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Repairing Modern Render - Render Repair

Spectrum was approached by an existing client and asked to carry out façade repairs to a number of properties that they managed. The client, a block management company, had previously employed Spectrum to clean and restore the render on all eight blocks located on the site they look after.

 Our team of trained technicians applied their extensive knowledge in modern render to repair this block's exterior!

The Project

Repairing Modern Render

Render Repair

  • Location:Clapham
  • Client:Block Management Company
  • Project Duration:2 weeks
  • Subtrate:Modern Render
  • Access Method:3D Printed Equipment

The Site

As each block was made up of multiple properties, our teams were required to communicate with those living in the blocks in order to minimise disruption. As we had recently cleaned the facades of the buildings, the residents were aware of our company, the work we do and our high standards. This made it easier to coordinate with residents and carry out the works with minimal disruption.

The Logistics

The site was relatively easy to access and presented few logistical challenges. As our teams had recently been working on the site, cleaning the render on the blocks, they were familiar with access routes and with the elevations on each block.

Most of the work required on this project was to the exterior walls of the lower floors of the buildings. This meant that we were able to work from ground level and didn’t require heavy machinery or other access solutions. This helped us to keep the cost of the work to a minimum and meant that our teams could work quickly and efficiently.

+plus point

Our previous work cleaning the render of this property allowed us to best match the colou

Repairing Modern Render
Case Study

Modern Render Specialists

When carrying out modern render repairs, it is essential to properly prepare the area. This means that old, blown and cracked render needs to be removed before work can begin. Any damaged areas of render that are removed should be left with a clean, straight edge. This prevents feathered edging and helps to achieve a high quality finish.

Once cracked and blown areas of render had been removed, the first step in repairing the damage to the blocks was filling the void area that had been created by the removal of the mailboxes. This involved rebuilding the substrate from the structural blocks in order to create a wall area to re-render. This step was very important as the new substrate needed to be exactly level with the existing substrate in order for a good finish to be possible.

Carefully and thoroughly filling the void area with high quality modern render is also very important as it prevents water infiltration and minimises the chances of future damage. If it had not been done correctly, the join between the new and existing substrate could have become a weak point in the façade of the property. Over time, it could have let water penetrate into the façade, causing serious damage and undermining the integrity of the façade.

Our teams carefully filled the void area and made the new substrate flush with the existing surface. Once they were happy that the two areas were exactly level, they were able to smooth the surface and create a seamless finish on the façade of the blocks.

Understanding modern render systems was key to the success of this project. Different renders behave in different ways, so our expert knowledge in K-Rend repairs and Webber repairs proved invaluable. Our teams were able to select the right products for each job and apply them to the surface in the correct order. This created a seamless finish and ensured the render repairs will look good for as long as possible.

Another factor that contributed to the successful outcome of the project was the fact that we had recently carried out a deep clean on the blocks. This was very important as dirt, grime, staining and discolouration had been removed and the cleaned render had been restored to its original aesthetic condition.

This made it a lot easier for our teams to match the colour of the new render with the existing render of the façade. Working with a clean façade also prevented dirt, grime and organic compounds from contaminating the render used on the project.

+plus point
By properly preparing the areas that needed to be repaired, we prevented future damage to the property's exterior.

Revitalising Render

The render repairs on the eight blocks were completed within the two weeks allocated for the project. On completion of the works, the areas that had been damaged by the removal of the mailboxes had been completely restored and the exterior of the blocks had a clean, smooth and seamless appearance.

The residents and management company were very pleased with the work that Spectrum carried out on the site. Once the rendered sections were complete, the exteriors of the properties were protected from water penetration and the aesthetic appearance of the blocks was dramatically improved.

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