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CCTV Drain Survey. - What Is It, And When Would I Need One?

Though they may not be the most glamorous part of a property’s infrastructure, drains are one of the most essential. By taking wastewater away from a building quickly and efficiently, they prevent a range of serious maintenance issues and help to keep buildings of all shapes and sizes working as they should.

Regularly inspecting and maintaining your drains helps to keep them in good condition and identify potential issues before they become too serious. Our CCTV drain surveys are the most time- and cost-effective way of inspecting your drainage system and keeping on top of drain maintenance. Keep reading to find out more.

What is a CCTV Drain Survey? 

A CCTV drain survey uses specially-developed cameras to look deep inside a drain and check for any issues. When our operatives arrive at your property to carry out a drain survey, they’ll access the system via a manhole. These manholes, when properly sited, give our team members access to the entire drainage system, ensuring they’re able to spot all potential issues.

Our operatives will check the footage gathered for a range of issues and provide the client with a full report, detailing any essential maintenance work that is required. As CCTV surveys are carried out using specialist equipment, they can be completed quickly and efficiently, with the results available almost immediately.

Which Issues Can Be Identified Using a CCTV Drain Survey? 

When they are carried out by skilled, experienced operatives, CCTV drain surveys can identify almost all common drainage issues. If they are spotted early, many of the issues can be put right quickly and at minimal cost – and minimal disruption – to the client. 

- Blockages 

Blockages are a very common drainage issue. Often caused by food, hair, tissue and other debris being washed into the system, full and partial blockages restrict the flow of water in the drains. If the pipes become completely blocked, water can start to back up and may overflow out of sinks, toilets and baths. 

Partial blockages can cause water to back up into a building. They can also result in wastewater flowing more slowly through the pipes. This increases the risk of bad odours in the building and causes sinks, baths and showers to drain more slowly. 

CCTV drain surveys can easily spot full and partial blockages. Once the problem area has been identified, our team can use the most appropriate cleaning method to remove the blockage and get the drain back to full working order. 

- Leaks 

Leaking drains can be a serious issue for property owners. If the wastewater is leaking into the structure of a building, it can begin to cause damp, mould and other maintenance issues. If the water is leaking into the earth, it can destabilise the ground around the property and make the area unsafe.

A CCTV drain inspection can be used to find the leak and assess the extent of the problem. The footage gathered by drainage cameras is invaluable when it comes to creating a plan for the repairs. Our operatives will use the video and images to decide which type of repairs are most appropriate and decide which tools will be required for the job.

- Displaced Joints 

All drainage systems have joints. These joints connect up sections of the pipes and allow the drains to change direction, converge or diverge. If these joints become displaced, it can cause leaks and other drainage issues. Displaced joints can happen as the result of subsidence, or be caused by root movement or building works. 

- Corrosion 

Over time, the materials used to build the drains can begin to corrode. This corrosion is often caused by harmful chemicals entering the system and damaging the pipes. If corrosion is not stopped, pipes can begin to leak and the structure of the system can become weak. Drain inspection cameras can spot signs of corrosion and help property owners get an early warning of this common issue. 

- Minor and Major Tree Root Ingress 

As trees grow upwards, their roots grow outwards. While they grow slowly, tree roots are incredibly strong and can easily crack and crush drainage pipes. If this happens, it can result in leaks and blockages, so identifying and addressing the issue early is essential.

- Cracked and Collapsed Drains 

Cracked and collapsed drains can be caused by a variety of issues. Tree roots, building works and subsidence are all common culprits. Corrosion can also weaken pipes, making them more prone to collapse. A drain survey can find a cracked or collapsed section of pipe quickly and easily. The section can then be replaced or repaired and the drains returned to working order.

When Should CCTV Drain Surveys Be Carried Out?

 CCTV drain surveys should be carried out whenever maintenance issues are suspected. There are a number of signs that can indicate a drainage system is not working as it should. 

These include: 

- Bad odours emanating from plugs and toilets

- Slowly draining sinks, showers and baths

- Overflowing drains

- Unusual gurgling sounds

- Leaks outside the property

If property owners, their tenants or the businesses that use their buildings notice any of these indicators, they should arrange for a CCTV drain inspection as quickly as possible. 

CCTV drain surveys should also be carried out whenever a building changes ownership. 

Spectrum Offers a Full CCTV Drain Survey Service 

Our operatives have the skills, expertise and experience needed to carry out thorough CCTV drain surveys. They will access your drainage system and perform the survey while causing minimal disruption to tenants and businesses using the building. Once the survey is complete, our operatives will provide the client with a detailed report outlining any issues discovered. 

Find out more about the importance of drain surveys, and learn about the services we offer, by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team.

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