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What is Eyebolt and Safety Testing? - Why Does it Need to be Done Annually?

Due to the nature of the jobs, we take on, Spectrum operatives are often required to work at height. Whether they’re renovating cladding, jetting gutters or cleaning windows, our teams often have to scale tall buildings and carry out their work high above the ground. A lot of this work is done via rope access. As a result, we always go to great lengths to ensure the sites we work on are safe and secure. Regular safety checks help to keep crucial pieces of equipment in good condition, while ongoing training ensures our teams are able to work as safely as possible.

One of the most crucial safety checks that need to be carried out on large buildings is eyebolt testing. Helping to keep operatives safe as they work at height, eyebolts are one of the most essential pieces of safety equipment on a site. Having the eyebolts on your property tested annually will ensure the site meets British standards and help to keep all people working on the building safe. 

Why do we need fall protection systems?

Fall protection, or fall arrest, systems should be in place on all large residential and commercial buildings. These systems are designed to help prevent operatives working at height from falling from the building. As people working from height often have to contend with high winds and other potential hazards, this type of equipment is incredibly important. 

Without fall arrest systems, operatives would be a lot more vulnerable when working at height. Although ropes can still be used to secure people cleaning, jetting or inspecting a building, purpose-built fall arrest systems are a lot safer and a lot more convenient. When using a fall arrest system, the operative will also need to wear a harness and any relevant personal safety equipment. This equipment is generally provided and checked by the contractor, although it is a good idea to talk with your chosen contractor before work begins. 

Eyebolts give those working via rope access a secure and convenient anchor point. Other types of fall protection system include mobile man anchors and tripods. Where these are used, regular safety checks should also be carried out to ensure equipment is kept in good condition and is safe for operatives to work from. 

A lot of the time, rope access is the only way to reach certain parts of a building. This means that operatives are required to abseil down the facade of a building whenever the property needs to be cleaned or inspected or when maintenance work needs to be carried out at height. Knowing that they have a secure base to operate from gives operatives the confidence and the ability to work safely and methodically. Eyebolt testing in London, and across the country, should always be carried out by a qualified inspector. Always check that your chosen company has the skills and experience necessary to thoroughly check the system. If any issues are found, they should be addressed as quickly as possible.

How often do eyebolts need testing?

In order to conform to BS EN795, eyebolts need to be tested on an annual basis. Testing eyebolts every twelve months should ensure you spot any potential problems before they become serious safety issues. British standards are there to help keep this type of potentially lifesaving equipment safe for everyone to use. All equipment used on a site needs to conform to the relevant standards where appropriate. This will help to keep all of the people using the site safe while working at height. 

Eyebolt testing is relatively quick and easy but it needs to be done thoroughly, and by a fully qualified operative, in order to ensure the equipment is safe to use. Comprehensive eyebolt testing should involve a number of different stages. The operative in charge of checking the system needs to carry out an anchor inspection and an anchor bolt inspection. They also need to thoroughly check the fall arrest system and ensure all parts of the installation meet the required British safety standards. In some cases, operatives will need to carry out a load test as well as a visual appraisal of the system. 

Eyebolt safety tests should always be carried out by companies with experience and expertise in eyebolt testing. Using a trusted operative will help to ensure the checks are carried out are thorough and comprehensive. As our operatives use eyebolts and fall arrest systems on a regular basis in order to access elevated areas, they know exactly what to look for during a test. This makes our eyebolt testing the best in the business and ensures all the sites we work on are as safe as possible. 

If a property management company or property owner has asked Spectrum to take on a job that requires operatives to work from height, we can carry out the necessary eyebolt checks before starting. This allows the client to get their safety checks up to date and gives operatives the chance to ensure the equipment they are using is safe. If eyebolts are found to be unsafe to use, our operatives can arrange for replacements to be installed.  

Our operatives are able to carry out eyebolt testing quickly and thoroughly. Their experience with working at height ensures operatives have the skills and experience necessary to spot any issues with eyebolts and check that a fall arrest system is safe to use. As well as carrying out eyebolt testing prior to cleaning a property, our teams can take care of the necessary checks at any other time convenient to you. If you would like to know more about our eyebolt testing services, or if you would like to arrange for a test on a system of your own, explore our site or get in touch with a member of our expert team.    

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