External Redecorations

When the time comes, Spectrum is ready

to restore the exterior of your property.

Good first impressions always count...

and every building deserves to look its

very best, so redecoration is essential for

an aesthetic and protective result.

External Redecoration Specialists London

In addition to maintaining our increasing asset value, a complete makeover of the building façade also provides a psychological lift and a feeling of well-being to both the occupants and the surrounding community. Atmospheric pollution, acid rain and pollution from traffic in addition to the degradation of materials on the building façade mean that refurbishment should be considered every 5 years to maintain the buildings aesthetic qualities from the time it was built. When you work with Spectrum, you can trust that your redecoration contractors are meeting the project specifications to the highest standard!

Our External Redecoration Service

Ingrained grime and the chemical effect of pollution from traffic and air quality can soon leave their mark, causing not just discolouration but also damage. When our teams start on a project, they frequently have to work with a range of materials, including steelwork, beams, timber, stone, or cladding, in many different executions and at various stages of damage. Every aspect of the building exterior is covered, from roof to ground level. The age of a building will play a major role in our approach when it comes to achieving a matching effect, especially with historic buildings. Once structural work is assessed, and the project specified, the redecoration teams move in and start repairs and deep cleaning. A good eye for matching colour is an essential skill and we take time and care to get this right, consulting with our clients. Equally when we are replacing stone sections, matching the colour and texture is as important as getting the fit right.

At Spectrum, we work closely with the Building Surveyor or Property Manager, Housing Associations and Local Authorities to assess the work involved and thereby provide a cost-effective scope of work whilst minimising the impact of those works on the surrounding environment. We assist the surveys by providing our rope access teams with camera helmets which are linked to a screen at ground level. With the surveyor in radio contact with the member of the team, he can direct the inspection process. The survey will establish if, in addition to cleaning and perhaps recoating, remedial works are required on the fabric of the building.

This could involve render or stone repair, damaged brick, or concrete, as well as oxidised or stained metallic surfaces. As every building is unique, our vast experience and expertise allow us to provide a bespoke solution for any façade to achieve outstanding results.

Our highly trained IRATA-accredited technicians have the expertise to provide the optimum refurbishment and revival service for building facades and thanks to our patented equipment we carry this out very cost-effectively by eliminating the need for access equipment i.e., scaffolding. Eliminating the need for scaffolding in favour of rope access not only saves the client money but also avoids the disruption caused by scaffolding to both building occupants and the surrounding community, reducing the time needed for job completion.

We have many case studies, endorsements, and testimonials from satisfied clients.

On External Redecoration services, we carry out sample test areas to demonstrate the efficacy of our processes so the client can see the expected results which is why you can trust Spectrum to provide the most professional service

Combining Abseiling With Restoration

We have a proven track record in working with all kinds of building structures, of all ages and are adept at working in all challenging and confined spaces. Our no-scaffold policy offers our clients three major benefits.

1. Speed of assessment and then redecoration, with time-saving leading directly to cost-saving

2. No scaffolding so savings can often run into five or six figures

3. The lack of scaffolding is aesthetically desirable for everyone in the area and occupants are spared weeks of reduced natural daylight

To enable surveyors who cannot abseil to inspect work, our teams go up with camera helmets linking to a screen on ground level. The surveyor is in radio contact with the operator, to direct every aspect of the inspection. Many clients, once they have experienced this approach are convinced and converted by its efficiency and practicality on many levels.

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Why Use Us For External Redecorations?


Instead of training abseilers to complete technical projects like repairing stone or timber sash windows, we train our specialists to work via rope access. This ensures that we are able to deliver every service we provide with rigor and to exceptional criteria.


We understand no matter how much you try, not all projects go to plan. The satisfaction of our clients is our number one property, which is why we are willing to be flexible and agile around the demands of the project. When you work with Spectrum, you can trust that we will find a way to make sure every project is completed to the highest standards.


By 3D printing our equipment, we are leading innovation in our industry. Our range of custom designed cleaning and repair equipment facilitates us in providing thorough services in the safest and most efficient manner.

What Are External Redecorations?

External decorations involve the review and repair of building details across a façade, deep cleaning using various products and equipment suitable for the substrate, followed by painting or recoating of areas as required. We have the skills and product knowledge to restore all substrates, from damaged sheet metal of all types to cracked rendering and damaged concrete, brick or stonework. We work with surveyors, local authorities, building owners and managers to deliver bespoke building restoration solutions with minimum impact on the surrounding environment. Before any painting, we undertake structural inspections and other relevant substrate testing along with standard crosshatch testing to ensure that the painting systems will bond to the surface.

Why Might Your Building Require Our External Redecoration Service?

Discolouration, rust damage, gutter leaks and environmental pollution all leave their mark and are not just an eyesore but will cause damage to the substrates, eventually leading to structural damage. External redecoration not only improves appearance, but regular redecoration of the outside is crucial as it helps prevent decay. This applies to external woodwork with windows and doors requiring regular painting or oiling depending on the wood. In older buildings, modern paints may not be suitable - lime render and stucco are likely to need special breathable paint such as limewash which is protective but does not trap moisture.

Each project is unique, and we always specify bespoke solutions to ensure optimum results.

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What Do External Redecorations Include?

Cleaning Services

From modern render to brick, we can incorporate any of our various external cleaning services into a Major Building Works Project to ensure your property is left looking better than ever!

Repair Services

From roofs, to gutters, to stonework, our team is highly trained in repairing any element of your building. Providing our repair services through rope access, we are able to repair the face of your element at competitive prices with mitigated disruption.

Our Accreditations

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Rich Delaney3 years ago

A great company comprising a great team led by a great guy.

Anna Novak1 year ago

If you're looking for a reliable and trusted window-cleaner company, look no further! Their work is always impeccable, the support team is incredibly kind, it's a flexible company and they respond immediately.

Chris Sansom2 years ago

Very helpful and friendly guys. Shaky English, but that didn’t really matter - they got the job done remarkably quickly and, as far as I can tell, thoroughly, showing me photos of the work afterwards. They even, at my request, put what they got out of the gutters in a bucket to go on our compost heap!...

Melissa Loedolff2 years ago

Huge thank you to Andreia for her assistance and endless patience. The standard of communication was excellent every step of the way.

Deborah Ranger2 years ago

I have worked with Spectrum now for over two years, the professionalism they have shown when attending jobs and there thoroughness is exceptional.

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Recent Completed External Redecorations Projects

Major Building Contract

+plus pointOur team of operatives are trained and experienced in meeting the specific standards of work outlined in any major works contract.

Metal Refurbishments

+plus pointProviding clients with the most cost-effective solutions

Abseiling Sash Window Repairs

+plus pointAt Spectrum, we train our skilled decorator to abseil, ensuring they provide the highest quality refurbishments while also working at height!
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External Redecorations in Kensington

Team Spectrum in Action!

Our dedicated Spectrum Property Maintenance team is always on the move, ensuring your properties remain in top condition.

Recently we've been in Kensington, conducting a crucial facade inspection on a masonry that needs some TLC.

Safety and efficiency are our top priorities and our team is making the most of our company MEWP for this task. It allows us to access those hard-to-reach areas with precision and care.

With a keen eye for detail, our team is assessing the damage and devising the best plan to restore the facade to its former glory.

Stay tuned for the transformation of this Kensington gem! If you need professional property maintenance services, Spectrum has you covered.

📞 020 3551 6206
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External Redecorations in Bexley

Offering a range of access solutions means the work gets done quicker and to a better standard.

By operating by rope, we can work swiftly and efficiently, simultaneously reaching several difficult-to-reach areas of a property.

By working from the ground (or this case balcony), we achieve close attention to detail.

This means we can reach, restore, and repair every asset of the property, ensuring no area is left untouched.

At Spectrum, we take pride in providing comprehensive solutions for projects of all scales.

Sound like something you need?

Give us a call: 020 3551 6206
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External Redecorations in Waterloo

This beautiful waterfront property needed some restoration to reflect the beauty of its surroundings.

Here's a glimpse into our process:

🔍 Structural inspections, substrate testing, and crosshatch testing were all conducted. Why? To guarantee a long-lasting bond between the surface and the new paint.

⚒️ Here's the secret - Before painting anything, we prioritised repairing, restoring, and preserving the wood beneath. This vital step ensures a flawless finish that stands the test of time.

⌛ We never rush quality! Our team invested extra time in repairing any damage or rust on the balcony, ensuring a durable and silky-smooth outcome.

Remember, a quick fix may seem appealing, but a temporary solution will cost you more in the long run.

Opting for a quality repair now saves you from future headaches and expenses.
Don't fall into the trap of "buy cheap, buy twice."
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External Redecorations in Bermondsey

When we say complete external redecoration...

We mean it!

This property has been the focus of several transformative services, including stone and brick facade cleaning, timber and metal balcony repairs, and painting.

We have hand-painted almost every metal accent on this property to ensure a completely refreshed appearance.

Down to the chains between the bollards!

When you work with Spectrum, you can trust that your redecoration contractors are meeting the project specifications to the highest standard!

#Spectrum #ExternalRedecoration
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External Redecorations in Camden

Is your property in need of a refresh? 🏚️

When you work with Spectrum, you can trust that your redecoration contractors are meeting the project specifications to the highest standard.

Our team have been working on exterior facades for decades, so you can rest easy with your next external redecoration project.

Read more about the services we provide below:

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External Redecorations in Victoria, London

Our specialists recommend that you have your solar panels cleaned every 6 months.

Why? 🤔

This enables them to generate as much energy as possible.

📲 Get in touch with our friendly team today, we are always happy to respond to any queries or questions that you may have: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/

👀 Learn more about our external redecoration services here: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/external-redecorations-contractors/
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External Redecorations in Westminster, London

Time and weathering will always have an effect on our properties. ⚡

It's a good thing that our specialist redecorators offer a 24/7 service throughout the UK.

We offer cost-effective access solutions that make a seamless repair possible.

👀 Learn more here: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/external-redecorations-contractors/

📲 Get in touch with our team here: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/
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External Redecorations in Leicester Square, London

🚨 REMINDER: Your solar panels need cleaning.

Solar panels are often located in hard-to-reach areas.

This is exactly why you need a professional to do the job.

Keep on top of the maintenance of your property with our team at Spectrum. 🤝

📲 Get in touch today: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/
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External Redecorations in A Location

🚨 In need of an emergency window replacement or repair?

You've landed in the right place.

Our window repair team operates nationwide and 24/7 to provide you with effective restoration services.

📲 Get in touch today: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/
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External Redecorations in Richmond, London

🌱 Weeds are unwanted, unsightly and out of place when they grow on or around your property.

Even though they may be small, and seemingly insignificant, they can drastically drag down the value and beauty of your building.

🖐️ Let's eliminate your weed problem, and get your building back to looking maintained.

📲 Get in touch with our friendly team today: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/
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External Redecorations in Peckham, London

External redecoration services are usually performed during the summer months so that your property is looking its very best when the sun shines on it! ☀️

📲 Get ahead of everyone else, and book your external restoration service today: info@spectrumss.co.uk 

👉 Or fill out our contact form on our website: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/
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External Redecorations in Wimbledon, London

🤔 Are you starting to spot some unwanted green grime on your outdoor patio?

All it needs is a jet washing service from our professional team. 👊

Let's transform your outside patio back to its former glory before the summer season hits!

📱 Get in touch with us today:  info@spectrumss.co.uk 
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External Redecorations in Streatham, London

What's the difference between painting the inside of your building vs the outside? 💭


Answer: The outside is exposed to the ever-changing elements. 🌧️

Want your paintwork to last? 🤔

📱 Get in contact with our team today: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/
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External Redecorations in Lambeth, London

Wow 🤩 Look at that transformation!

Not only is there a brand new decking installed, but a much needed new waterproofing system has also been set in place beneath. 

Leaving our client with beautiful new decking and not a leak insight.

Contact our friendly team today to discover how we can assist you on your next waterproofing project: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/contact/
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External Redecorations in Notting Hill, London

In this project from earlier this week, our team of timber restoration experts showed off their expertise in repairing sash windows at any height through the use of industrial abseiling! 😁

Discover how our team can restore your property's sash windows to their former glory through our Timber Care Repair service: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/timber-works-and-window-refurbishment-contractors/
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External Redecorations in Henley-On-Thames

Spectrum was called to perform an inspection and potential repairs of a historic roof that had multiple access restrictions. Thanks to Spectrum's expertise in access, the team was able to come up with innovative solutions to multiple complications.

Find out how our Spectrum team problem-solved the difficult to access areas in this case study: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bWts22rFkXpetD2nvn-c-psjTjU07LlNfP0C5NGgGNQ/edit?usp=sharing
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External Redecorations in Battersea, London

When abseiling is not an option, using cherry pickers is an excellent method for completing property restoration projects at height! 

In this project, our team of contractors were able to gain complete up close and full access to the exterior of this property without having to waste time setting up scaffolding or causing disruption to the property's resident!

Discover the range of services we provide at any height on our website: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/services/
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External Redecorations in Belgravia, London

What happens when you combine industrial abseiling with high-tech property cleaning equipment? 

Transformative results! 😄

Discover the full range of property restoration and cleaning services our team of trained technicians provide via rope access: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/services/
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External Redecorations in Shoreditch, London

The use of cherry pickers for property maintenance and restoration work can prove to be very advantageous! 

A few of these benefits include:
-Reduced disruption
-Minimal set-up
-Increase project efficiency

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we could utilise cherry pickers for your next property maintenance project: https://www.spectrumspecialistsupport.co.uk/
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