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Eyebolt Testing - Safety Systems

The importance of safety testing

At Spectrum much of our Building Maintenance Services are carried out by rope access. Our skilled operatives are also IRATA trained abseilers and provide an extensive range of services via rope.  In this regard, safety of our operatives is paramount and these matters are taken very seriously . 

Before any kind of service or project is carried out requiring rope access on any property a review and test of all available safety systems is carried out. Safety testing equipment doesn’t just ensure that operatives are safe, but it also safeguards members of the public. Spectrum promise a safe, effective, and successful service every time. By executing these safety measures ensures that we can abide to this promise.

Eyebolt Testing

Eyebolts are a bolt with an eye-shaped loop at the end. They are attached securely to a structure, so that ropes attached to it, and thereby providing a safe anchorage. Our IRATA trained abseilers’ experience with working at height ensures operatives have the skills and experience necessary to spot any potential safety issues.

To conform to BS EN795, eyebolts must be tested on an annual basis. Testing eyebolts every twelve months should ensure any potential problems are spotted before they become serious safety issues. British standards are there to help keep this type of potentially lifesaving equipment safe for everyone to use.

How does Spectrum test eyebolts?

Eyebolt testing is relatively quick and easy, but it needs to be done thoroughly, and by a fully qualified operative, in order to ensure the equipment is safe to use. 

Comprehensive eyebolt testing should involve several different stages. The operative in charge of checking the system needs to carry out an anchor inspection and an anchor bolt inspection. They also need to thoroughly check the fall arrest system and ensure all parts of the installation meet the required British safety standards. In some cases, operatives will need to carry out a load test as well as a visual appraisal of the system. 

As our operatives use eyebolts and fall arrest systems on a regular basis in order to access elevated areas, they know exactly what to look for during a test. This makes our eyebolt testing the best in the business and ensures all the sites we work on are as safe as possible. 

Get In Touch

As well as carrying out eyebolt testing prior to cleaning a property, our teams can take care of the necessary checks at any other time convenient to you. 

If you would like to know more about our eyebolt testing services, or if you would like to arrange for a test on a system of your own, explore our site or get in touch with a member of our expert team.    

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