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Our Render Repair Service - Render Works

If your building has rendered façade you will at some point notice cracks, flakes, blisters or even patches where the render has disintegrated and delaminated from the surface. This occurs through weathering and freezing conditions that expand any moisture behind the render. It severely affects the aesthetic quality of your building and if left can lead to more serious structural problems.

Types of Render Repairs

Our team of specialists have many all types of render issues with the most effective solution. 

Your render may have small imperfections visible on its surface, like a crack or a patch that requires attention. These cracks and patches can be repaired by our expert operatives so that the repair seamlessly blends with the rest of the facade. It’s so important to maintain and look after your render, even if the defects are small. Even the smallest of cracks leaves room for water to seep into the brickwork, causing more damage and problems in the cold weather when the water can freeze.

There are many different types of render, from acrylic to cement based render and these different variations require specific types of repairs and solutions. You’re in safe hands when working with Spectrum, as we can decipher the most effective methods. 

Abseiling Benefits

We work via rope on the vast majority of our services/where its possible to do so. This allows us to more time efficiently complete your render repair service, meaning that there’s significantly less disturbance to you and your property. It’s also the most cost-effective form of access that can be offered. 

So, if you’re in need of a larger render repair, or wanting to add this service to a larger maintenance project then we’ve got your pocket covered! 

Get in Touch

Maintaining and refreshing your render isn’t only so that the aesthetic of it appears flawless, but its also vital to keep up to date with repairs so that serious damage like dampness is avoided. 

Our specialists are always happy to answer any of your questions regarding your render and the best solutions for your repairs.

Get in touch today!

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