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Removing Graffiti and Damage From Rendered Walls - Render Cleaning

Vandals causing damage to a building’s exterior, either through spray paint or permanent marker, is a public eyesore and nuisance for property managers to handle. 

Swift graffiti removal services will reduce the damage of render staining to the building’s exterior while removing the aesthetically damaging reputation to the building and its occupants. 

We recommend an exterior wall washing service for graffiti removal, where it will clean the render staining, discolouration, and unwanted paint substances from the render’s surface. However, the cleaning process needs to be carried out in a way that prevents further damage to the rendering. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to tackle the art of graffiti removal. 

How to Remove Graffiti and Man-made Damage from Rendered Walls

Graffiti paint soaks deep beyond the rendered surface. Therefore, sanding, scrubbing, or blasting the graffiti is mainly redundant as you would need to remove a significant portion of the render. This removal will lead to crumbling brickwork and render, mortal falling out, rotting timber and so on – creating more damage than was caused in the first place. 

The graffiti removal cleaning product needs careful examination before use too. The wrong type of cleaning treatment could lead to visible marks on the substrate and damage to the bricks and render. 

Using a pressure washer to remove the render staining is, unfortunately, going to lead to more harm than good. The pressure required to blast away the spray paint is too powerful for the rendering, causing the render to become loosened, damaged, and fall off. No matter how small, any damage will create porous cracks in the render, providing the perfect breeding ground for algae to grow. 

If you are quick to spot graffiti damage, a low-pressure steam cleaning solution is an excellent choice to clean the render staining. The steam cleaner heats the water just past boiling point, forcing the vapour to instantly remove the graffiti tags when applied using a nozzle or brush attachment. The temperature should increase slowly, controlling the pressure applied at the same time. 

However, if the graffiti has been in situ for some time, then using a chemical solution to dissolve the paint tags could be an option to pursue. 

This graffiti removal solution works by using a safe chemical agent to remove the graffiti paint off the walls before rinsing away with a low-pressure water jet. Before applying this treatment, a professional should inspect the exterior walls in case the process could cause any further damage to the render. 

What Happens if Graffiti Can't be Removed?

We all know first impressions count. Graffiti tags might be considered art by the perpetrators, but they are an act of vandalism when not commissioned and can soon turn into an ugly eyesore. This perception can quickly turn away would-be customers and damage a company’s brand.

Therefore, swift graffiti removal is vitally important. If it’s left untreated, what started as a few small tags will lead to a few more, and then before you know it, the building has become a haven for vandals. 

Hiring a professional cleaning service to immediately remove graffiti or render staining sends a message to the perpetrators that their efforts have been wasted and will move onto other targets instead.

However, leaving graffiti untreated encourages vandals to become bolder. The more vandalism that occurs, the greater the surfaces that will become affected. What could have been a more minor, cheaper graffiti removal operation has suddenly become harder and more expensive to clean up. 

Not removing graffiti at the earliest opportunity makes it harder to remove the paint from the rendering. Graffiti paint soaks, like a sponge in water, into the brickwork. When the paint starts to dry, the pigment and solvent penetrate the brickwork. Direct sunlight can also lead to the paint baking into the wall. 

Spectrum's Graffiti Removal Render Cleaning Service 

At Spectrum, we would always recommend hiring a professional wall washing service to advise on any graffiti removal or render staining damage caused to a building’s exterior. When it comes to vandalism to the building’s exterior, a swift graffiti removal service is the cheapest and most effective way to reduce the damage of render staining to the building’s exterior. 

Spectrum has extensive experience in removing graffiti, a process we combine with our specially designed equipment for render cleaning. Our patented P.A.S.T. process has four crucial stages. Learn more about our render cleaning service here. If your building requires graffiti removal, get in contact with a member of our team today!

Removing Graffiti and Damage From Rendered Walls 1Removing Graffiti and Damage From Rendered Walls 2Removing Graffiti and Damage From Rendered Walls 3Removing Graffiti and Damage From Rendered Walls 4Removing Graffiti and Damage From Rendered Walls 5
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