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TORC vs. JOS Cleaning - Professional Torc/Jos Cleaning Service

The TORC and JOS systems are both powerful tools used by property maintenance contractors all over the world. If you’ve been seeking out a solution to the masonry stains plaguing your building, or have been troubled by that stone cleaning job in need of carrying out, you’ve likely come across them both during your research. If so, you might be wondering what sets them apart, and, more importantly, which is the best. As a trusted name in the stone stain removal UK industry, we at Spectrum are ideally positioned to fill you in on what you need to know.

TORC Cleaning: What Is It?

In the most basic terms, the TORC cleaning system is a cutting-edge method of cleaning and restoring structures and property exteriors. It’s incredibly effective for stone cleaning, masonry cleaning, ceramic, concrete and more. However, unlike many methods of stone stain removal UK contractors tend to use, it does not present a risk of inadvertent property damage. At Spectrum, we specialise in caring for heritage stone buildings, which is why we champion the TORC cleaning system and its gentle yet powerful capabilities.

Rather than brute-forcing results with a scorching, high-pressure spray, the TORC system makes use of a gentle swirling vortex, made possible with sensitive controls and a modular nozzle attachment (available in aperture sizes from 5 to 13mm) which can be adapted to suit a range of environments—from intricate statues to vast, flat structures. Used properly, it can achieve dazzling results, gently lifting a wide array of masonry stains, chemicals and unsightly buildup with no adverse effects on the structure’s integrity. We’ll explore its various applications later.

Contrary to how it may appear, there is actually very little water used by the device, roughly 25 litres per hour. Instead, the machine uses a mixture of water, gentle air pressure and fine inert granules to catch and lift off the offending buildup, leaving buildings and structures considerably drier than those treated using other methods.

JOS Cleaning: What Is It?

While often placed alongside TORC cleaning as a viable stone cleaning method, JOS cleaning is actually its predecessor. It was designed with the same principles in mind: a swirling vortex motion and the use of fine, inert granules. However, JOS cleaning is known for using far larger quantities of water, around 45 litres per hour, making it a less practical and environmentally-friendly method of stone, mortar or masonry cleaning. While JOS cleaning can still achieve satisfactory results, it is undeniably inferior to the newer TORC cleaning system. 

What Are TORC and JOS Machines Useful For?

While the TORC system is the superior stone, mortar and masonry cleaning system, both the TORC and the JOS machine have an impressive number of uses for cleaning, maintaining and restoring structures to their former grandeur. 

They can be used to remove:

TORC Cleaning with Spectrum

Spectrum’s operatives are trained in the use of myriad tools and a variety of techniques which make them ideally suited for maintaining, restoring or cleaning heritage structures or properties. They pride themselves on going above and beyond to meet every customer’s specific requirements and provide them with the best possible service, no matter what it takes.

They understand that if you’re responsible for one of the UK’s many historically or culturally significant sites, it is crucial that a stone stain removal UK contractor doesn’t eradicate that history with careless cleaning techniques. That’s why they champion TORC cleaning: it achieves unrivalled building and stone cleaning results without risking any damage.

Plus, thanks to their industry-renowned IRATA training, they are able to work at high altitudes and traverse unorthodox structures using anchor point-free rope access methods. This not only removes the need for time-consuming, obtrusive scaffolding, but it also ensures that no damage will befall your property.

Interested in enlisting Spectrum to restore your property to pristine condition with TORC cleaning? Whether you’re dealing with limescale, carbon stains, graffiti or are just facing masonry stains in need of removal, we’re here for you.

Contact us today and stop your property’s deterioration in its tracks.

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