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Professional Brick Pointing


Brick Restoration

Ensuring our client's properties are both structurally sound, and beautiful, through extensive masonry work

Here at Spectrum Specialist Support, our highly experienced team prides itself on offering a comprehensive array of stone inspection and conservation services. This includes extensive repointing and masonry work to ensure our client’s properties are structurally sounds and looking beautiful. 


We work with buildings across London and the surrounding areas, with the Spectrum Specialist Support operating on both iconic architecture and complete new builds. One of the most important services we offer is our brick pointing. With mortar making up over 17% of the façade, pointing colour matching is vital to ensure that the building’s appearance continues to look fantastic. 


Most properties across the capital will feature either Flush, Bucket Handle, Weather Struck, Recessed and Raked mortar joints. We are able to repair all styles of lime mortar pointing, and we recently undertook a major repointing on neighbouring buildings in South Kensington, London.

The Project

This brick repointing project required an in-depth inspection, evaluation and repointing on two key areas of neighbouring buildings in South Kensington, London. The Property Management Company contacted Spectrum Specialist Support to undertake this major restoration, having been recommended to them by the local building surveyor.

These two properties are well-known in the area, and our team was tasked with helping to restore the exterior of these beautiful buildings. In order to successfully complete the project, it required in-depth experience in brick pointing and masonry work.  

The Site

With years of experience working across iconic buildings in London, our team had the knowledge and skills to fully repoint the two properties. Alongside needing the understanding of the various types of pointing across the building, our team also had to focus on colour matching the pointing. 

This was an incredibly important aspect of the project, as, without correct colour matching, the two areas would be noticeably different. This would ruin the overall aesthetic of the property and ensure the building stood out for all of the wrong reasons.

In order to successfully complete the South Kensington project in the quickest possible time, our team had to incorporate our IRATA abseil training. With just two weeks to inspect and carry out the masonry work, scaffolding would have been an incredibly costly and disruptive process. Instead, our abseiling team were able to complete the project in the most timely and cost-effective process possible.  

The Logistics

One of the biggest challenges we faced across the two properties was to firstly access the pointing. Thankfully, our experienced team is all fully IRATA certified for rope access. This allowed them easy access to the facades and ensured the property managers did not have to face the costly, disruptive and time-consuming issues that come from requiring scaffolding.

The second major challenge was being able to correctly match the new pointing with the existing colours. This is one of the most significant problems of undertaking masonry work, particularly when working on older buildings. During the project, we found various old pointing that had not been correctly colour matched. That is why during the project, we conducted a full tint and colour match, ensuring the finished result perfectly matched. 

Another challenge we encountered during the project was finding existing pointing with cement. This can be a very damaging addition to buildings, as the cement pointing blocks water from escaping. Over time, this lack of breathability sees moisture become trapped, resulting in the face of the brick spalling or blowing, which can cause permanent damage. 


The Results

That is why we fully replaced any cement pointing with lime mortar pointing. This incredibly durable and long-lasting solution is both porous and softer, allowing moisture to evaporate from the building with ease. This not only reduces the chance of damage to the brickwork, but it will also lower the risk of facing the white marks of salts appearing across the façade. 

Despite the tight deadline, our team was able to fully complete the project within the two-week timeframe. This was thanks to our innovative rope access approach and the use of an A-Frame Anchor, allowing us to overcome the need to erect scaffolding around the property. This also meant that we did not need to damage the property by having to drill into the brickwork directly in order to install eye bolts. 

What were the project highlights?

Here at Spectrum Specialist Support, we love undertaking a challenge, and the two properties in South Kensington definitely posed some difficulties. Like a lot of buildings in London, access was one of the biggest challenges, but our IRATA-certified team was able to overcome these issues without needing to erect scaffolding or cause damage to the properties. 

Being able to correctly match the pointing colours with the existing masonry work was also a particular highlight. This can be very challenging, particularly on older buildings, but our team were able to fully restore the property and keep the aesthetics of the building in place. We were also able to fully replace the old cement pointing and replace it with more durable and breathable lime mortar pointing.


Need support with your property?

As with all of our projects, our goal with these two South Kensington properties was to go above and beyond our client’s expectations. 

 ur mission is always to give our customers the very best experience possible, working to save them money and ensure their properties look fantastic. If you want to find out how we can help you, get in touch with Spectrum Specialist Support today.


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