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How Do We Abseil Buildings? - Portable Abseil Anchors


A large proportion of the buildings we work on are made up of multiple storeys. Whether they are residential or commercial, these large properties often contain various levels and elevations. As a result, our operatives have to work at height regularly. This gives them the access they need to clean all parts of a property thoroughly and carry out the process quickly and efficiently. 


A lot of large commercial and residential buildings already have eyebolts or man safe systems in place. These systems can be used by abseilers to firmly secure their ropes and safely gain access to the building. While these systems are present on many of the buildings we work on, they are not in place on all our projects.

Luckily, our operatives have a range of creative and innovative access solutions to use; making it possible to clean any building regardless of the man safe system they have in place. These solutions allow us to access buildings of all shapes and sizes.


A-Frame Deadweight Anchor System


The primary fall arrest system our operatives use when abseiling a building without eyebolts or a man safe system is an A-frame deadweight anchor system. This versatile piece of equipment is mobile and so can be transported to any site. This lets our operatives work via rope access when there is no approved anchor system in place, and urgent work is required to the building. Once on-site, the system can be set up quickly and easily, allowing our operatives to start straight away.


When it is in place, the A-frame deadweight anchor system can support up to three abseilers. The A-frame can be moved sideways as the abseilers make their way around the building. This helps them work to progress quickly as no re-rigging is required as work progresses.

The A-frame is equipped with an energy absorber, and we can lock the wheels to prevent unwanted movement. This makes the system a secure base for those working on a building via rope access.


As the system is portable, we can move it between sites quickly and easily. This helps prevent projects from being delayed by insufficient safety systems and allows our teams to get to work straight away. This is especially important when the work required on the building is urgent.


When working on a building with man safe systems or eyebolts in place, our teams will always inspect the safety installations before starting. Ensuring that all relevant safety systems meet the applicable standards and that they are in good condition helps our operatives to work safely and securely at all times. 



British standards and qualifications.


All Spectrum operatives that work from an A-frame deadweight anchor system are IRATA trained. This ensures they can work safely and securely from the system when cleaning and renovate properties. The system itself is manufactured to BS7883:2005 and allows our operatives to work to BS7985:2002 guidelines. This further ensures the safety of everyone working on the site.


The importance of rope access.


Spectrum operatives regularly work via rope access as it allows them to reach parts of a building that would be difficult to access using heavy machinery and other standard methods. Abseiling is also a quicker, more affordable and more versatile way of cleaning and renovating high rise properties.


When working via rope access, our operatives can use our patented cleaning system to renovate facades and remove dirt and grime from property exteriors. Our teams can also use rope access to inspect roofs, clear gutters and carry out other essential maintenance jobs.


Having access to a portable system like the A-frame deadweight anchor system allows our teams to work on any building, regardless of the safety installations already in place. This means that, unlike other cleaning and maintenance companies, we can carry out urgent repairs and maintenance works on properties without first installing static fall arrest systems.



Safety when working at height


When working at height, safety is always our main concern. Before our operatives start work on the project, they still carry out a full assessment of the site and the safety precautions, ensuring everyone working on the site are kept safe at all times. 


As the A-frame deadweight anchor system meets all required safety standards, we can use the tool quickly and efficiently wherever it’s needed. Our abseilers can attach ropes to the system and descend the façade of the building with confidence. This helps work to proceed as quickly as possible. 


All of our operatives that work via rope access are fully qualified. They are trained to use the required safety equipment and how to clean and maintain buildings when working at height. Using qualified and experienced operatives further helps to ensure the safety of everyone present on the site.


Learn more about the work we do


As well as expertise in access, Spectrum has extensive experience in cleaning and caring for render. We have used this expertise to develop a patented rend-care system. This system has been specially designed to help our clients get the most from their rendered buildings.


If you would like to learn about our patented rend-care system, and learn about the most cost-effective and time-efficient ways of maintaining modern render, join one of our specialist CPDs. These seminars will take an in-depth look at how render can be taken care of. If you are interested in taking part in a CPD, please email



Please find out more about our CPDs, the work we do, and the services we offer by exploring our site or getting in touch with a member of our team today.


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