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CCTV Drain Survey Inspection - Drain Maintenance

Spectrum was approached by a property management company that was having subsidence work done on one of its properties. The management company, and the subsidence specialist in charge of the work, instructed us to inspect the drains on the building. We were asked to focus on the area located beneath the part of the building that had experienced subsidence issues.

Protecting the foundations of our clients' properties are safe through our CCTV Drain Surveying Service.

The Project

CCTV Drain Survey Inspection

Drain Maintenance

  • Location:London
  • Client:Property Management Company
  • Project Duration:2 days
  • Substrate:Drains
  • Access Method:CCTV

The Site

As subsidence often results in cracked and damaged drains, it was important to inspect the pipes before any remedial work took place on the site. 

The Logistics

Working on this property didn’t present any major logistical issues. We were able to bring all necessary equipment to the site and set it up where it was needed.

As well as inspecting and clearing the drainage pipes, we were asked to provide detailed drawings on their location and distance from the building. This information would be used by the subsidence specialist to inform their works and make their job more straightforward.

In order to ensure the work was carried out to a high standard, all of the operatives working on this project had undergone relevant drain survey inspection courses.

+plus point

By detecting cracks in our clients' drains, we are able to detect future issues and  save our clients money on emergency services.

CCTV Drain Survey Inspection
Case Study

High Standard Drain Maintenance

In order to carry out a full and thorough drain inspection, we brought a range of specialist equipment to the site. Drain maintenance is a big part of what we do, so we had all of the tools and training required to complete the job to the highest standard.

The first thing we had to do was inspect the drains for cracks and other damage. Carrying out a drain inspection before subsidence work commences is incredibly important. This is because subsidence experts often use specialist resin to shore up foundations and prevent further movement. This resin is injected straight into the ground around the property affected by subsidence.

If there are cracks in the drainage system, the resin can find its way into the pipes. The type of resin used in subsidence works expands as it dries, so if any gets into the drainage pipes, it will start to cause blockages and other severe issues very quickly. In most cases, repairing issues caused by resin in the pipes is more time consuming, and more costly, than inspecting, clearing and repairing the drains before work gets underway.

Carrying out a drain inspection before subsidence work commences helps to prevent these issues and protect a building’s drainage system. If any cracks or leaks are found in the pipes, they can be repaired before any subsidence works begin.

When carrying out our drain inspection on the South London site, we focused on the drains located in the area where subsidence had occurred. This was the site where the resin would be injected and the location where there was the highest risk of cracks in the drainage system.

During the inspection, we found a number of blockages in the pipes. As we regularly carry out drain and waste pipe cleaning, as well as drain inspections, we have the expertise and the equipment needed to quickly and efficiently clear the pipes of all blockages and get the system flowing freely. Once the pipes were clear, we were able to carefully check the area for cracks and damage.

Many of the companies that carry out drain cleaning don’t have the skills or equipment required to both inspect and clear a drainage system. Having the ability to do both allows us to provide our clients with an exceptionally high-value service.

While our team was working on the drain inspection and soil stack cleaning, they took the time to create clear, accurate drawings of the drainage network. These labelled drawings showed the direction of the pipework and the distance and positioning of the drains in relation to the building.

These drawings were used by the company carrying out the subsidence works. They made it a lot easier for their operatives to address the subsidence issues at the site and inject resin in the most appropriate places.

+plus point
Our team of highly skilled operatives were able to identify all cracks and blockages.

Protecting Our Clients' Properties

During the drain inspection at the South London block, our team identified and cleared a number of blockages in the system. This prevented more serious issues from developing in the future and allowed us to reassure the property management company that everything was working as it should.

Our drain inspection also allowed us to check for cracks and damage to the pipework. This is an important part of drain maintenance and should be carried out on a fairly regular basis. The inspection also gave us the opportunity to ensure the pipes were in good condition before subsidence works began.

The subsidence specialist working on the site was very happy with the amount of information our team was able to supply regarding the layout of the drainage system. This allowed them to work quickly and efficiently and achieve excellent results from their own work on the site.

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