or regulators.

How Much Does Bird Proofing Cost?

One of the main factors determining the cost of setting up bird proofing is the ease of access your property provides. If your contractors need to erect scaffolding or transport heavy cherry picker lifts to set up bird proofing equipment, you can expect your costs to skyrocket. At Spectrum, our IRATA trained rope access operatives will mean that you bypass many of the hefty costs associated with access logistics. Plus, rope access methods require little to no setup, afford greater maneuverability, and function perfectly around irregular building architecture. All of this will lead to a speedy job, which in turn will equate to a lower cost for you.

Interested in setting up bird proofing on your property? Get in touch with Spectrum for guidance or a quote for our services!

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