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How do I know if my drain needs cleaning?
- Property Maintenance 

A lot of people tend to neglect their drains until they urgently have to do something about them, whether that be a repair, a clean or a complete replacement. 

Yet, what exactly is a blocked drain? 

A blocked drain is where built-up sewage and other debris begin to interrupt the drainage system, stopping it from doing its job correctly. Now, if you don’t properly repair and clean your blocked drain, it can impose serious health risks and become a ground for harmful bacteria to build up.

So, how can I avoid a drain blockage?

To avoid these more costly services further down the line, you should regularly be checking and booking a drain cleaning service to ensure that the pipes are functioning properly and your drainage system is doing its job correctly.

How do I know if my drain needs cleaning?

Well, it can be quite difficult to detect a blocked drain when you can’t physically see the problem. However, it’s not impossible, there are a variety of factors that can help you distinguish whether you do have a drainage problem.

If you do identify any of these issues, then do not worry, this is something that our team at Spectrum can quickly, effectively and successfully treat and repair.

How are drains cleaned?

Some companies may use chemicals to break down the muck and sewage that has been built up, and others may use the powerful jet washing alternative.

There are lots of different methods for eliminating blockages correctly, however, the most crucial and key part of a drain cleaning service, is that it’s performed by a specialist.

So, it’s a very good thing that drain cleaning is one of the 28 services that our team offers!

Why use us?

When our team is faced with any building restoration job, we take great pride in providing an optimal service that includes cost-effective, time-efficient and non-invasive results.

We are proud to say that our high experience of years in cleaning and repairing drainage systems for both residential and commercial properties, has positioned us strongly to being one of the best and most trusted contractors in this industry.

Not only do we promise an impressive and successful result, but once the drain cleaning service is complete we provide you with a detailed picture and video reporting, containing any other suitable notes in telling advice of other potential issues on your property.

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