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The Ultimate Guide to Brick Restoration - Professional Brick Cleaning


For all of its practicality and strength as a building material, brick does have one major downside: it acts as a sponge for all manner of dirt, grime, mould and more. This is not only unsightly, but it can also lead to some seriously worrying complications further down the road. Thankfully, there is a lot you can do to bring your commercial property’s brickwork back up to scratch, and we at Spectrum are here to see that brick property restoration done to the highest standard!

 Let’s explore the ins and outs of brick restoration services. From brick steam cleaning to scaffold-free solutions and everything in between, we’ll bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about brick property restoration before you embark on your own quest for pristine brickwork.

What Services do Brick Restorations Include?

On their most basic level, brick property restoration services involve the repairing and cleaning of a building or structure’s exterior. That can, however, take many forms depending on the building’s unique requirements and the nature of the issues its owners are dealing with.

 Brick Steam Cleaning

Most often, restoration involves brick steam cleaning. At Spectrum, we use the Doff cleaning system to effectively steam clean our clients’ brickwork. Using a super-heated jet stream, the Doff system efficiently lifts away stains, discolouration or organic matter, and because it relies on heat—not pressure—there is no chance this brick steam cleaning method will damage the brickwork. High-pressure cleaning methods may seem effective, but they can cause surface damage to brickwork. This can lead to serious internal damage in a process that mirrors the formation of potholes inroads.


TORC Cleaning

Some buildings, ones suffering from built-up carbon, will benefit from Spectrum’s TORC cleaning system. While it bears similarities to the Doff system, TORC cleaning does away with super-heated steam elements, replacing it with a unique swirling spray motion and a fine granule-based solution. This gently lifts the carbon buildup without threatening the brick material itself.


Brick Tinting

A brick stain removal toolkit would not be complete without a brick tinting solution. Spectrum is proud to offer a level of brick tinting London can be proud of. Using a bespoke mix of coloured dyes combined with an acrylic-based and potassium solution, our team creates its mix on site, ensuring that it matches the commercial property’s requirements perfectly. This also allows us to consult our clients beforehand to check if they are satisfied with the colour of the mix.


Brick Repointing

 When the mortar between bricks starts to decay and crumble—through age, weather, poor initial construction or anything else—it becomes necessary to carry out brick repointing. This is a highly skill-based task, requiring expert knowledge, experience and a trained eye to carry out successfully. Our operatives are well-trained in brick repointing, and able to employ a range of pointing styles to restore a building to its former glory, all while matching its original colour scheme.


Why Do Bricks Need to be Cleaned?

Brick property restoration is important for an array of reasons. Firstly, shabby brickwork looks unsightly: it is likely to turn away customers, clients and potential tenants. By keeping your brickwork in pristine condition, you’ll be making an ideal first impression on anyone who passes by your property. Furthermore, brick property restoration can improve the value of a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers or renters.


Beyond aesthetic purposes, brick cleaning serves a valuable role in the maintenance of buildings and the preservation of historical structures. Excessive buildup of dirt or organic contaminants can cause the brick to chip, crack and crumble. This is bad enough by itself but left untreated it remains exposed to water, which expands in cold weather, eroding the brick from the inside and causing serious amounts of damage. Removing the aforementioned contaminants before they can cause damage to the brick prevents this erosion from occurring. Put simply, brick cleaning is essential for the long-term integrity of a building.


What Stains Brick Properties?

As experienced brick stain removal operatives, our team has seen almost everything that can stain a building, from naturally occurring organic matter to malicious acts of vandalism. Fortunately, we are equipped and prepared to handle any of the following:


●      Carbon

●      Mould

●      Algae

●      Dirt

●      Grime and mud

●      Efflorescence (powdery salt deposits left behind after the evaporation of water)

●      Graffiti

●      Paint

And more...


Can My Brick Property Be Cleaned Even if it is a Heritage Property?

It is absolutely sensible to be concerned about the ramifications of services like brick steam cleaning on heritage properties (structures with significant historical or cultural value). We’re pleased to assure you, though, that your concerns are misplaced. Spectrum follows all the proper cleaning procedures for heritage sites, using tools like the Doff machine to gently remove stains, graffiti and organic buildup without threatening the brickwork itself. By doing this, we help the minuscule pores in the bricks breathe, ensuring their longevity and preventing them from succumbing to the elements.


Spectrum’s Brick Cleaning and Repair Services

Spectrum works 100% scaffold-free. Our operatives are IRATA qualified, which means they have been trained by the lead authority in industrial rope access. Heights, uneven roofs and treacherous environments present no issue for our team, who are experienced in the use of ropes and portable anchors to bypass the need for costly and obstructive scaffolding.

 Our operatives are highly knowledgeable in the best practices for effective, non-damaging brick restoration. We believe in flexibility and will do whatever it takes to provide our clients with the best possible service. Take a look at our numerous case studies for examples of how our team regularly goes above and beyond, using their brains, experience and persistence to succeed where others have fallen short.


So whether you’re in need of brick restoration, brick repointing, or brick tinting,  our team is standing by, ready and waiting to support you



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