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Brick and stone cleaning


Property Conservation

Our team restored this stonework without the need for scaffolding.

Spectrum takes pride in being one of the few restoration companies that can restore stonework without the need for scaffolding. This stone restoration and brick cleaning project was no exception.

The Project

We were contacted by the property manager of this stone/brick property in Windsor asking if we would be able to help restore this building’s façade, and we couldn’t have been happier to be rewarded with this challenge. We were able to put our specialist team in action and prove once again that our methods of restoration and cleaning enable impressive results every time. 

The façade was in serious need of being stripped down from all of the carbon stainings across the stonework accumulated, the property’s aesthetic was poor, and this created the impression that it had not been looked after; impacting the actual property value 

The works in Longbourne, Windsor had two main focuses: stone restoration and brick cleaning. This project was due to be completed in approximately 6 days.


The Site

Located in Windsor, in a residential area with a school nearby, it was more important than ever to guarantee all works to be carried out safely. It was also important that we caused the least amount of disruption to the residents. Therefore, we advised the property manager that it would be beneficial to use a power socket instead of using our generator to connect our DOFF machine. This avoided any loud noise that the generator would’ve produced. On site, there was an external water source that was available for Spectrum’s use. All ground level plants/bushes were covered and protected. 

The Logistics

The stone and brick cleaning was indeed a challenge for our team, but the end result made this worthwhile. Our team planned to be complete this project within the period of approximately 6 days. They ended up needing to stay 8 days on site due to how dirty the façade was.

Spectrum had a very clear plan of work to follow to accomplish the best result possible, starting with our specialist team attending the location and assessing all access requirements, agree on water source points/welfare amenities, and confirming exclusion zones. Regarding access, Spectrum had two equally effective methods they could opt for: cleaning from the safety of the ground using our pole system or via a Cherry Picker. We ended up carrying out the works with the use of the pole system. This was the best option for this site as the access is quite limited to the property. Also, there were other contractors on site carrying out internal renovations and we had to be mindful of their presence.

The next step was setting up our patented cleaning system and preparing the substances to be applied from the top to the bottom allowing the allotted time (20 to 30 minutes) for the product to work, following the steam cleaning using a DOFF machine. Other companies would probably use a pressure washer to clean the substrate, causing serious damage to the stone and brick surfaces. That is why Spectrum uses a Doff machine. The product can be removed safely with no risk of surface damage using low pressure and high-temperature steam. This allows all organic matter and stains to be effectively removed.

Our specialist team of operatives repeated several times this process in all areas until the staining disappeared or acceptably was reduced.



Custom Designed Solutions

Some logistical problems were found during the works that had to be dealt with immediately. Once solutions were found to overcome the issues, our specialist team of CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) certified professionals were able to effectively restore the stone and clean the brickwork transforming the façade back to its original glory.

All conditions were assembled to complete the project at the highest standard and on time. However, two days delayed the works due to the heavy dirt and deep stains accumulated over the past 20 years. The cleaning process required to be repeated more times than predicted, which made the works take a bit longer than what was initially planned. Despite this slight change of plan, the ultimate goal was successfully attained: a new face for this iconic property.


Providing  Results - No Matter The Challenge

Throughout the project at Longbourne, Windsor our team of experts used their previous experiences to go above and beyond to deliver amazing results. 

The client was extremely impressed with the results of the work and decided to ask us to have a look into other areas that required attention.

Our expertise and experience with our innovative access methods, such as works at height such as abseil performed by our IRATA trained rope access professionals allowed the client to save money and time on scaffolding.  In this case, it was the use of Cherry Picker, which our operatives would be able to operate as they are IPAF certified operators.


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