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The Ultimate Render Cleaning Guide - What is Render Cleaning?

What is Render?

Render is commonly used in the UK, and across the world, to provide the final external finish for both commercial and domestic properties. Modern render is specially formulated to help protect buildings from the elements. Good quality, properly applied render will prevent water from entering a property and help to insulate the building in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

As well as being a practical finish, modern render is also very attractive. Render can be coloured using various pigments or given a patterned or textured finish using other specialist processes. As a result, it is a very popular choice for all types of building projects.

In order to extend the lifespan of render and keep properties looking their best, façades should be cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning render removes contaminants, staining and discolouration from the surface of the building and restores the façade to its original aesthetic condition. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Render Cleaning?

Over time, render will begin to discolour. This discolouration can be caused by a range of factors including algae growth, mould, leaking pipes and weathering. Render can also be stained by graffiti, paint and environmental pollution. Exterior render cleaning removes these contaminants from the surface of the render, returning the façade to its original colour and condition.

Render is often cleaned using a combination of specialist chemical solutions and steam cleaning. This staged process allows operatives to remove virtually all types of staining and discolouration from the surface of the render. Cleaning of render should only be carried out by experienced operatives as the use of incorrect chemicals and processes can permanently damage the render.

What can Render Cleaning be Used For?

Render cleaning is used to remove staining, discolouration and unwanted substances from the surface of render. Over time, organic substances like mould and algae, as well as atmospheric pollutants like exhaust fumes, can build up on the rendered surface of the building. These contaminants often cause discolouration and staining, making the exterior façade of the building appear unsightly.

Cleaning render walls and other surfaces removes these organic substances and pollutants. This restores the render to its original aesthetic condition and gives the outside of the property a fresh, clean aesthetic. Render cleaning can also be used to thoroughly remove graffiti from rendered walls.

Cleaning the render on the external façade of a building can lead to a dramatic improvement in the overall look of the property. As well as being aesthetically beneficial, render cleaning removes substances and contaminants that can cause potential harm to the render and reduce its lifespan.

Why Use Spectrum for Render Cleaning?

Spectrum has extensive experience cleaning all types of traditional and modern render. Specialist knowledge is essential when it comes to render cleaning services as incorrect chemicals and processes can easily cause permanent damage to rendered surfaces.

All too often, inexperienced contractors use chemicals or systems that are unsuitable for K render cleaning and for cleaning other types of modern render. The resulting damage is very hard to put right, and in many cases, the surface will need to be re-rendered to restore it to its former condition.

As we have specialist expertise in the area, our teams are able to select the correct chemicals and processes every time. As well as protecting the render from potential damage, this ensures a great result from every render clean we carry out.

As we use steam instead of high-pressure jets to clean render, our process will not crack or damage the surface of the render. Instead, the steam gently lifts contaminants and discolouration from the render to leave the surface looking like new.

Another important reason to choose Spectrum is our expertise in access. A lot of the time, sections of render that need to be cleaned are located in high elevations and in areas of a façade that are difficult to reach. Our teams are able to use a combination of rope access and cherry pickers to reach all parts of a property quickly and easily.

Using rope access minimises the need for heavy machinery and scaffolding and saves our clients a considerable amount of money. On many projects, we are able to save our clients up to 70% in access costs alone. This is another compelling reason to choose Spectrum for your render cleaning project.

What is our P.A.S.T. Cleaning Process?

Our expertise and experience in render cleaning has led us to develop our own unique equipment and processes. Our specially designed, patented tools, many of which are 3D printed by us, allow our operatives to reach even further and give them access to areas of buildings that would not be possible using other methods.

This specialist equipment is often used by our operatives as part of our four-stage P.A.S.T cleaning process. This process combines specially selected chemical treatments with steam cleaning to thoroughly remove all traces of algae, mold, staining and pollution from all types of modern and traditional render.

The P.A.S.T process is so effective it can also be used to clean cladding and a range of other surfaces. This enables our teams to clean all types of façades and materials when they are on site. One of the major benefits of the process is that it treats surfaces with biocide and cleaning solution. This kills organic compounds like algae and mould and helps to prevent their regrowth.

As well as being experts on modern render, we also host CPD webinars on cleaning the substrate. This allows us to share our experience with other professionals and help promote the proper care and maintenance of modern render.

If you have a building that could benefit from our render cleaning services, or if you are a professional who would like to learn more about render cleaning in London and the surrounding area, we can help. Get in touch with a member of our team today, or take a look around our site, to find out more.

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