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CCTV Drain Inspection - Drain Cleaning

Drains are one of the most important features of a large commercial or residential property. Helping to get water away from the building quickly and efficiently, drains prevent flooding, leaks and other issues that can damage the structure and aesthetics of a property.

CCTV drain surveys can help up to quickly identify drainage issues and resolve them as efficiently as possible 

The Project

CCTV Drain Inspection

Drain Cleaning

  • Location:South London
  • Client:Property Management Company
  • Project Duration:2 Days
  • Substrate:Drains
  • Access Method:CCTV Drain Survey

The Site

The main logistical issue that our teams encountered on the Station House site was a lack of design drawings for the drainage system. Because the site was so big, this lack of detailed plans meant it was difficult to identify all the drains that required jetting.

The Logistics

The main logistical issue that our teams encountered on the Station House site was a lack of design drawings for the drainage system. Because the site was so big, this lack of detailed plans meant it was difficult to identify all the drains that required jetting. In order to overcome this issue, and ensure the job was completed as thoroughly as possible, our operatives brought our CCTV drain survey equipment onto the site. 

This allowed them to inspect every corner of the system and identify any potential issues that could negatively affect the drains. Any issues that were found were reported to the client so that they could be addressed during future maintenance work. Carrying out a CCTV drain survey, and using the cameras to identify potential drainage issues, was the best way to ensure the entire system was clean and clear at the end of the project. The CCTV drain equipment was brought to the site at no additional cost to the client. 

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CCTV drain surveys help to prevent serious leaks.

CCTV Drain Inspection
Case Study

The Clean

All our operatives are highly trained in drain cleaning and drain maintenance. Operatives that work on drain cleaning projects have completed relevant courses and training and so have an in-depth understanding of drainage systems and the issues that can affect them. 

As the Station House block was made up of almost 100 flats, it was essential that the work was carried out quickly and efficiently in order to minimise disruption to the residents. Our operatives brought all relevant equipment to the site, including the CCTV cameras, and completed the job as quickly and thoroughly as possible. 

Our operatives take a methodical approach to drain cleaning. Powerful jets of water are used to clean drains and dislodge blockages. The jetting process is very effective and, when it is done properly, can clean almost all debris from a drainage system, allowing water to flow freely once more. 

When they arrive at a site like Station House, our operatives first assess the system and decide in which order to jet the drains. A lot of large residential and commercial buildings have maps of their drainage systems available to guide the process. In cases where this is not possible, like Station House, our teams will use other methods to create an effective plan of action. 

On properties like the Station House block, our operatives will clean drain runs, sub runs and gully runs, before tackling the base of stacks and downpipes. Surface drains are cleaned along with any gullies that run through to walkways and common areas. Rainwater drains are cleaned using a plough jet. This is done in order to keep silt levels as low as possible and prevent future blockages. 

In cases where there is no water available on-site, our teams will bring vans equipped with large water tanks to the property. This allows us to achieve excellent results on all sites we work on. 

As our teams work to clean drains and remove blockages, they document their workings using photographs and videos. This allows us to show clients, like those at the Station House site, just how effective drain jetting is. It also provides a useful record of the clean and allows us to identify any issues that may impact the efficiency of the system. 

As these issues are often caught early, CCTV drain surveys allow management companies to take action before flooding or leaks occur. This helps to prevent more serious problems from developing and can help to prevent blockages occurring in the system and negate the need for emergency call-outs in the future. 

Taking pre-emptive action is the best way to reduce disruption to those using the building and minimise the maintenance costs on a large residential or commercial property.  

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If there is no access to water on site, we can bring it with us in our self-contained vans.

The Result

The client on the Station House project was very impressed with the CCTV footage of the drain cleaning works as they were not expecting our team to carry out such a thorough job. The footage showed the management company that our operatives had inspected all of the drainage chambers on the site. This reassured them that the job had been carried out to a high standard and gave them peace of mind that the system was working as it should.

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