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A Property Manager's Guide to Render Cleaning

How To Maintain Render Properties

November 2020

Cleaning Paint from Render

What Are Your Options?

November 2020

What Are the Best Gutter Cleaning Tools?

Our Gutter Cleaning Vacuum

October 2020

What is Softwashing?

How does Softwashing work?

October 2020

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Is Gutter Cleaning Necessary?

October 2020

What is Roof Cleaning?

Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

September 2020

What is Waterproofing?

Roof Maintenance.

September 2020

The Ultimate Render Cleaning Guide

What is Render Cleaning?

September 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Doff Cleaning

What is Doff Cleaning?

September 2020

What are the Benefits of Using a Doff System?

Which Substrates does it Clean?

August 2020

What is a Doff Machine?

How Can it Transform the Exterior of your Building?

August 2020

What you Need to Know about Cleaning Windows on High-Rise Buildings

Is it Dangerous?

August 2020

What is Lightning Conductor Testing?

Electrical Testing The Ultimate Guide

July 2020

Soft Washing or Pressure Washing?

Which Method Do You Chose?

July 2020

How to Clean a Listed Stone Building the Right Way

DOFF Stone Cleaning

July 2020

What Does Your Building Say to Your Clients?

Are You Worried About Your Reputation?

July 2020

Inspection Chambers/Manholes.

What Are They Used For?

July 2020

What is Eyebolt and Safety Testing?

Why Does it Need to be Done Annually?

July 2020

Rope Access.

Is it the Solution for High-Rise Maintenance?

June 2020

CCTV Drain Survey.

What Is It, And When Would I Need One?

May 2020

What Are Valley Gutters?

How Do We Clean Them?

May 2020

Algae Growth.

What Are The Different Stages On A Render Fa├žade?

April 2020

Gutter Cleaning.

How Important Is It?

April 2020

Painting Silicone Render.

3 Reasons Why We Would Advise Against It!

April 2020

High-Rise Access Solutions for Cladding

How We Offered Cleaning Solutions During COVID-19.

April 2020

Why Does Modern Render Crack?

How Can You Prevent It?

April 2020

What is a Drain Cleaning Service?

What Type of Service Do I Need?

March 2020

Coronavirus Infection Control Cleaning.

Deep Steam Cleaning Systems.

March 2020

How Do We Abseil Buildings?

Portable Abseil Anchors.

March 2020

How to Clean Gutters.

Without Using Ladders!

March 2020

What is DOFF cleaning?

Why is DOFF Cleaning So Good?

March 2020

Why is there Algae on Your Render?

What Types of Algae Grow on Render?

March 2020

What is a CPD?

As a Surveyor How Can You Take Part?

February 2020

A CPD Training Session.

Earl Kendrick Award Winning Building Surveyors London.

February 2020

Who Manufactures Polymer Based Render?

Why is it so Popular on New Builds?

February 2020

What are the Potential Risks of not Cleaning Your Modern Render?

K-Rend, Render Cleaning London.

February 2020

What is Modern Render?

How do you Clean it?

January 2020

How to Clean Modern Render.

What Type of Render do you Have?

January 2020

Don't Pain't Your Render

Clean it Instead!

December 2019

3D Printed Parts.

A 3D Revolution at Spectrum Window Cleaning.

May 2018

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There is so much technical knowledge required with endless issues related to access, health and safety, building damage implications etc. For this reason, building facades are often neglected, leaving them to look unkempt, untidy, old and unstable. This unfortunately reduces the visual impact and perception of care and quality. Sadly this perception invades everyone associated, negatively influencing their view and appreciation of that building.

We are on a mission to revolutionise the way our industry looks at facade restoration. We believe all buildings should be cared for no matter of their heritage age or use. We are making this possible by providing creative and innovative cleaning solutions that are accessible to every building across the globe.

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