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What is DOFF cleaning? - Why is DOFF Cleaning So Good?

Why is DOFF Cleaning So Good?

DOFF cleaning is one of the most popular services offered by Spectrum. Effective at removing a wide range of organic matter and paint, staining, and discolouration, DOFF cleaning helps our operatives achieve outstanding results every time.


What is DOFF cleaning? 


Doff cleaning is a specialist process that uses a ‘DOFF’ machine. This machine super-heats water to produce high-temperature steam. We can then use this steam to clean roofs, walls, render, cladding and almost all other structural surfaces on a building. DOFF steam cleaning machines are easily portable and can be brought to any site that requires this robust process.


How does it work? 


Specialist DOFF cleaning machines heat water to a much higher temperature than traditional steam cleaners. This superheated steam effectively removes a wide range of unwanted substances, including algae, mould, paint, and staining. 

The steam is delivered to the surface of the cladding, stone, masonry or render using a targeted nozzle. This helps to concentrate the power of the steam and remove staining quickly and efficiently. The steam is so effective that it negates the need for chemical solutions. This can be a real benefit when dealing with delicate materials and sensitive substrate.


What can a DOFF system be used for?


We can use the DOFF system to clean a wide range of surfaces. It is effective at removing a variety of organic substances as well as paint and graffiti. When DOFF cleaning properties in the South East, our operatives are often tasked with removing: 


·      Algae 


Algae growth is a common issue for many commercial and residential properties. Algae spores are carried through the air and deposited on external surfaces. These spores can quickly take hold in favourable conditions, producing large areas of red, green or black discolouration. DOFF steam cleaning can speedily and efficiently remove algae from almost all surfaces to leave a façade looking like new. 


·      Graffiti 


Graffiti is a problem in lots of towns and cities across the UK. The DOFF steam cleaning system is one of the most effective ways to remove graffiti from commercial and domestic properties. In many cases, this type of cleaning removes graffiti in a matter of moments, leaving the façade looking fresh and like new. 


·      Paint 


Old, peeling paint is often removed from external surfaces before the start of a new cleaning project. Our operatives use DOFF cleaning to get rid of a wide range of water and oil-based paints, as well as varnishes and bitumastic and thermoplastic coatings. 


What about cleaning at height?


In cases where Spectrum is asked to clean high-rise buildings and large commercial structures, our operatives can increase DOFF cleaning reach using our patented equipment. This innovative approach gives our expert team the reach they need to access all corners of a building and leave the exterior looking new.


The 4 benefits of DOFF cleaning.


The DOFF cleaning system offers many benefits over other options. While it is not suitable for all situations and all surfaces, it is ideal for a wide variety of applications. 


1.  Protecting the underlying structure.


One of the significant benefits of DOFF cleaning is that it does not damage the underlying substrate. Other high-pressure methods, like jet washing, can easily damage soft stone or masonry, resulting in a pitted, uneven appearance at the end of the process. 


As DOFF cleaning uses low pressure, high-temperature steam, there is no chance of inadvertently damaging the underlying materials. The method is so safe and effective that it is the only system accredited by English Heritage for use on their protected buildings. 


Spectrum often uses this system to clean period properties. Like many managed by English Heritage, these buildings have antique façades and are made of delicate materials. DOFF cleaning London period properties allows our teams to restore these beautiful buildings to their former glory. 


2. There is no need for chemicals. 


The superheated steam produced by DOFF machines is so effective it can remove a wide range of stains and discolouration without the need for chemical products. 


3. It is quick and efficient.


 Completing cleaning projects quickly and efficiently allows Spectrum to keep costs down and minimise disruption. As DOFF cleaning gets rid of a wide variety of staining, paint, organic matter and discolouration in moments, the system allows our teams to work as fast as possible. 


4. Easy access


 DOFF cleaning machines are readily mobile, allowing our operatives to use the system wherever necessary. There are often cases where the staining or discolouration is located high up on a building’s façade. Spectrum can use various specialist access techniques to reach the affected area and resolve the issue. 


What facades can be cleaned with DOFF?


DOFF cleaning services can be extremely versatile. We can use the system to clean everything from stone and brick to wood and tile. Our experienced operatives can advise clients as to whether DOFF cleaning is the best option for their needs. They will also talk them through the process and what they can expect from the finished result.


Why hire professionals to carry out DOFF cleaning?


If your business is looking for DOFF cleaning in South East England, Spectrum can help. Our expert operatives have extensive experience using the system and will be able to thoroughly clean your building without causing any damage to the substrate.


Get in touch with Spectrum now, and we will carry out free disinfecting cleaning on your property. This service is designed to kill various germs and is part of our effort to tackle the current coronavirus pandemic. All of our teams wear full PPE on site when carrying out cleaning works, and all are fully trained in getting the most out of this powerful cleaning system.


Please find out more about our DOFF cleaning services by visiting our website here or getting in touch with a member of our team.

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