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Do You Need Your Drain Cleaned ? - Drain Maintenance 

Most people don’t think about their drains until the moment they’re faced with a blockage or other serious problem. But take a moment to consider the onslaught of food, grease, soap and hair they deal with on a daily basis – once you do, you’ll realise why looking after your drains is so important.

Undertaking regular checks and drain cleaning will keep your home’s sewage lines and pipes functioning properly. Doing so will also help highlight any small underlying issues, which should be dealt with as they arise to you save you money on repairs in the future. 

Wondering, “What is drain cleaning? And “how do I clean my drains?” Then keep scrolling! Because in the blog below, you’ll discover everything you need to know about drains and how to maintain them.  

The Importance Of Drain Cleaning

Let’s start with the basics. Drain cleaning involves the application of things like chemical drain cleaners, plungers, air burst drain cleaners, water jets to a single clogged drain, usually in your shower, toilet or sink. These various methods target the blockages in two different ways: the chemicals in certain products to break down the debris, while pressurised water uses force to wash blockages away. 

Now we’ve covered the all-important question: “What is drain cleaning?”, let’s move on to why is drain cleaning so important. In any home, free-flowing drains are essential. They are responsible for removing water and other waste from your home, protecting it from flooding and a build-up of household debris. 

When a drain blockage occurs, slow draining showers or sinks are usually the first signs, followed by foul-smelling aromas. These problems, though small at first, can lead to serious blockages overtime, which may result in serious (and costly) damage to your drainage pipes.

To summarise, the benefits of keeping your drains clean include: 

What happens If I Don’t Get My Drain Cleaned?

A number of issues may occur if you allow your drains to become blocked. These include:

How To Clean Your Drains

Googling, “How to clean my drains?” Here are the answers you’re after:

The Spectrum team advise using a plunger or over-the-counter chemical unblocking product to deal with small issues, such as slow draining sinks. Both of these items are easy to use and readily available at supermarkets and hardware stores. 

Considering DIY-ing it? Before you reach for the drain cleaner, it’s best to assess the damage and decide whether it might, in fact, be better to call in experts like Spectrum. After all, a poorly executed attempt at drain cleaning is likely to result in more damage to your system and more costly repairs. 

 Spectrum’s team also recommend booking a professional drain inspection every two years, just to make sure everything is in good condition.

Why Might I Need A CCTV Drain Survey?

Drainage systems can be large and complex. When they are, identifying the exact location and cause of the blockage can be tricky. 

That’s why a CCTV drain survey service, like that offered by our team at Spectrum, is so valuable. Our CCTV service speedily assesses your drainage system, highlighting any existing issues or blockages and identify where any potential problems are likely to occur in the future. 

Spectrum: Drain Cleaning UK service

Looking for a drain cleaning UK-based company? Then look no further than Spectrum. Our specialist team are experts at cleaning drains and offer a 24/7 emergency call-out drain unblocking service. Spectrum’s unique methods and cutting-edge technology allows our team to gain access to any drain blockage, no matter how challenging.  

What is drain cleaning when performed by a specialist like Spectrum? In terms of the specifics, Spectrum, unlike other drain cleaning companies, avoids using chemicals for sustainable and environmental reasons. 

Instead, Spectrum opt for powerful jets of water, which blast waste and blockages out of drainage systems. Our method ensuring your drainage pipes flow freely, while also keeping unnecessary chemicals out of the water supply. 

Get In Touch

Interested in Spectrum’s drain cleaning services? Why not get in touch for a chat and a quote. 

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