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How to Remove Brick Stains - Cleaning Masonry

Are you looking to remove stains from the exterior of your property? Opting for a professional stone cleaning service not only helps to ensure your property looks fantastic but it also keeps your building in the very best condition. 

However, masonry cleaning can be a complex process and trying to clean them yourself can result in further damage. Here at Spectrum Specialist Support, we are specialists in brick building heritage cleaning and can help you transform your property. 

Why Do you Need to Clean Masonry?

Thanks to their durable and hardwearing nature, bricks and stone have been used to build properties for hundreds of years. However, constant exposure to the elements can result in the stonework becoming coated in grime and stains. 

These stains not only look incredibly unsightly, but they can also be very harmful to the bricks. These stains can eat away at the brick, resulting in erosion and significant damage that weakens its structural integrity. As the grime builds up, it can also lead to organic growth that will further weaken the strength of the bricks. 

How Do you Clean Masonry?

While cleaning your bricks is essential in helping you to keep them looking and operating as designed, incorrect cleaning can also be just as damaging. If you have noticed that your property is stained, it can be very tempting to use a jet washer or cleaning chemicals, but this is very harmful to your bricks and can result in them prematurely wearing away or becoming stained further. 

Effective masonry cleaning requires special care and attention, and here at Spectrum Specialist Support, we utilise two methods when it comes to conserving heritage brick building.

Doff Cleaning 

Doff Cleaning is one of the most effective and powerful methods of cleaning and masonry repairs. The process involves steam cleaning the brickwork, efficiently removing and stains, organic matter and discolouration. 

The Doff Cleaning method can be used on a wide range of materials and will help you bring the exterior of your property back to its original aesthetic styling. The highly versatile solution can be used in a wide range of masonry repairs, including:

TORC Cleaning 

The other method of brick building heritage cleaning we operate is TOR Cleaning. This is a pioneering cleaning solution that utilises a gentle swirling vortex to remove stains. The vortex is a mixture of low air pressure, water and a safe, inert granulate that is able to fully remove general stains without causing any damage to the bricks. 

The use of TORC cleaning is best suited to removing brittle soiling and coatings on stone, masonry and brickwork, and it is one of the best cleaning methods for historic stonework. The TORC system is a development of the popular JOS method and guarantees to leave the exterior of your building in pristine condition. 

Are you Looking for Heritage Brick Building Conservation?

If you have noticed staining on your brickwork and are looking for a professional stone cleaning service, then Spectrum Specialist Support is here to help you. We understand how important it is to utilise the right cleaning solutions on your bricks, and we guarantee the very best service possible. 

Our highly experienced team are experts in stone cleaning and masonry repairs, and we pride ourselves on our in-depth approach and scaffold-free cleaning. We provide our customers with a bespoke and fully flexible professional stone cleaning service, so if you are looking to transform your property, get in touch with our team today. 

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