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What is a Doff Cleaning Service?


What is a Doff Cleaning Service? 

Whether your property has been vandalised or is merely in need of a spruce up, Doff steam cleaning can transform the exterior of your property and leave it looking as good as new. Indeed, Doff steam cleaning can remove paint, graffiti and discolouration from a property’s façade without damaging it.  

Doff steam cleaning gently washes away stains, discolouration, and organic matter from a building’s exterior using superheated steam. A Doff machine is easily transportable and highly versatile. When used in combination with Spectrum’s specialist access techniques, Doff steam cleaning is so effective that it can remove stains without the need for chemicals.  

Doff steam cleaning is fast and efficient and widely used to renovate the facades of domestic and commercial properties alike. Spectrum’s bespoke Doff steam cleaning is also the only one accredited by English Heritage to clean historic buildings. We have ample experience in preserving the natural beauty of such delicate structures.

So, suppose your property’s exterior is looking worse for wear. In that case, a Doff steam cleaning service will not only gently wash away any stains but also enhance the property’s natural aesthetic and save you money on access costs. To give you a greater understanding of how Doff steam cleaning works, below, we explain a little more about the process and how you can book a Spectrum Doff cleaning service today.  

Every property requires a little TLC now and then. Whether your property has acquired graffiti or algae, a Doff steam cleaning service is a popular cleaning process used to remove paint, graffiti and stains from domestic, commercial and historical properties.  

Doff steam cleaning works by heating steam to a much higher temperature than conventional steam cleaners using a DOFF machine. This process allows surfaces to be washed gently without the need for chemicals and a property’s natural beauty to be restored. Indeed, as Doff steam cleaning uses heat rather than pressure, Doff steam cleaning ensures that the substrate of your property’s façade is not damaged in the process, which makes it ideal for cleaning modern render.  

A Spectrum Doff Cleaning service also allows you to save up to 70% on access costs as all of our Doff steam cleaning equipment is designed and 3D printed in house to allow for an extensive clean without using scaffolding. This means Doff steam cleaning can be completed at height on a range of buildings for paint removal, graffiti removal, algae cleaning and carbon staining cleaning to restore stonework to its original aesthetic while also saving you money. 

What equipment is used during a Doff Cleaning service?

Specialist DOFF cleaning machines along with bespoke Spectrum cleaning equipment are used in our Doff Cleaning service. The specialist Doff cleaning machine super-heats water to produce a high temperate steam. Then, at over 150˚C, this steam is ejected from the DOFF machine’s built-in nozzle and used to gently remove paint, graffiti, grime or discolouration from the property’s facade.  

When this high-temperate steam is combined with our patented cleaning systems, which include specially designed carbon fibre tubes that extend the reach of DOFF machines, we can clean heights of up to eight stories without the need for scaffolding. Our agile cleaning systems also include IRATA certified abseilers, so if your property is higher than eight stories, we can still clean it effectively without the need for scaffolding or heavy machinery and save you up to 70% in access costs. 

Moreover, DOFF machines are both portable and versatile and can be used to clean a range of stains off surfaces, including paint, graffiti, algae and discolouration. Indeed, when combined with Spectrum’s patented cleaning system, Doff steam cleaning can save you a significant amount of money yet still achieve brilliant results.  

Why should I book a Doff cleaning service?

Doff cleaning is one of the most popular cleaning services for cleaning the facades of commercial and domestic properties as it is highly versatile. 

Indeed, Doff cleaning is also gentle on stonework and unlike high-pressure washing does not damage the substrate. Doff machines are designed to be portable and can be easily transported to sites nationwide. So, whether your property has recently been vandalised or needs a routine clean, we highly recommend booking a Doff cleaning service to both save you money and keep your property looking its best. 

What is included in Spectrum’s Doff cleaning service? 

Here at Spectrum, we have extensive experience carrying out Doff cleaning services and have created and patented our own bespoke Doff steam cleaning system that can save you up to 70% in access costs. We are able to thoroughly remove paint, algae, pollutants and other discolouration from the exterior of a building without damaging the substrate or erecting scaffolding.  

Our highly experienced team can use their expertise to access difficult to reach areas, including staining in an elevated position and ensure your building is restored to its former glory without further damage from scaffolding or high-pressure washing. Indeed, to ensure your satisfaction, our team will conduct a site survey before every project to recommend both the best method and product for cleaning your property’s façade. We will also send you a full report including pictures so you can see the before and after of a Doff steam clean. 

If you are interested in the Doff cleaning process or a property that could benefit from our cleaning expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our team today.


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