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Why Use Us For Cladding Cleaning + Restoration?

And Expertise

We have tackled some of the most challenging cladding restoration sites. With success every single time.

The Most Severe Rust
And Staining Removed Every Time

Spectrum has tested, and experiments with numerous chemical blends and products to find and demonstrate the most effective, and this first-hand knowledge allow for expert usage to deep clean while preventing any further or future damage to the panels.


Any, building, any height, any stage of damage - we can restore. Our IRATA abseil team work hand in hand with our service team to carry out the most cost-efficient process for everyone.

Cladding Cleaning

Cladding is commonly used to add style and finesse to both commercial and residential properties. Keeping it clean helps to ensure these properties look good and give visitors and passers-by an excellent first impression.

Spectrum’s cladding cleaning services remove staining, organic matter and discolouration from all types of cladding to leave façades looking like new. Our operatives will use their extensive skills and expertise to access all areas of cladding on a building and restore them to their original aesthetic condition.

Types of cladding cleaning:

Specialist Rust Removal

Rust build-up can stain the cladding on a building and leave it looking old and tired. Spectrum is able to effectively remove even the most severe rust from a building's cladding using our patented cleaning techniques.

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to rust removal. When dealing with metal surfaces, it is essential the correct products are used as some chemicals can adversely react with metallic cladding. Our experienced operatives are able to select the best approach for each job and ensure the products they use are perfectly suited for the purpose.

Marble Cladding Restoration

Our marble cladding restoration service is used to clean and renovate marble cladding. The two-stage process uses specific stone restoration products and specialist application methods. This carefully thought-out approach ensures optimum results every time.

Granite Cladding Restoration

Like marble, granite cladding needs to be cleaned using a two-stage process to ensure excellent results. Specially formulated stone restoration products are applied to the cladding before the surface is cleaned and restored to its original aesthetic condition.

Metal Cladding Restoration

Our experienced team understand how to properly clean and restore metal cladding without causing damage to its surface. Metal cladding can have adverse reactions to some cleaning products and restoration methods. Inexperienced cladding cleaning companies can inadvertently damage the material if they use incorrect products or processes.

Our metal cladding restoration products have been specifically formulated for use on commercial and industrial buildings. Spectrum operatives have extensive experience in using these products and in getting excellent results from metal cladding cleaning.

Wooden Cladding Restoration

Wooden cladding restoration is a very delicate process. Pressure washers can damage wooden cladding and harsh chemicals stain the surface. Instead of using pressure washing, our operatives use low-pressure, high-temperature steam to safely and effectively restore wooden cladding.

Stainless Steel Cladding Cleaning

Stainless steel is very soft and porous. When it ages, its surface can begin to look dull and light rust patches can develop across the cladding. In some cases, stainless steel cladding has a lacquered coating to prevent corrosion and discolouration. However, most types of stainless steel cladding are not protected by this finish and so need regular cleaning in order to stay in good condition.

UPVC/GRP Cladding Cleaning

Strong, durable and versatile, uPVC is used in a lot of modern construction projects. It is commonly used around windows and as cladding on commercial and residential builds.

Over time, exposure to UV light and environmental pollutants can cause uPVC to become faded, dull and dirty. To combat this, and restore the original appearance of uPVC, Spectrum has developed specially formulated chemicals and a patented cleaning technique.

Anodised Aluminium Cleaning

Aluminium is a strong, lightweight construction material that has been used extensively in construction since the 1950s. The versatile material allows architects to add shape and colour to their buildings and create innovative and exciting cladding designs.

While Aluminium does not rust, air pollutants, environmental exposure and surface contaminants can cause aluminium cladding to become discoloured and develop pitting on its surface. Regularly removing pollutants, and cleaning the surface of the aluminium, will help it to retain its aesthetic appearance for as long as possible.

Anodised Aluminium

Anodised finishes are usually silver, bronze, gold or black. This type of finish first became popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Over the past few decades, the colour choices available to architects and designers has grown, and anodised aluminium cladding can now be seen on a number of high-end buildings.

Powder-coated Aluminium

Once the powder coating has been scratched or pitted, this type of aluminium cladding can quickly corrode. Repairing damage and restoring the surface as quickly as possible will help to prevent the spread of corrosion and improve the appearance of the cladding.

Our operatives are able to remove carbon staining, sealant leeching, airborne pollutants, grease and grime from the surface of aluminium cladding. This can restore the aesthetic appearance of a building and protect the cladding for years to come.

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What Can Cladding Cleaning Be Used For?

Rust Removal

Spectrum will be able to help you with even the most severe rust removal from your building's cladding. There are many options when deciding on cleaning products for rust removal. However, the selection of the appropriate type of product is critical to ensure there are no adverse reactions, particularly with stainless steel.

Marble Cladding

A two-stage restoration process that produces optimum results every time. Using a specific stone restoration product and specialist application method.

Granite Cladding

A two-stage restoration process that produces optimum results every time. Using a specific stone restoration product and specialist application method.

Metal Cladding

Our metal cladding restoration products have been designed specifically for commercial and industrial buildings, and By understanding how to clean and restore your metal cladding professionally, your metal cladding will not be damaged. Unfortunately, damage caused by inexperienced contractors who use the wrong cleaning products and methods may not be apparent for 6 – 12 months. Make sure this doesn't happen to you by using our expert, skilled operatives.

Wooden Cladding

Wooden cladding restoration is a delicate process, which is why we strongly advise against using pressure washers. We use low-pressure high-temperature steam to restore safely, efficiently and effectively.

Anodised Aluminium

Aluminium is a lightweight construction material that has allowed designers to shape and colour building projects since the 1950s and 1960s. Although Aluminium does not rust, air pollutants, environmental exposure and surface contaminants cause aluminium cladding to become discoloured and develop pitting on its surface.

Anodised finishes are usually silver, bronze, gold or black and were used in the 1960s to 1970s. Since this time the colour choice has expanded as the anodising process has improved and anodised aluminium cladding is now used on high-grade HQ buildings.

Powder Coated

Scratched or pitted Aluminium corrodes from chemical reactions, so it pays to restore damaged Aluminium promptly. See Brilliance systems restoratively clean damaged aluminium surfaces removing corrosion to preserve Aluminium's structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

With Spectrum, cleaning your aluminium cladding, you'll get exceptional results. We'll guarantee you outstanding results, removing carbon staining, sealant leeching, airborne pollutants, grease and grime.

Stainless Steel
Cladding Cleaning

Stainless steel is very soft and porous, and when it ages, the surface can look very dull, and light rust patches can develop. However, some high-grade stainless steel finishes have a lacquered coating which prevents this; unfortunately, most stainless steel cladding does not.

UPVC/GRP Cladding

Many modern buildings incorporate uPVC -, particularly around the windows. But even uPVC can get dull and dirty looking. When uPVC cladding turns dull, starts to tarnish or black marks appear, these problems are usually caused by exposure to UV light and the environmental conditions around the building or structure.

Spectrum has a specialised technique and approved chemicals to restore the appearance of uPVC, giving a nearly new look without the use of any abrasive products while protecting against future problems.

Our Accreditations

What Our External Cladding and Restoration Experts Customers' Say

S. Hamish

Block Manager

I was convinced the wooden cladding on my property was going to be permanently stained, but with help from the team at Spectrum, the cladding looks better than I could have expected!

T. Carhart

Property Manager

No matter what type of sladding you have on your property, I recommend calling Spectrum to clean it. They have cleaned a range of cladding substrates on the facilities I manage and they deliver consistent high quality results every time.

W. Mavos


The variety of access methods Spectrum can combine makes them the best option for cladding cleaning. With Spectrum, you can trust that cladding at any height will be thoroughly cleaned in a timely manner.

G. Evans

Property Manager

Through the application os Spectrum's steam cleaning system, the once rusty and worn looking cladding on the property I manage looks better than ever!

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Recent Completed External Cladding and Restoration Experts Projects

Clean Your Listed Building Instead of Painting!

+plus pointCleaning listed buildings regularly prolongs the time in between painting cycles!

Why Use Spectrum For
Your Cladding Clean?

The condition of a building’s cladding has a big impact on the overall look of its façade. If it is dull, dirty or blotchy, it can cause the building to look old and tired before its time. Keeping cladding clean not only improves the aesthetic of a property, it also helps the building to create a great first impression on everyone who uses it.

Spectrum specialises in cleaning and restoring stone, metal and wooden cladding. Over the years, our operatives have completed hundreds of projects, gaining a huge amount of experience and expertise on the way. Our in-depth knowledge ensures our teams are able to select the right products and processes for each project. This prevents damage to a building and its cladding, and ensures we are able to deliver outstanding results every time.

Experience and expertise

Every commercial cladding cleaning project Spectrum works on is unique. Each site brings its own challenges and each requires a bespoke approach in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Our operatives have successfully tackled a range of challenging cladding restoration sites. They bring this expertise to every job they work on, ensuring all our clients are able to see excellent results.

Rust and Staining Removed Every Time

Specially formulated chemical solutions allow our operatives to effectively remove a range of residues including rust, corrosion and staining. Spectrum has tested numerous chemical blends to find the best options for each material and each job.

Access Guaranteed

Our IRATA abseil team are able to reach virtually all areas of a building. This allows our teams to thoroughly clean cladding across a property quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about our cladding cleaning services, and discuss a project of your own, by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team.

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We specialise in building maintenance and restoration. As a property manager or surveyor what content could we produce that would bring you value?

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Leak detection


Render cleaning

Bird Proofing

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Beware of high pressure jet washing when it comes to cleaning wooden cladding!

Wooden cladding requires delicate cleaning. 

By using low-pressure, high heat steam we are able to effectively clean your wooden cladding without damaging it!

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