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Cost-Effective Brick Tinting



 Brick tinting is the process whereby bricks are stained to match existing brickwork.


Brick tinting is a process whereby bricks are stained to match existing brickwork, or their colour is altered for more visually appealing results. Colour pigments are combined with a fixing agent (potassium silicate) and once this saturates the brick, the tint is permanent. A brick tinting service is most effective when creating a seamless effect between new brickworks and original adjoining brickwork.

The project

This client was a well-established construction company who required a time-sensitive brick tinting project to be delivered ahead of practical completion of the overall works. Our works involved altering the shade of the newly laid bricks to match the existing ones, working in conjunction with our roofing contractors who were in the process of constructing the roof. This in turn provided our team with some challenges so that we didn’t create any delays for the main contractor and to enable the project to be completed within the time span.

The Site

As mentioned earlier, the works had a strict deadline which we were able to achieve by developing a larger team to speed up the process and to support the client with achieving deadline commitments. 


Due to their being two projects going side by side, our team were faced with access challenges. We overcame this by having a pre-start meeting to discuss and agree to a joint program of works to enable both projects to coincide. We were then able to successfully deliver the works with the difficult access scenario, achieving completion well within the deadline.

The logistics

With modern techniques and correct product choice, brick tinting can be expected to last for up to 30 years. A combination of the following processes were utilised:

How is brick tinting applied?

Our team are Georgian Brick certified and brick tinting experienced, which is a necessity when undergoing these specialist services. 


The solution that our professionals use is not paint, it’s a combination of different dyes with an acrylic-based potassium solution. Some bricks are unique and made up of a good handful of different colours, which may seem more complex to tint but its more than possible to seamlessly match these multicoloured bricks, a variety of different dyes are blended to create the optimal match. 

Our flexible means of access

Our IRATA qualified abseilers were able to perform the brick tinting service without the need of erecting costly and disruptive scaffolding. We utilised the exposed roof structures to anchor the ropes for our abseiling technicians, allowing our experts to access the facade with ease.


One of the most expensive aspects of any building maintenance service is accessing the property. So, not only did our abseiling team allow us to overcome the challenging access situation, but this rewarded our client with a very cost-effective service. 

Get in Touch 

This was a very successful project for our team, with the challenges that we were faced with being assessed and overcome sufficiently and soundly being a true highlight to us. One of our experts who was involved in this particular project reflects on this by saying that the “works were completed quicker than anticipated, under budget, and to an excellent standard which was recieved very well by the end client.”


If you have any questions or queries regarding your next brick tinting service, then do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly team. We are always more than happy to assist you in any way we can regarding your next property maintenance services.

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