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London's Best Graffiti Removers Show Off Their Skills! - Graffiti Removal

Spectrum was asked to remove graffiti from a building managed by an existing client. As we had worked with the client, a block management company, on previous projects, they were well aware of our capabilities and areas of expertise. 

Through the use of our patented specialist cleaning equipment, we not only cleaned this site in under 24 hours, but kept costs to a minimum!

The Project

London's Best Graffiti Removers Show Off Their Skills!

Graffiti Removal

  • Location:East London
  • Client:Block Management Company
  • Project Duration:24 Hours
  • Subtrate:Brick
  • Access Method:Patented Equipment

The Site

Thanks to our patented equipment and expertise in access, we were able to complete the work from the safety of the ground.

The Logistics

Removing graffiti from brick is very time sensitive. As soon as graffiti is applied to a porous surface like brick, it begins to soak into the material. Over time, it becomes more and more ingrained in the masonry and harder to remove. If it is left for too long, it can take several applications to completely eliminate staining and discolouration caused by graffiti. This can make the cleaning process considerably more expensive and more time consuming. 

In order to prevent the graffiti soaking into the brickwork and becoming ingrained in the surface of the façade, Spectrum actioned the works on the East London block as soon as we were made aware of the issue. Once we were asked to remove the graffiti from the site, we set out a 24-hour schedule for the project.

Cleaning the graffiti from the surface of the building in just a day meant that the staining was quick and easy to remove. Keeping the timeframe to a minimum saved the client money and helped to ensure great results from the clean.

As well as a tight time frame, our operatives also had to ensure that they did not damage the surface of the brickwork during the cleaning process. This is because as brick ages, it becomes more and more brittle. If incorrect chemicals or processes are used on old, fragile brickwork, it can cause the surface to crumble or become pockmarked. In order to prevent any damage to the brick, we used carefully selected cleaning methods and trained operatives for the job.

A lot of the graffiti on the East London block was above ground-floor level. Normally, this would have required the use of a cherry picker or scaffolding. However, our patented steam cleaning pole equipment allowed us to remove all of the graffiti on the façade from the safety of the ground. Working from the ground, instead of using heavy machinery or scaffolding, allowed our team to work quickly and keep access costs to a minimum.

+plus point

All graffiti removed easily and without a trace!

London's Best Graffiti Removers Show Off Their Skills!
Case Study

Returning Façades to their Former Glory

When cleaning the East London block, our operatives had two main goals: removing the graffiti and protecting the brickwork. Thanks to our extensive cleaning experience, we knew that the most effective way to do both was to use a chemical treatment followed by the DOFF cleaning process.

Targeted chemical treatments help to kill organic substances, like mould, moss and algae, and loosen inorganic substances like paint, pen and varnish. Our operatives selected the most appropriate cleaning chemical treatment for the job. This helped to ensure they were able to achieve excellent results and prevent the graffiti from soaking into the fabric of the brickwork.

The second part of the cleaning process involved using the unique DOFF cleaning system. DOFF machines work by heating water to temperatures as high as 150?C, turning it into superheated steam. This steam is incredibly effective at removing unwanted organic and inorganic substances from stone and masonry.

DOFF machines allow operatives to quickly and efficiently remove paint, graffiti, moss, algae, bird droppings and other staining and discolouration from stone and masonry. Once work is complete, the surface of the stone or masonry will be restored to its original aesthetic condition.

The advantage of using the DOFF system is that, while it cleans surfaces thoroughly, the process is also exceptionally gentle. The steam is released from the nozzle of the DOFF machine at low pressure. This means that, unlike jet washing, DOFF cleaning will not damage the underlying substrate.

Stone and masonry are both particularly prone to damage during cleaning as they become brittle and fragile over time. If high pressure water is applied to these surfaces, it can quickly degrade the stone and masonry, causing it to become pockmarked and uneven. Using correct cleaning processes is the best way to ensure that stone and masonry are properly protected during graffiti removal and other maintenance work.

Some of the graffiti on the East London block was located above ground level. A lot of cleaning contractors would have used a cherry picker or tower in order to reach the affected areas and remove the graffiti. This would have made the project more expensive for the client and extended the timescale of the work.

In order to avoid the need for heavy machinery and reach all areas that required cleaning, we used our patented cleaning system. This system involves using specially designed and made poles to extend the reach of the DOFF cleaning process. By using this innovative approach, we were able to clean all parts of the property quickly and easily from the safety of the ground.

Once our team had completed the two-part cleaning process, the graffiti had been completely removed from the brickwork and the façade was restored to its original aesthetic condition.

+plus point
Using our patented equipment to reach graffiti high on the building, we were able to start removing the paint immediately.   

Cleaning Systems for Each Site

A key part of this project lay in selecting the most appropriate cleaning processes for the job. Using incorrect chemicals or cleaning methods could have resulted in long-term damage to the brickwork, so it was essential that our team chose the right systems and cleaning products for the job.

Thanks to our operatives’ specialist experience, they were able to choose chemicals and cleaning systems that quickly and effectively removed all traces of graffiti from the surface of the brickwork. Our extensive expertise in access and cleaning meant we were able to remove the graffiti well within the 24-hour timeframe allocated for the project. This minimised disruption for those using the site and ensured superb results from the clean.

As well as producing excellent results, our innovative approach and patented equipment helped to keep access costs to a minimum. Our team was able to complete the work without the need for a cherry picker or scaffolding. This saved the client a considerable amount on access costs and allowed the work to proceed quickly and efficiently.

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