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Roof Repairs


 Roofing Works

With our expertise, knowledge and means of access, our team were able to amend this urgent repair cost-effectively and time-efficiently for our client

One of our existing clients emailed us images of their damaged roof tiles caused by Storm Eunice. This was an emergency repair, and our team did not hesitate in acting as quickly and effectively on this urgent call, completing this service in a very speedy three-day window.

The Project

The scope of work for this repair was to ensure safety within the facade and replace the broken roof tiles. Ultimately, restoring all of the damage generated by Storm Eunice. 

The results of Storm Eunice caused the roof tiles to become dislodged and posed serious health and safety risks. If our team didn’t repair the defects as efficiently as they did, then more serious issues could’ve been caused, such as potential leakage.

The Site

The time-sensitive health and safety risks at stake meant that our team had to take action immediately. We accessed the roof level via a “spider” platform. The extendible tracks on this piece of equipment reach different working heights; providing an extremely safe and effective means of access. 

Not only do we take pride in ensuring that the quality of our work is impressive and substantial, but ensuring a safe home, building, commercial property, whatever it is, is as safe and solid as it can be. 

The Logistics

We attended the site and assessed it fully before taking any action. We were definitely faced with some challenges at first, and the skills of our team were put to a test, but of course as always, our team tackled them successfully.

We were restricted by space for manoeuvring and setting up the “spider” platform. Yet, we were able to overcome this by planning ingress and exit points for the machinery, ensuring that the “spider” mobile was suitable in allowing our team to perform the most effective service.

The main function of any roof is to protect the building from the elements and to keep water out, so when there’s any damage done to the surface of a roof or its tiles, it is so important to ensure that the property stays protected and fully waterproof. Of course, our team hold the skills required to do this and the end results were a complete success.

Providing Cost-effective Services for our Clients every time

As always, we provide all of our clients with the most cost-effective, time-efficient and most convenient services. In this roof repair project, a competing contractor had quoted this site for scaffolding due to the restrictive widths and tight corners. However, we assessed and carried out a free site survey offering our client a service with no need for scaffolding. Not only did we save our client money on their roof repair service (the cost of all of the equipment needed to set up scaffolding is extortionate), but we eliminated a number of other factors. We eliminated any major disturbance for the residents avoiding damage to the property that could’ve been provoked by the use of poles and drilling needed for scaffolding to take place. We allowed natural light to still be able to shine through to the insides of the building, scaffolding can often block light, leaving residents (who could be working from home) to have a very gloomy living space


Innovative Problem Solving

Our team here at Spectrum, are committed to going over and above the call of duty for each of our clients. 

In this roof repair project, our team discovered some other areas of damaged tiles that could only have been detected from the roof level. We reported this back to our client with photos, keeping our client up to date and informed on every corner of their facade. 

Get in Touch

Our team operates nationwide all year round, whether you’ve got an emergency call or you just want your facade to sparkle, we’ve got it all covered.  

We are always more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding any service required. 

Send us an email at, or give us a call on 0203 551 6206 to speak to our friendly team today!

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