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Brick Tinting

We always aim to complete Brick Works project so that the whole surface looks seamless and attractive. Tinting is an indispensable tool in our skillset as it is not always possible to match the original appearance of bricks and mortar with the replaced items to the satisfaction of our client or ourselves. Combining the science of a laboratory with our eye for detail, we are able to conserve the appearance of your brick property with our Brick Tinting service!

Our Brick Tinting Service

As most brick restoration services are focused on reinstating the integrity of the property, brick tinting is concerned with maintaining the appearance of the property. Regardless of the age of the property, our Brick Tinting service conserves the aesthetic of a brick building by masking any signs of refurbishment work.

We always aim for an overall effect where the new brickwork is indistinguishable from the original, which means that we will combine the following processes as required.

● Brick tinting
● Mortar tinting
● Colour correction

How Does Spectrum Apply Brick Tinting?

The brick tinting solution is not paint, it is a mixture of coloured dyes combined with an acrylic-based and potassium solution. A bespoke mix is created onsite for testing on brick samples to ensure the correct colour blend is achieved. In order to match multicoloured blends a variety of different dye solutions can be blended in combination with each other to create the optimum match. Bricks can also be multicoloured, with variations and flashes that make up the brick type. It is also possible to match these variations in addition to single colours.

For tinting to be successful, a degree of porosity is necessary, usually no less than 10%. Most bricks can be tinted, however, there can be issues with very smooth or very hard bricks with low porosity and therefore low absorption characteristics. In these cases, a different binding constituent is employed, and this can give the bricks a slight sheen.

As part of our service all colour decisions are made in consultation with the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the approach and colour before the project work begins.

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Why Use Us For Brick Tinting?


As specialists in our industry, Spectrum can provide offer high-quality brick tinting. Our operatives are not only experienced in working on brick structures, but they are also highly trained in identifying the correct tint and applying it.

Colour Matching

By sending a sample to a lab, are operatives can find a tint that precisely matches the exterior of your brick, allowing us to achieve incredible results.


Our team is highly experienced in restoring both modern and heritage brick properties. We work to conserve both the appearance and structure of your brick property.

What is Brick Tinting?

It is more than likely, that when brick repairs have been carried out on a building or extensions added that visible differences will be seen between the original and new brickwork. Even minor replacement work will be visible give the building an unsightly patchwork look. In such cases, tinting will make the new bricks or mortar replicate the original in colour and hence appearance. Tinting is the process of changing the colour of the bricks on a permanent basis to blend in with surrounding facing brickwork.

In certain cases the client, to achieve a desired different aesthetic effect, requests that all the brick work colour be completely changed. The tinting solution penetrates the brick, or mortar creating a coating that is designed to wear at a similar rate as the original masonry. Brick tinting dyes the actual clay material of the brick which is why it is called tinting and not painting.

Why Would You Need Brick Tinting?

There are many reasons why brick tinting may be required – for example, older bricks weather over time, meaning that often, the nearest equivalent newer bricks may not be a close enough acceptable match.

Scarcity or unavailability of original bricks is another reason why tinting is increasingly being used to achieve even results. In the decade following the 2008 crash, smaller brickworks went out of business and so sources of matching bricks for local projects disappeared. With brick production currently concentrated in a few large manufacturers, it has become increasingly difficult to match old original bricks in their original condition. Professional brick tinting is the ideal solution, especially as bespoke colours can be generated to achieve a match.

How Long Does Brick Tinting Last?

With modern techniques and products, brick tinting can be expected to last for up to 30 years. The bricks will continue to perform the same as the original bricks, in terms of breathability and weathering.

At Spectrum, we believe your building deserves to always look its very best and that includes brickwork which should be uniform and in excellent condition. Applying this brick tinting technique will help to maintain and increase the value of your property asset over many years.

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What Can Brick Tinting Be Used On?

Brick Repointing

If your mortar requires repair, brick tinting can ensure the sections that have been repointed blend in seamlessly with the rest of the property’s façade.

Brick Repairs

With our professional Brick Tinting service, you can rest assured that any repairs on the exterior of your brick buildings will match with the property’s aesthetic.

Heavily Stained Bricks

Our Doff Cleaning and Torc Cleaning services can remove even the most stubborn carbon stains, but if the building has undergone previous work leaving stains, then brick tinting can provide an alternative route.

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F. Litwitz

Property Manager

Spectrum is a great company that deliver an unparalled service. I am especially impressed with the expertise displayed through their Brick Tinting service.


Property Manager

For unrecognizable brick repairs, I recommend using Spectrum's Brick Tinting service. I have had them deliver this service on several buildings and the results are always above par.

R. Lloyd


When you work with Spectrum, you are working with an experiences fleet of contractors that are highly knowledgable and have an eye for detail.

G. Wallace

Property Manager

I am thoroughly impressed with the Brick Tinting service Spectrum delivered on our building. The team work professionally and ensure your needs are met.

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