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How We Use the Doff Steam Cleaning Machine - What is Doff Cleaning?

DOFF Cleaning with Spectrum Specialist Support

DOFF stone cleaning is a revolutionary, ultra-heated steam-based cleaning system capable of removing stains, dirt, and even biological matter from the grimiest building exteriors. Spectrum is proud of our premium DOFF cleaning services; unlike other DOFF cleaning contractors, we go above and beyond the call of duty to provide you with the best experts, equipment, and knowledge. When you go Spectrum, you get the results you need. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the DOFF machine and the entire DOFF cleaning system! 

What Is DOFF Cleaning? 

DOFF steam cleaning is a high-powered steam-based cleaning method that uses superheated steam to eradicate any sign of dirt, grime, mould, algae and more from stonework without damaging it in the slightest. This isn’t the kind of steam which you’d find drifting out from the spout of your kettle; the DOFF machine can channel high-powered bursts of the steam out of its pressurised nozzle, reaching temperatures of up to 150°C. That’ll get you better results than any amount of elbow grease and scrubbing. Trust us. 

The DOFF machine doesn’t require any extraneous chemicals to achieve professional results. It uses nothing more than water, albeit heated to the point where it becomes steam, but you can forgive that, right? This means that DOFF cleaning services are entirely safe for use around pets, children and vulnerable individuals. 

There aren’t many ways to get better, faster, and safer results to restoring your stonework to its original glory than with the DOFF cleaning system!  

Where Can DOFF Cleaning Be Used? 

Both our DOFF cleaning London and DOFF cleaning Reading specialists are trained in implementing professional-grade DOFF cleaning services. Domestic? Commercial? Down low? Up high? It doesn’t matter; we’re proud to be the most adaptable and far-reaching DOFF cleaning contractors around. 

Over time, even the best stonework and sturdiest concrete will grow foul from the various contaminants out there in the wild. When you spend the time to think about it, it’s genuinely overwhelming to consider the number of ways in which stone, brick and concrete can lose their sheen and succumb to the grime of the modern world: 

● Dirt
● Grime
● Paint
● Colour fading
● Animal excrement
● Graffiti
● Mud
● Algae
● Fungi
● Grease
● Chewing gum
● And more… 

Thankfully, DOFF steam cleaning is designed to tackle all of these nasty build-ups with ease, whether you’re dealing with them on your building’s exterior, concrete flooring, stone walls, statues, bollards or anywhere else.  

As specialist DOFF cleaning contractors, Spectrum’s DOFF cleaning services will eradicate deep-seated grime buildup as quickly as you would mop the floor—and what’s more, it’ll do just as minor damage to your stonework’s structural integrity! 

From making public spaces more aesthetically pleasing to restoring treasured monuments to their former glory, DOFF stone cleaning is a world-renowned method of stone purifying, perfectly safe for use on any external piece of stonework, concrete or brickwork.  

Interested in enlisting Spectrum to make your stonework shine once more? You might want to know exactly what the DOFF cleaning system entails... 

6 Steps to Doff Cleaning

The DOFF cleaning system is as simple as it is effective. Here’s how Spectrum’s DOFF stone cleaning services will bring your stone, concrete and brickwork to a pristine sheen! 

1) After a thorough consultation with you, our team will arrive at your location, equipped with the DOFF machine and any relevant equipment (i.e. gear for working at great heights).

2) They will further assess your location for safety, taking photos along the way for the post-job report.

3) Our experts will prepare their equipment and the DOFF machine will be switched on.

4) When the heat has built up inside the water chamber of the DOFF machine, our team will get to work restoring your surfaces with superheated steam.

5) When the job has been completed to a professional standard, our experts will follow-up on the previous photos with updated photos depicting the finished job. They will also write up a full project report for your records, outlining exactly how they have restored your property.

6) Finally, they will ensure you are satisfied with the work before leaving you to enjoy your, good-as-new, freshly-restored stonework! 

What’s Different With Spectrum’s DOFF Cleaning Service? 

You may be wondering why Spectrum should be your go-to DOFF cleaning contractor, and we absolutely understand why you’d think that. There are a number of companies that try their hands at offering DOFF cleaning services, but at Spectrum, we believe that we’ve got them all beat. Why? For a few very important reasons. 

Firstly, we include thorough documentation, reporting and photographing as part of our service. Even if you can’t follow us 50 feet in the air, you’ll know exactly what’s happened when our experts treat your property. There need be no blind faith when you hire Spectrum: you’ll be in the know 100% of the time. 

Second, we use patented 3D equipment that’s specialised for our exact requirements. That means our team doesn’t have to compromise with generic tools, and you can enjoy the top-notch results that come from that. 

On top of that, we offer nationwide support. No matter where you are, our specialists can provide you with the top-notch cleaning services you need. Not just DOFF cleaning, but also any of our other services too, from gutter cleaning to lightning conductor testing and beyond. 

Finally—and this goes for everything we do here at Spectrum...we care. Our entire business is centred around maintaining the sense of warmth, comfort and homeliness that comes from a clean, grime-free building or environment. Even professional workplaces can benefit from that sense of comfort; it can put customers at ease and help boost employee morale. That’s why we’re sincerely devoted to doing the best for our clients without resorting to harmful, sometimes corrosive chemicals.

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