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Window Cleaning and Coronavirus Cleaning for our Client in Hackney - Window and COVID Cleaning

Spectrum was scheduled to carry out maintenance window cleaning on the Lovelace Street site. The property management company in charge of the buildings has been a client for over 10 years and Spectrum has regularly cleaned the windows in the blocks via rope access.

The project was brought forward when the client found out about our coronavirus cleaning services. These services have been designed to thoroughly clean and disinfect communal areas and surfaces to help prevent the contamination and transmission of the virus. 

Preventing the transmission of COVID-19 through disinfecting cleaning

The Project

Window Cleaning and Coronavirus Cleaning for our Client in Hackney

Window and COVID Cleaning

  • Location:Hackney
  • Client:Property Management Company
  • Project Duration:1 Week
  • Subtrate:Windows and Complete Exterior
  • Access Method:Rope Access

The Site

Following a survey, Spectrum decided to use rope access to clean the windows and entranceways at Lovelace Street in order to keep costs and disruption to a minimum and bring the project in on time.

The Logistics

Spectrum has extensive experience in cleaning and disinfecting commercial and residential properties. The current COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased demand for our services, and demonstrated just how important it is to regularly clean and disinfect communal areas and shared properties, especially those with heavy footfall.

Carrying out a coronavirus clean at Lovelace Street meant our operatives needed to understand how the virus is spread. This enabled them to clean the property effectively, as well as protecting themselves, and the residents of the building, while the work was underway

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Our experience in access made it possible to carry out this work.

Window Cleaning and Coronavirus Cleaning for our Client in Hackney
Case Study

Steam Cleaning Decontamination

The clean at Lovelace Street was completed in just a week. The coronavirus cleaning was carried out at the same time as the scheduled window cleaning works and was done at no additional cost to the client

Our coronavirus cleaning service is completed in 3 stages. This ensures that surfaces are thoroughly disinfected and minimises the risk of transmission. When necessary, we use our specialist, patented equipment to reach all corners of a property to ensure all surfaces are totally disinfected.

 The first stage of the process is preparation. Spectrum takes preparation incredibly seriously and we always spend time surveying a property, assessing the work that needs to be done. Good planning ensures the successful completion of the job as well as the safety of all those involved in the clean.

All team members working on the coronavirus clean wore full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) throughout the project to ensure they were fully protected. As well as preventing dangerous micro-organisms from infecting our operatives, PPE ensured that no infection was carried from the site to other locations. 

During the second stage of our coronavirus cleaning services, anti-microbial disinfectants and biocides were applied to all frequently touched surfaces. These included handrails, doorknobs, door handles, light switches and any other surfaces commonly touched in public areas.

The application of this biocide treatment is incredibly important as it kills the virus and disinfects surfaces. De-contaminating public areas on a regular basis can help businesses and property management companies to minimise infection and protect their customers and residents. The biocide treatment was specially selected for the job in order to maximise effectiveness.

During the final stage of the process, we used pressurised steam to clean surfaces and remove any remaining traces of the virus. This stage is very effective, as COVID-19 has been shown to be sensitive to extreme temperatures. Using steam to clean heavily used areas ensures as much of the virus is killed as possible

 As well as carrying out a disinfecting clean at Lovelace Street, our operatives were also required to clean the windows of the 5 blocks. This work was done quickly and efficiently using rope access. This style of abseil cleaning is incredibly efficient and allows our team to work quickly and thoroughly. All operatives working via rope access are IRATA trained.

By the end of the project, the windows at Lovelace Street had been thoroughly cleaned and communal areas cleaned and disinfected. The coronavirus clean provided the property managers, as well as the residents of buildings, with reassurance that the site was virus-free and safe to use. 

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By combining biocide treatment with steam cleaning, our disinfecting cleaning system will kill the virus and help to prevent touch transmission

Helping Keep Britain Healthy

The coronavirus clean at Lovelace Street was carried out at the same time as scheduled maintenance works and was done at no additional cost to the client. Spectrum completed the work in order to help the wider community, to reassure residents and to reduce the risk of infection. The work was completed within the one-week timetable.

Over the coming weeks, Spectrum will carry out more dedicated coronavirus cleans. These projects allow us to do our part to help slow the spread of the virus and keep the British public healthy.

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