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Chimney Repointing  - Brick Repairs

Brick repointing. A specialist service, requiring a specialist team that can achieve impressive results.

This complex service involves the removal of old mortar and matching the mortar to the original styling and colour-way to attain seamless results. 

Occasionally, during this process, some damaged bricks will need to be replaced on your chimney, which then requires another specialist service of colour-matching.

With creative access solutions and cost-effective benefits, our team of IRATA trained experts hold the skill and experience needed when it comes to the restoration of your chimney.

Yet, what exactly is the process of brick repointing? Is repointing really that necessary? What are the benefits of using Spectrum for your next brick repointing project?

Continue reading this blog to uncover these unanswered questions.

What does our brick pointing service include?

The first step of any brick repointing project is to investigate exactly how the mortar has been damaged, as this allows us to then be able to propose a plan and a strategy for the whole of the service, ensuring a functional and smooth restoration.

The mortar could’ve been damaged by a number of different factors, such as:

After this has been investigated the next step is a deep clean, either with the user of the doff steam cleaning machine or the torc machine. This provides a clean slate of work which can also reveal some other damage that might not have been noticeable at first glance.

The brick repointing process not only requires specialist knowledge, but an eye for detail is also essential. Our team always ensures that the finished result is seamless and matches the chimney’s natural colour. 

We use specialist equipment which extracts the damaged mortar, and then we apply new mortar using cordless poting guns which carefully injects the new mortar between the cleaned bricks.

After this process is complete, we apply a transparent coating which protects your chimney from any new water damage.

Repointing vs rebuilding 

Chimney repointing vs chimney rebuilding…which is the right service for you?

Well, repointing and rebuilding are both effective solutions in repairing a damaged and crumbling chimney, but what’s the difference between the two?

A repointing service is more of a chimney maintenance solution and can save you from needing a more costly chimney replacement and repair in the future. You will need a repointing service if your chimney has some physical defects and damage and is in need of new mortar points to ensure a more solid structure.

However, a re-building service is needed when your chimney is completely unsafe and needs a full replacement.

Get in touch with our Specialist Team

Our team at Spectrum offer fast and cost-effective results as our brick repointing experts are all IRATA abseiling trained, erecting the need for invasive and costly scaffolding.

If you are looking for a stress-free chimney repointing service, then look no further.

Get in touch with our friendly team today: 

Or fill out the contact form on our website.

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