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Specialist Brick Tinting - Brick Works

What is brick tinting ?

Brick Tinting is the process of changing the colour and aesthetic appearance of brick work, and this process can largely improve the look of your exterior. “ Do I need brick tinting ?”  You may ask. Have you recently had an extension built ? Are you unhappy with the contrast in colour between your old and new bricks ? If so , brick tinting could really be beneficial . The overall affect is that the new brickwork is indistinguishable from the original adjacent brickwork.

You may not have had an extension, but you could just be starting to notice that your brickwork looks very weathered and dull. Read more to find out how our specialist brick tinting service can transform the look of your building fabric

Our brick tinting service

Regardless of the age of the property, a Professional Brick Tinting service conserves the aesthetic features of a brick building by seamlessly blending in any signs of refurbishment work.

The aim is to create an overall visual effect whereby any newly added brickwork seamless blends into the original and is undetectable, meaning a combination of the following processes are utilised as required:

How is brick tinting applied?

The brick tinting solution that is used is not paint, but a mixture of coloured dyes combined with an acrylic-based potassium solution. A bespoke mix is created onsite so that test brick samples can be created to ensure the correct colour blend is achieved.

Some bricks can be multicoloured, with striations that make up the brick type and this may seem more complex to tint but it’s very much possible to match these variations.  In order to match multicoloured bricks a variety of different dye solutions are blended and combined with each other to create the desired match

All decisions regarding colour matching are made in consultation with the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the approach and colour before the project work begins. We strive to impress every customer with our results.

How long does it last ? 

With modern techniques and correct product choice brick tinting can be expected to last for up to 30 years.

At Spectrum we believe your building deserves to always look its very best . Employing our team to carry out a professional brick tinting service will help to not only maintain but increase the value of your property asset over many years.

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