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In-Depth Stone and Brick Inspection


Stone Conservation

A thorough inspection was conducted to provide full repair and maintenance on the iconic architecture.

At Spectrum Specialist Support, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best stone inspection and conservation possible. We know how important stone repair is. We will ensure your property remains looking fantastic and is structurally safe. 

Having worked across a wide range of properties in London, from new builds to some of the iconic architecture that makes the city unique, we understand what it takes to conduct thorough stone inspections and conservation. We were recently approached to conduct an examination and stone inspection of Victoria Court in Redhill. 

The Project

The conservation project was an in-depth stone inspection at the iconic Victoria Court property in Redhill. This multi-stage project began with a close-up examination of the building by our highly experienced team. 

To carry out this stone inspection, we had to use our specialist access equipment and rope access solutions to ensure we could examine the entire property. This examination covered both a thorough visual inspection of the stonework and exterior of the property. For those areas that appeared most concerning, our team then conducted stone tap testing. 

The Site

Stone tap testing is a crucial part of any stone inspection. At Victoria Court, our team began by removing any of the loose stonework before conducting stone tap testing to determine any potential health and safety risks. 

When removing the stonework, our experienced team gently remove and bag each area with a unique reference area that allows us to identify what part of the property they come from. We also store these samples to ensure we can get a perfect match when carrying out any future stone repairs. 

The Logistics

To ensure our team could conduct a comprehensive inspection, we conducted a full photographic review of all rainwater goods, ensuring we could clearly identify any leaks or signs of corrosion. We also checked all rainwater goods were clean and flowing freely, ensuring there were no issues from blocked goods at a later date. A complete survey and report were then provided to the client, complete with photographs and location references, to ensure that they knew precisely the condition of their property. 

While we were on-site at Victoria Court, we also completed sample testing with our DOFF system and our TORC equipment. The sampling allowed us to understand the best specialist cleaning solution and conservation techniques for those problematic areas that might need further attention further down the line. 


What Were the Challenges?

Victoria Court in Redhill is a truly stunning listed building and dates back to 1853 by London all’s John Jay, who also helped to rebuild the Houses of Parliament following the devastating fire of 1833. Based just outside of London, the building features the same iconic architecture that much of listed and older buildings in the city. 

To carry out the stone inspection and stone tap testing, we required full access to the exterior of the building. However, one of the biggest challenges we faced was the lack of anchor points or safety systems in place due to the age of the building. 

Our Spectrum Specialist Support team are all IRATA certified for rope access and abseiling. We also have full IPAF training for cherry pickers and Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWPS). Some elevations on Victoria Court were on particularly steep slopes, so our team had to use their experience and take these various restrictions into account when conducting the stone inspection and conservation evaluation. 

Despite these challenges, we were able to carry out a complete inspection of the entire exterior of the property using MEWPS and our unique rope access and abseiling services. This meant that we were not required to erect any scaffolding around the property, which can be far more of a nuisance for the residents and can significantly extend the time taken to complete a stone inspection. 

Alongside having these access issues, the other major challenge that we faced was the sheer size of the property and the number of defects and reference points that we had to record. We completed a methodical examination to overcome this, while rope access ensured we could inspect the most timely and cost-effective method possible. 


What Were the Highlights?

We pride ourselves on our stone inspection and conservation services, helping to protect some of the most iconic buildings in London and the surrounding area. Victoria Court is one such building, and having identified hundreds of areas that required stone repair, we were able to protect this property for many more years. 

We were also able to help the client save significant money on the inspection, reducing the need for installing costly scaffolding. By conducting thorough gutter maintenance tasks at the same time, we were also able to help them reduce their maintenance costs. 

Going Above and Beyond for Our Clients 

Carrying out these additional tasks is just part of our mission to exceed our client’s expectations. We always want to give our customers the very best experience possible, and Victoria Court was our chance to help the client save money on their much-needed stone inspection. Thanks to our rope access solutions, we were also able to get the job completed far quicker than using traditional methods.

Combining Rope Access and Stone Repair

"The team took every precaution possible by inspecting the building fully and even provided gutter cleaning. We identified areas that needed conservation and used the equipment best suited for the job."

- Lucian Ivan, Managing Director

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