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Abseiling Sash Window Repairs - Major Works Contract

The facades of five blocks in this West London property required external redecoration and Spectrum Specialists won the tender to deliver this major project.  The work required full external redecoration to all woodwork, metal work, render repairs and essential external repairs to the building.

  There is a big difference between getting abseilers to do decorating and in training decorators in abseiling. At Spectrum we do the latter, ensuring proper workmanship and a professional service.

The Project

Abseiling Sash Window Repairs

Major Works Contract

  • Location:West London
  • Client:Property Management Company
  • Project Duration:3 months
  • Subtrate:Timber Wood, Metal, and Render
  • Access Method:Abseiling

The Site

The five blocks are set within a classically beautiful square arranged around private gardens. 

The Logistics

Rope Access:

Not only did we save our client significant costs of £60,000 by avoiding scaffolding, there were other equally valuable considerations, in terms of the impact on residents and visitors staying in the hotels on the square. Scaffolding is undeniably disruptive, visually an eyesore and requires holes in the structure for scaffold ties. It reduces natural light for residents and poses greater security risks. With our rope access method, we were able to reduce or eliminate all these issues for residents which is a priority for us and our client.

Surveyor Access:

We employ several ways to ensure surveyors can inspect our work thoroughly, allowing for the fact that we cannot expect them to abseil with our team. In this project we used camera equipment connected to our team’s helmets so that the surveyor could view the footage live from the safety of the ground. They would be in radio communication with the team so that they can request specific areas for closer inspection.

+plus point

At Spectrum, we train our skilled decorator to abseil, ensuring they provide the highest quality refurbishments while also working at height!

Abseiling Sash Window Repairs
Case Study

Our Team

The team on this project had complete IRATA rope access training and, in addition to the extensive window repair, they undertook essential repairs to metal work, the render and the building, picking up on every detail to ensure a complete result. The combination of individual skills in carpentry, decoration and exterior repair, combined with a readiness to work from ropes, ensured rapid progress at a high standard.

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Delivering Refurbishment Results

At the end of this project, our team was able to complete restore every element's of this client's property. From their render to wooden sash windows,  not a detail went untouched! Not only was every exterior element of the property refurbished to the specifications of the major works contract, but they displayed the craftsmanship of our operatives on substrates such a wooden sash windows.

Our client was pleased with both the transformation of their property, but also with the major cost savings we were able to provide through the use of abseiling instead of scaffolding! 

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