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High Rise Window and Cladding Cleaning at Albert Embankment - Cladding Cleaning

The property management company in charge of the Albert Embankment site recommended Spectrum to the main contractor. This was done as part of the handover clean. Spectrum had been awarded the maintenance cleaning contracts for the blocks and so were the perfect choice to tackle this part of the project.  

Despite a range of logistical issues, our operatives were able to restore the Albert Embankment to its original aesthetic

The Project

High Rise Window and Cladding Cleaning at Albert Embankment

Cladding Cleaning

  • Location:Albert Embankment
  • Client:Property Management Company
  • Project Duration:2 Months
  • Subtrate:Window and Cladding Cleaning
  • Access Method:Building Maintenance Units

The Site

The complex nature of the site meant that a comprehensive cleaning plan was required for the building. Carefully assessing the various health and safety risks present on the Albert Embankment site, and creating solutions for each issue, allowed Spectrum to ensure that work on the site was carried out as safely as possible.

The Logistics

Each of the buildings that our teams were cleaning on the Albert Embankment site was fitted with a BMU (building maintenance unit). Each BMU had been specifically designed for the building it was fitted to. This meant our teams were required to undergo special training in order to use the machines. Training took the form of classroom teaching sessions on the safe operation of the machines. Our operatives were required to sit an examination at the end of their training to show their knowledge was up to scratch.

The BMUs installed on the blocks only allowed 2 people to work on the machines at any one time. In order to ensure our teams still made rapid progress, they developed an efficient way of working. This allowed them to bring the project in on time despite the restrictions.

Though the properties were fitted with purpose-built BMUs, there were still some sections of the blocks that the machines could not access. This was because the gaps were too tight for the BMUs. These drops had to be cleaned by specially trained operatives via rope access.

Thanks to their position right in the heart of London, the Albert Embankment blocks had collected a considerable amount of dirt and grime. As the buildings were caked in dust, pollution particles, mould and debris, the water used to clean the windows and cladding became dirty very quickly. While some contractors would continue to use this dirty water in order to save time, Spectrum knows that the best way to get excellent results on this type of project is to use clean water.  This meant that our operatives needed to change their water on a very regular basis.

However, getting fresh water to our operatives provided another logistical challenge. It was not always possible to go down to get clean water as there were not always safe and convenient places available to park the BMU. This meant operatives were required to travel up in order to change their water, something that can take as long as 45 minutes.

As the Spectrum team was determined to achieve a pristine finish, and bring the job in on time, they needed to find a way to replace dirty water quickly and efficiently. The solution that they came up with was to use the same system we developed during the cleaning of 25 Churchill Place in Canary Wharf. This system provided BMU operatives with a portable supply of fresh water using pumps. Some adaptations were required in order for the system to work but, once in place, it allowed our team to clean the building quickly and thoroughly using clean, fresh water.

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A portable water system developed by our team made it possible to deliver this job in time and on budget.

High Rise Window and Cladding Cleaning at Albert Embankment
Case Study

Custom Designed Solutions

Like many of the large commercial and residential buildings our operatives clean, the Albert Embankment site had a range of logistical issues that had to be overcome. Once our teams had found effective solutions to these issues, they were able to work efficiently to clean the windows and cladding on the site, remove lime scale from the property and restore the facade to its original aesthetic condition.

The portable water system developed by Spectrum for 25 Churchill Place in Canary Wharf worked exceptionally well on the Albert Embankment site. Allowing our operatives to work continuously, and giving them an unlimited supply of fresh water, it meant work could proceed on the site without delay.

As well as carrying out window cleaning from BMUs, Spectrum teams working on the project were asked to clean the property’s cladding. This presented a number of fresh challenges as some of the cladding panels had a ripple effect. While this gave an interesting visual aesthetic from the ground, it made cleaning the cladding a slow and laborious process. This is because our operatives were not able to use the normal professional tools available to them.

In order to overcome this issue, improve results and make this part of the building easier to clean, our operatives traced the pattern of the rippled cladding on site and then sent it to our R&D team. They were able to make an exact CAD of the pattern and use this to design a special hand tool that would fit perfectly between the rippled parts of the pattern.

This design was sent to our 3D printing team and, within 24 hours, we had a prototype hand tool to exactly fit the cladding. This made it possible for our teams to clean this complex design quickly and thoroughly.

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Through the use of 3D printing, our solutions are custom built for each project

Providing  Results- No Matter The Challenge

Throughout the project at the Albert Embankment site, our teams used their ingenuity and experience to come up with creative and innovative cleaning solutions. From adapting one of our own unique systems to perfectly suit the site to creating purpose designed tools and techniques, Spectrum went above and beyond at every turn in order to ensure fantastic results

Despite the many logistical challenges faced by the team working on the project, the work at the Albert Embankment site was delivered on time. The client was very happy with the results of the work, as were the Spectrum team working on the project.

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