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Abseiling Steam Cleaning  - Rope Access Specialists

With a new project in Hackney, East London, the Spectrum team proved that they can work quickly and efficiently in difficult circumstances. A successful decorating firm contacted Spectrum to support them with a tough redecorating task. 

The team succeeded in cleaning, painting and redecorating the back of a building above a canal. For this operation, methods such as DOFF cleaning and brick restoration were used and all tasks needed to be executed via rope access. Thanks to our skilled abseil decorators this challenging project was a success. 

Spectrum used innovative steam cleaning methods to turn this challenging project into a success

The Project

Abseiling Steam Cleaning 

Rope Access Specialists

  • Location:East London
  • Client:Decorating Company
  • Project Duration:1 Weekend
  • Subtrate:Brick, Wood, Metal
  • Access Method:Rope Access

The Site

Spectrum use abseiling techniques to access difficult-to-reach areas 

The Logistics

To be able to finish the project in a short timespan the team needed to plan and prepare well. As the exterior of the building is composed of a variety of substrates, our operatives utilized our DOFF steam cleaning system to ensure the different substrates were thoroughly cleaned without damage. 

Next, our team used rope access methods under IRATA guidelines to set up portable anchors. These were set up on the front elevation. The abseilers used an up and over method to abseil the back elevation. We needed to plan and prepare for the abseiling efficiently and well since there was no access to the roof as the roof was pitched. The team was able to set up a safe system and we were able to carry out the works safely and easily without scaffolding. Then, we cleaned the building via the ropes. To end, the team carried out rope access external decorating and painting.

Thanks to our vast experience and training in abseiling, the team succeeded in properly cleaning and redecorating this building. Without our abseiling experience this would not have been possible. We achieved our goals for this operation efficiently and quickly.

+plus point

Our team are IRATA certified and have full training to carry out the best cleaning methods for your facade

Abseiling Steam Cleaning 
Case Study

DOFF Cleaning Specialists

Doff cleaning is one of the most effective techniques to remove stains, discolouration and organic matter from surfaces. DOFF cleaning is a fast and efficient cleaning process that uses a ‘DOFF’ machine. The DOFF machine heats water to a much higher temperature than conventional steam cleaners. The machines are able to heat steam to 150 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, steam is incredibly effective at removing stains, discolouration, organic matter and paint from the exterior surface of a building.

We used Doff steam cleaning for this operation in East London to thoroughly clean the various substrates with its extremely heated steam. We were able to remove all the dirt, grime, and algae on the back of the building. The team returned the building into its original aesthetic condition.

+plus point
We use the DOFF system to remove dirt and ensure there is no damage to surfaces

Client Orientated Services

By using rope accessing decorating and painting the team was able to finish the operation within 48h without any disruption for the building or the building occupants. All our operatives are fully trained to IRATA standards and obtained the required skills to successfully finish any operation that requires abseiling.  

Spectrum’s goal is to always deliver the best results for our clients. We aim for happy clients at the end of a project. The Spectrum team values the needs and wishes of our clients highly as well as good and clear communication with them throughout the entire process. 

Not only the British decorating firm was glad to cooperate with us, but also the end client was happy with the result. We are happy to ensure you that we always offer the best service. When the team comes across any unexpected circumstances, we realign and adapt in the cheapest and quickest way possible.  

We always want to give you the best results possible.

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