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How to Clean Gutters. - Without Using Ladders!

Cleaning gutters on a regular basis helps to keep them clear of moss, mould and other debris and ensures the system is kept in good condition. The guttering systems on most large commercial and residential buildings are extensive and elevated high above the ground. As a result, they can be difficult and time-consuming to clean. Specialist skills and equipment are often required to remove built-up debris and return the guttering system to full working order.

How to clean gutters

Gutters can become blocked by leaf mould from nearby trees, dislodged moss and other organic and manmade debris. Over time, this material can build up in the pipes and cause the gutters to overrun. If the issue is not dealt with quickly, blocked gutters can cause serious structural issues that can be expensive and time-consuming to put right.

In most cases, gutters can be cleaned quickly and easily by jet washing. This process uses high pressured water jets to dislodge built-up debris and get water flowing freely through the system. Once the gutters have been cleared, gutter cleaning professionals should ensure the debris has not become stuck in the downpipes or elsewhere in the drainage system.

Water jetting does not require the use of any chemicals. Using a chemical-free approach prevents harmful substances from being washed into nearby streams and ensures gutter cleaning is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. 

Different types of gutters 

Virtually all roofs, whether they cover commercial, residential or public properties, will come complete with gutters. Each different type of roof will have a different type of gutter, specifically designed to remove water from the building as quickly and efficiently as possible. Understanding the different types of gutters found on commercial and large residential buildings helps our operatives to remove all traces of leaf mould, moss and other debris from the system. 

Some types of gutters are more difficult to access than others. Valley gutters, in particular, can be difficult to clean, especially if professionals do not have access to specialist equipment. Our teams use a range of specially designed tools to access and clean all types of gutters. This ensures they’re able to do a thorough job and provide clients with an excellent service. 

Commercial gutter cleaning 

Large commercial buildings often have complex gutter systems. You can frequently find a variety of different types of gutters on the same property, with pitched roof gutters, valley gutters and other guttering systems sitting side by side. This means that cleaning them requires specialist tools, equipment and expertise. Our operatives have cleaned the gutters on a wide variety of commercial properties and so have the experience required to get the job done.

When cleaning the gutters on commercial buildings, professionals also need to consider the safety of people using the property. In many cases, it is not possible to shut down a building for the duration of gutter cleaning works. Instead, professionals carrying out gutter cleaning in London, and across the UK, have to tailor their approach to minimise disruption to the property. 

Gutter cleaning without a ladder

One of the main challenges of cleaning large commercial and residential buildings is access. Erecting scaffolding is generally not an option as it causes disruption to the property, adds to the cost of the project and is time-consuming. Cleaning gutters from ladders is often impractical due to the height and location of commercial guttering. 

Spectrum employs several techniques to clean gutters without the use of ladders or scaffolding. These allow our teams to reach all parts of a commercial guttering system and ensure all areas are thoroughly cleaned.

- Abseil cleaning

In some cases, our highly trained operatives may be able to remove debris from gutters via rope access. Working from ropes is quick and efficient and negates the need for scaffolding or heavy machinery. This often makes abseil cleaning the fastest and most cost-effective option. If you’re unsure how to clean gutters on your commercial building, or if you want to see if your gutters are blocked, our operatives can use the same method to inspect your guttering system. This can provide you with useful information and help you create a gutter cleaning schedule.

- Cherry pickers and MEWPs 

Another option is to use MEWPs (also called cherry pickers) to provide operatives with access to the guttering system. These versatile machines lift operatives to the right level, allowing them to jet wash gutters in safety. Cherry pickers can access the majority of commercial sites and most parts of a gutter. Operatives using this method may need to cordon off an area of the site to allow work to be carried out safely. 

- Specialist tools and equipment 

If you want to know how to clean gutters from the ground without the use of heavy machinery, specialist equipment is the answer. A big advantage of using Spectrum for your gutter clean is our use of specialist tools and equipment. Many of these tools are patented and most are designed and 3D printed especially for the job. 

These specially designed and printed tools dramatically increase the reach of our operatives. Using these patented methods allows them to access parts of the guttering system that would be out of reach using more conventional gutter cleaning techniques.

- The cost of gutter cleaning 

If you want to know how much it costs to clean gutters in the UK, the answer is never simple. The cost of a gutter cleaning project will depend on a number of factors, including the size of the building, the accessibility of the site and the number of operatives required for the job. If a lot of specialist tools and techniques are needed in order to complete the clean, it is likely to increase the budget for the works. 

However, blocked gutters can cause serious damage to properties of all types. From flooding and leaks to damp and mould, blockages can result in maintenance issues that are costly to put right. Cleaning your gutters on a regular basis is the best way to avoid these issues and keep your building in good condition.

Find out more about gutter cleaning and the services we offer by exploring our site!

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