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Complex Render Cleaning in Essex - Render Cleaning

Spectrum was approached by an existing client to restore the exterior of Radford House, one of the properties managed by the client. The work was to include cleaning the external render of the building as well as some woodwork and metal cladding.

This project saved our client £70,000 on scaffolding and painting over 2 decorating cycles

The Project

Complex Render Cleaning in Essex

Render Cleaning

  • Location:Essex
  • Client:Private Property Manager
  • Project Duration: Six Weeks
  • Subtrate:Render, Wood, and Metal Cladding
  • Access Method:Canopies and MEWP

The Site

During the project, some works had to be scheduled for weekends in order to minimise disruption to the onsite commercial units. Working out of hours also allowed us easier access to all areas of the building.

The Logistics

As the steep slope Radford House sits on made it difficult for cherry pickers to access the site, it required rope operatives to clean the render, cladding and wooden elements of the building. Using operatives on ropes, rather than heavy machinery, also helped to minimise disruption to the high street and taxi office.

Our cleaning plan included using IPAF certified operatives for some small sections that were completed via MEWP. Where some balcony and ledge work was carried out, we used IRATA trained operatives to ensure the most robust and safest access strategy was in place.

As well as a prohibitively steep slope, access to the Radford House site was complicated by the narrow pathways surrounding the building. This meant it was almost impossible to erect scaffolding and, if it weren’t’ for our patented render cleaning system, the project would not have been possible. 

While we were cleaning the outside of Radford House, we used building canopies to protect the entrances of commercial units located in the building. This allowed them to continue to operate throughout the cleaning process.

+plus point

The whole building restored with no paint required.

Complex Render Cleaning in Essex
Case Study

Quick and Effective Render Cleaning

Throughout the project at Radford House, we used our patented render cleaning system. This uses a biocide treatment, together with a superheated steam delivery, to kill algae, remove stains and leave render looking like new.

This unique system allows us to clean and rejuvenate render quickly and effectively, without the need for scaffolding and heavy machinery. Once the staining and algae have been removed, we cover the surface in a thin layer of biocide to prevent the algae growing back straight away.

Before the project began, we carried out a full site survey on the property. By thoroughly surveying Radford House, we were able to completely assess the site and come up with a plan that was both affordable and cost effective. Surveying the site also gave us the opportunity to take a closer look at the render of the building and decide which cleaning processes would produce the best results.

+plus point
Surveying Radford House prior to starting the project, we were able to construct the most affordable plan

Restoring Building Aesthetics

The results of the Radford House project were incredibly positive. For the client, one of the main benefits of using our service was cost. Our patented cleaning technique allowed us to rejuvenate the property at a fraction of the price of conventional cleaning.

For example, if the client had paid for scaffolding to be erected and the building to be painted, the project would have cost an extra £35,000 + VAT to complete. This means that, over two decorating cycles, our services have saved the client an impressive £70,000.

Another great result of the project was the complete transformation of the building. Removing algae and rust stains, and cleaning external wood and cladding, has helped to restore Radford House to its former glory.

The additional work we carried out on the property has further enhanced its aesthetic. Our bird proofing measures will help to prevent staining and mess, while cleaning the building’s gutters and drains will help to ensure Radford House stays in good condition inside and out.

While working on Radford House, we also cleaned the windows and window frames of the building. This was included in the cost of the project, as was the jet paving work that was carried out at the end of the clean.

Throughout the project, disruption to those using Radford House, and nearby businesses was kept to a minimum. Neighbouring commercial properties were also happy with the work carried out as we cleaned some of their areas as a gesture of good will and a thank you for their co-operation on the project.

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