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What Our Google Reviews Say


Deborah Ranger10 months ago

I have worked with Spectrum now for over two years, the professionalism they have shown when attending jobs and there thoroughness is exceptional.

Oli Sommerfelt7 months ago

Professional, attentive and a high quality end result.

Giggs Demetriou1 month ago

We use Spectrum to clean our windows on a monthly basis. I would recommend this company 100%. We have had quite a few of there window cleaners turn up to do the job and i can honestly say they ALL do a fantastic job. There prices are very competitive and they are very friendly and helpful every time I speak with them. I cannot recommend them enough, you will not be disappointed.

Lee-Anne Greyling6 months ago

Thank you to Raquel and the Spectrums Team, wonderful service delivery and each of our blocks being a management company expect the exceptional to which you are.

Lennie D'Cruz5 months ago

Very happy with the work carried out cleaning the solar panels on the roof of two houses.

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Don’t forget we operate nationwide so no matter where you are, we can have our specialist team come to you. If you are unsure of the service you require please browse our service wheel for more information or pick up the phone and our friendly team will be able to assist you.

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Drain Cleaning and Maintenance in Kingston, London

How does our team trace leaks accurately? ☝️

There are several different tools and methods that can be used to detect a leak and find its source.

And one of the ways is through using a borescope inspection.

This tool helps to inspect drains, pipes and wiring without having to remove the walls and ceilings.

The camera on this instrument allows us to carefully navigate into places that would be impossible to see with only the human eye.

Not only do we JUST detect your leak but we also implement a temporary repair.

Get in touch with our leak detection team today:
...see more


Brick Cleaning and Restoration in Tooting, London

Query: Do I really need an expert to clean my bricks or can I do it myself? πŸ€”

A brick cleaning job may seem fairly simple, but there are plenty of things that could go wrong.
Avoid causing damage to your brickwork and call our specialist brick cleaning team instead.

πŸ“² Get in contact with us here:

πŸ‘€ Or learn more about our brick cleaning services here:
...see more


Graffiti Removal in A Location

New vandalism on your property?

We're sorry about that - we know what an inconvenience it is.

It's a good thing that graffiti removal is one of the specialist services that we have under our belts...

Let's reverse that damage. πŸ”

βœ‰οΈ Get in touch with our expert team today:

πŸ‘€ Or learn more about our graffiti removal service here:
...see more


Stone Repairs in Chelsea, London 

Our professional restoration division can clean and restore your stone, wall, brick... right back to its former glory. 

Don't settle for a dirty facade when the damage can be reversed by our team.

πŸ“² Get in touch with our experts today:

πŸ‘€ Or browse our 38 different maintenance services here:
...see more


Metal Works in A Location

πŸ’¬ FAQ: Do I need a professional to clean my exterior metal cladding? 

For an impressive, effective and long-lasting result - yes.

It's lucky that one of the 38 different maintenance services that we offer is...cladding cleaning!

πŸ“² Get in touch with our expert cleaning team today:
...see more


Drain Cleaning and Maintenance in Southhampton, UK

We operate nationwide offering expert emergency drain cleaning services.

We understand the urgency when it comes to clearing and restoring a blocked drain.

Need a trusted property maintenance contractor?

Work with us. 🀞

βœ‰οΈ Get in touch with our specialist team today:

πŸ‘€ Or learn more about our drain cleaning service here:
...see more


Abseiling Services in Croydon, London

What if you arrived at your morning Starbucks to find it was closed...

It would ruin your day right?

Our team were working above Starbucks last week carrying out a painting job, and our rope access operative had baskets underneath them to catch any fallen material.

This meant that you could get your coffee in the morning. 

You're welcome. πŸ˜‰

πŸ‘€ Learn more about our abseiling services here:

βœ‰οΈ Or get in touch to book your next disruption free maintenance service with our team:
...see more


External Redecorations in Earlsfield, London

Our pipe repair service causes minimal disruption to your property or business. 

Rope access allows a less invasive service 

So your faulty pipe can be fixed without the headache of erecting loud and intrusive scaffolding. 

βœ‰οΈ Get in touch with our specialist team today:

πŸ“² Or learn more about our rope access services here:
...see more


Brick Cleaning and Restoration in Nottingham, London

Are you starting to notice some 'white stuff' on your brick facade? 🧐

This 'white stuff' is called efflorescence - which is a salty deposit that occurs on many different types of surfaces, such as brick.

πŸ“² Get your FREE quotation with our specialist team today:
...see more


Render Cleaning in Nottinghill, London

πŸ’¬ Question: Can you clean ALL of the algae off of my dirty render?

Yes, yes we can.

There are several different steps that lead to transformative results. 

πŸ‘€ And we actually have a whole blog explaining WHY there's algae on your render and HOW we can clean it:

πŸ“²Get in touch with our render cleaning ream today:
...see more


Abseiling Services in Essex, UK

We put our experts through regular IRATA abseiling training for a number of reasons.

πŸ‘‰ It enables us to perform specialist jobs, such as brick tinting, via rope and with no need to erect costly scaffolding.

πŸ‘‰ We can reach and restore areas on your property that might not have been attainable through other methods of access. 

If you think that your property may be too complex to restore or that it has areas that are too difficult to reach...

Think again.

πŸ“² Get in touch with our team today:

...see more


Render Cleaning in Stratford, London

Whether you have modern render on your property such as Monocouche, K-rend or Weber, you will get discolouration or algae build-up on the surface.

Don't fret, this damage is completely reversible. πŸ”

With the help of our render cleaning paired with their IRATA abseiling qualification, we can transform your rendered facade back to its former glory.

πŸ“² Get in touch with our specialists today:
...see more


Gutter Cleaning in Bridgend, UK

πŸ‘€ Look at our gutter cleaning vacuum in action! 

This tool was designed and developed in-house, enabling us to reach all of your property's complex and hard-to-access areas.

Keep up with the maintenance of the properties that you manage with Spectrum. πŸ‘Š

Get in touch with our experts today:
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Stone Works in West Midlands, UK

πŸ–οΈ That grime and dirt on the stone elements within your property are completely reversible.

When you work with our specialist transformative results are made. 🀝

Need a trustworthy contractor?

Get in touch with our team today:
...see more


Gutter Cleaning in Didsbury, UK

Did you know that overflowing and blocked gutters is the major reason for water damage and mould growth inside your property?

Keeping your gutters regularly maintained is key to ensuring the best health for your building.

πŸ“² Get in touch with our gutter cleaning team today:
...see more


Stone Works in Surrey, UK

πŸ’¬ A frequently asked question: How is your stone cleaning service less expensive than other options?

In a lot of cases, our team doesn't need to erect scaffolding to reach highly-located stone parts on your property - due to all of our specialists being IRATA abseiling trained.

πŸ“² Get in touch with our team today and get your FREE quotation:
...see more


Drain Cleaning and Maintenance in Chiswick, London 

⚠️ BREAKING: Putting shop-bought 'drain cleaning' solutions down your drain does NOT clean your drain.

This will temporarily unclog a drain (it doesn't remove the build-up) - meaning that it will most likely become blocked again.

πŸ“² Get in touch with us today:
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External Redecorations in A Location

🚨 In need of an emergency window replacement or repair?

You've landed in the right place.

Our window repair team operates nationwide and 24/7 to provide you with effective restoration services.

πŸ“² Get in touch today:
...see more