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What Are Valley Gutters? - How Do We Clean Them?

Keeping roofs clean helps to improve their aesthetic appearance and prevents debris from the roof falling into gutters and causing blockages. Cleaning roofs on a regular basis also offers property owners and managers the opportunity to assess the condition of their tiles, shingle or corrugated roofing and address any outstanding maintenance issues.

As roofs are often made up of irregular shapes and angles, cleaning them is not always easy. In many cases, the most awkward and hard-to-reach areas are valley gutters. Found in many residential and commercial roof structures, these distinctive gutters can become problem areas if they are not properly cleaned. Understanding exactly why valley gutters need extra attention, and putting a suitable maintenance programme in place, will help property owners and managers to take better care of their buildings.  

What are valley gutters?

A valley gutter is defined as the area where two main roofs meet, or where there is a change in the direction of the roof. Often found between adjoining, pitched-roofed houses, on warehouse buildings and on properties that have been added to over time, valley gutters are common across the UK.

Valley gutters can take a number of forms. In some cases, the gutter will be almost horizontal, with just a small angle to ensure water run-off. In other cases, the gutter may run along the same angle as one of the adjoining roof sections. This generally gives the gutter a much steeper incline. Valley gutters can be made up of a number of materials including concrete, lead, cement and tile.

What are the common problems with valley gutters?

As valley gutters are located between two areas of sloping roof, they’re prone to flooding. This is because all of the water that falls onto the adjoining roof surfaces will find its way straight into the valley gutter. If the gutter is blocked, or if the existing drains are not up to standard, this water can pool in the valley and begin seeping into the property itself.

The problem is made worse due to the fact that valley gutters are also prone to blockages. A lot of the moss growing on the adjoining roofs, as well as leaves, twigs and other debris that drops onto the sloping surfaces, will end up in the valley gutter. When it enters drains, this debris can cause blockages and potentially lead to flooding, something that can seriously damage the structure and aesthetics of a property.

The best way to prevent flooding and blockages is to clean valley gutters on a regular basis. Cleaning these key areas removes moss and debris before they can enter the drainage system. The more often cleaning is carried out, the less chance there is of blockages causing serious drainage issues. 

How are valley gutters cleaned?

Because valley gutters are located in the dip between sloping roof sections, they can be very difficult to access and clean. If a building is several floors high, valley gutters can be even harder to clean, especially for operatives that lack specialist access skills and equipment.

When cleaning valley gutters, it is important to avoid pushing debris into the drains and causing blockages. Operatives should always check the adjoining drains at the end of the job to ensure they are clean and clear.

During our years of experience accessing and cleaning valley gutters, Spectrum has developed a number of innovative and effective techniques. These allow us to reach even the most awkwardly-located valley gutters and remove dirt and debris quickly and efficiently.

Our ladder-less approach and unique equipment allow our operatives to clean valley gutters from the safety of the ground. Our specialist poles let operatives work on valley gutters located up to 6 storeys high. This impressive reach allows cleans to be carried out quickly and effectively, protecting valley gutters from dirt, debris and blockages.

In many cases, our equipment enables us to reach places that would be too dangerous to access using ladders and other conventional methods. This allows our teams to provide clients with a thorough, comprehensive valley gutter cleaning service.

Before carrying out a valley gutter clean, Spectrum operatives use cameras to photograph and film the gutters. This allows them to assess the condition of the gutters before they begin cleaning and to identify any maintenance issues that might require attention.

What are the advantages of using Spectrum?

Spectrum has extensive expertise and experience accessing and cleaning all areas of a building. Our teams are able to use specialist equipment to access and clean all parts of a roof, including valley gutters. The poles used by our operatives can reach up to 6 floors high, allowing them to work quickly and easily from the safety of the ground.

Our experience allows us to come up with the most appropriate solution for all problem areas and create a detailed and effective plan for the job. Having an expert team on hand to carry out the clean ensures great results and a quick, efficient clean.

Another major benefit of choosing Spectrum for your valley gutter clean is that our teams do exceptionally thorough work. Before the clean, they’ll use cameras to survey the problem area and identify any potential maintenance issues.
Once the clean is complete, they will carry out a full water test of the entire system to check for blockages and other issues. And, once the job is complete, Spectrum will provide clients with a full works document containing photos and any other relevant information pertaining to the project. This comprehensive approach ensures all jobs are completed to the highest standard and clients are kept informed at all times.

Properly maintaining valley gutters will help to prevent blockages and leaks and keep your roof in good condition. To find out more, and to discuss a cleaning project of your own, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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