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What Are the Stains On My Brick? - Brick Stain Removal


Stone has been used to construct buildings for thousands of years. Not only is it a highly durable and cost-effective solution, but it is also a beautiful material that ensures your property looks fantastic. However, over time, exposure to the elements can result in your brickwork becoming stained and dirty. 


Not only do these stains look unsightly, but if left untreated, then they can also lead to damage to your brick. That is why if you have spotted brick stains, it is essential you understand what the causes might be and seek out brick cleaning services as soon as possible. 


The most common brick stains to look out for 

Before contacting a brick façade cleaning company, it is important that you know what type of brick stains your property is facing. To help you, we have taken a closer look at some of the most common that you might experience:


Black Carbon Stains 

If you have noticed black stains on bricks around your property, then you are not alone. This is one of the most common issues for property owners, and it is caused by carbon from the pollution in the air. 


Over time, constant exposure to the elements will cause these black brick stains to build up. This can impact any type of brick, but most commonly in those in urban areas where there is more traffic. Carbon stains can also be caused by the burning of a fire, which is why it typically occurs in fireplaces. 


White Efflorescence Stains

Noticing white marks on bricks around your property is never a nice experience. These unsightly stains can ruin the visual appeal of your property, and it could be a sign of more serious problems. These white marks are called efflorescence, caused by salts left behind when water evaporates which means you will likely see them appear following a storm or heavy snow. 


While removing efflorescence is not an easy feat, professional contractors with industrial-grade equipment, including a TORC or DOFF machine, will be able to remove this fluffy white stain without damaging your façade. 


Green Stains 

Another common form of brick stains is noticing green algae on the outside of your property. This can occur any time of the year, but the algae often grow following winter or prolonged exposure to moisture. As algae grows, it can make your property appear older than it is, while it can also be incredibly damaging if left untreated. 


Brick cleaning services can quickly and safely remove the algae and keep your bricks protected. 


Brown Stains

Brown stains are another very unsightly occurrence on any property and can be caused by a number of issues. One of the most common is a form of efflorescence, where the lime in mortar reacts with the elements. Brown stains can also be caused by iron staining, which occurs when iron or steel begins to rust after constant exposure to rain and water. 


Paint and Graffiti

Of course, not all brick stains are produced by natural exposure to the elements. Paint stains can be a very unsightly feature on your property and can be caused by accidents while painting exterior features or as an act of vandalism. 


Brick cleaning services will be able to remove any paint stains from your brickwork without causing any damage to the stones themselves. 


How Spectrum Specialist Support can remove brick stains 

Here at Spectrum, we know how important it is to keep your property looking its best. That is why we provide our clients with two options designed to fully remove stains and conserve your bricks. Our Doff Cleaning solution is one of the most effective methods of removing stains. The process involves steaming the brickwork, and it can be used to effectively remove paint, algae, carbon, and a wide range of other stains. 


As experts in brick cleaning services, we also offer customers TORC Cleaning. This innovative solution utilises a gentle vortex of low air pressure, water and an inert granulate to completely remove any stains without causing any damage to the bricks. This highly effective solution is a more advanced development of the original JOS method and has been designed to help you keep your property looking its very best. 


Want to find out more about our range of cleaning service can help you? Get in touch with our team today. 


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