Brick Repointing and Repair

Restoring the integrity of brick properties

through the art of brick pointing.

Conserving the integrity of modern

and historic brick buildings.

Brick Repointing and Repair

Pointing is a skill and our operatives possess skill and experience when it comes to combining restoration and repair with expert pointing. For Brick Repointing and Repair services, our team of operatives can repair damaged pointing or crumbling brick and restore it to its original condition.

Our Brick Pointing and Repairs Services

There are the added complexities in repointing an existing brick wall, both in the removal of old mortar and matching the mortar in the original style of pointing to achieve a seamless result. Listed buildings will usually need lime mortar to match the original mortar.

If damaged bricks need to be replaced, then colour-matching to the original bricks is a fundamental requirement. This requires a specialist’s eye for detail, colour and precision; which is why Spectrum’s specialists have the ability to work accurately with the highest skill level on brick structures. Our expertise is complemented by using specialist equipment which removes damaged mortar with care and then applies replacement mortar using cordless pointing guns which efficiently inject new mortar into the joints..

Repointing is essential for maintaining, protecting, and conserving brick, stone, and the building, in entirety. Mortar can represent a significant 15% of the overall surface area, so aiming for an aesthetic impact is as important as functional repair. As mortar weathers more quickly than either brick or stone replacement will be required at some point to preserve structural integrity..

Our teams can address just repointing as a specific task or undertake it as part of a major works project. We will survey and assess each project to confirm that no other work is required before repointing to ensure that cause of the damage is identified and items, such as broken gutters, leaking roofs or faulty windows are repaired..

What is the importance of brick pointing?

Brick repointing is necessary to maintain and repair buildings where the mortar has started to degrade. Not only will this significantly improve the aesthetic impact but is essential to maintain the structural integrity of the building in the longer term..

Our team prides itself on ensuring every detail is taken care of to ensure an excellent and expert finish.

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Why Use Us For Brick Repointing and Repairs?


As specialists in our field, you can trust our team will find an access solution that allows us to gain complete access to the exterior of your property!


Respecting our clients and residents of the property, our team work hard to deliver every service in the most efficient and effective manner! This often results in working via rope access to save time and disruption.


We pride ourselves in offering high-quality repointing services with the very best, high-grade commercial materials to ensure our work doesn’t just look great but also stands the test of time.

Brick Repointing

What is Pointing?

Pointing is the finishing of mortar joints in brick or stone masonry construction and can be specified in terms of style by the architect or building manager. These are the joints up to a depth of 10 mm to 20 mm and they are filled with a better-quality mortar in the specific shape. In any repointing project this style must be replicated for a professional finish. Typically, these styles include:

● Beaded pointing
● Flush pointing
● Recessed pointing
● Rubbed or keyed or grooved pointing
● Struck pointing
● Tuckpointing
● Vee pointing
● Weathered pointing

Why does your building need brick repointing?

There are a number of factors that can lead to a building needing repointing.:

● mortar degrades and affects structural integrity
● bricks are damaged or have weathered with age
● the original construction was poor
● other building issues such as problems with the roof, guttering or windows

What to look out for when examining pointing:

● Crumbling mortar
● Cracked mortar, with or without gaps
● Broken bricks
● Loose or missing bricks
● Damp surfaces on the masonry in dry weather
● Unusual stains or plant growth such as moss or algae
● Water infiltration on your interior walls

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What Can Brick Repointing Be Used For?

Water Damage

In older buildings where the mortar used was lime mortar, heavy rain can wash the lime out of mortar and weaken the bond it provides. Additionally, in adverse freezing weather conditions mortar is weakened by the moisture naturally present in mortar.

Crumbling Mortar

While mortar is a strong substance, it is not invincible! After years of exposure to the elements, mortar can breakdown over time and requires repair to maintain the integrity of the property.

Heritage Buildings

Mortar plays a large part in the appearance of historic brick buildings, and improper repointing can be known to ruin the appearance of these heritage buildings. Our professional repointing services are designed to provide a seamless match to the property’s original aesthetic. a seamless match to the property’s original aesthetic.

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What Our Brick Repointing and Repair Customers' Say

R. Lehmore


The structural importance of pointing in a brick building signifies the importance of working with specialists. I recommend Spectrum for brick repointing jobs as their team is highly trained and always delivers brilliant results.

K. Iles

Property Manager

Spectrum's Brick Repointing service has been instrumental in the longevity and maintenance of the brick properties I manage.

Senior Property Manager

When Spectrum are your contractors, you can trust that you are receiving a high quality, cost effective service. I have been especially impressed with the results from their Brick Repointing service.

O. Roltmans

Property Manager

Spectrum's Brick Repointing service is excellent! The service was delivered painlessly and the team was highly professionally.

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